Le roi est mort (the king is dead)


Paris is burning.  What started out as a protest against rising gasoline taxes has transformed into something larger.  When the police and the emergency medical technicians and ambulance drivers get in on the action you know it has to do with something larger than taxes.  Of course the French are already taxed half to death and strapped with smothering regulations.  But now they’ve snapped.

French society is in the midst of a preference cascade.  A preference cascade happens when people realize that their preferences, which they had been keeping to themselves because they thought that they were alone, are in fact generally shared, and that everybody is fed up with the official narrative.  In this case the French are fed up with the entire progressive agenda being foisted on them by the progressive aristocracy. They are sick of hearing how they must sacrifice their current prosperity and hopes for the future on the altars of Global Warming, Diversity, High Taxes, Youth Unemployment and all the other ills that are the poisoned fruit of Progressivism.

Tom Kratman, a science fiction author, has labelled these aristocrats ‘Tranzies’ for transnational elites.  Tranzi, kind of like Nazi, only without the swastikas.  These are people who know better than you ever will, you poor benighted sod, what’s good for you and what’s not, and are going to make sure that you get what you need whether you want it or not.  In fact they know perfectly well that you don’t want it, that’s why they have to ‘nudge’ you with propaganda and increasingly odious regulations to bring you into compliance.


The problem with these noble Tranzies is that they are in a position that enables them to dictate to and foist their do-gooder schemes on the hoi poloi but because of their wealth and position never have to live with the consequences.  Charles Murray in his book Coming Apart noticed this and concluded that this was dividing, and deeply dividing American society and culture and thereby changing it irrevocably.  I doubt very much that most of America has read Murray’s book, but they certainly feel the effects, and know where its coming from, and are not pleased by it.

The European Union is getting ready to pass a law making it illegal and punishable to speak or write against migrants and migration.  That’ll solve the problem of the common folk disliking it for the deleterious effect it has on their lives for sure.  Effects, let it be noted that the Tranzis don’t have to bear, living as they do in gated communities protected by men with guns.  Yes, Tranzies, silence the grumblings, that will make the problem of peasant discontent go away.  And sure, the Tranzis won’t hear about the actual discontent that surrounds them, until the people can’t stand it any more and they force a change.

At this point Macron’s government is done, stick a fork in it.  The French are expressing themselves with their usual Gallic boisterousness – never any shortage of smashing and burning in la belle France!  Merkel in Germany and May in England are on the ropes too.  People have had enough of the transnational progressive agenda.  Increasingly the deplorables recognize that despite the blessings never delivered but promised over and over again they are always left holding the dirty end of the stick.  And they’re sick of it.  The preference cascade has begun in Western Europe.  Will it continue?

All electioneering is about trying to generate a preference cascade.  Donald Trump is the catalyst of a preference cascade here in the US, he would never have been elected otherwise.  The Donks and the Never Trumpers are trying to create a cascade against him personally.  The latter have no agenda other than get rid of Trump.  The latter’s agenda pretty much mirror’s Macron and the Tranzi’s, and will in time garner the same response from Americans as it has from the French.

At some point things will be getting lively.  Stay away from crowds.