Defending the ramparts

Push has come to shove at the border; the ‘caravan’ has arrived at San Ysidro and is calling President Trump’s bluff.   Why San Ysidro?  It is the absolute farthest from the southern Mexican border, extending the march by several hundred miles and thus the time and effort of the marchers.  By ‘effort’ must also be included the very expensive logistical train that has kept them moving across the very inhospitable desert terrain in the north west of Mexico.

The choice of San Ysidro has clearly been mado on the basis not of material consideration but of political considerations.  If they can break through at that point not only are they immediately in the People’s Republic of California, a self proclaimed “Sanctuary State,” but through into a major metropolitan area, San Diego and environs.  It is much easier to get lost and stay lost in a city than in the open desert.  The Radical Left has more allies and to facilitate the logistical train needed to provide material and, more importantly, legal support in California’s metropolitan areas.

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Perhaps the Brainiacs  on the Radical Left (Organized by Pueblo Sin Fronteras out of Chicago) that thought this up and directed this agitprop campaign thought they would embarrass Trump and drum up support for open borders.  The chances of embarrassing the President were always slim to nil.  But clearly they had hoped that a loud public outcry would put political pressure on him to cave.  The chances of that are better, and as of this writing he’s got few palatable options.  What has NOT happened is a softening of America’s heart towards the ‘migrants.’

In fact the opposite has happened, Americans increasingly oppose the admission of these would-be invaders.  This is true to such an extent that even prominent Donk politicos have been declaring that they have been supportive of defending the borders all along!  Which is not to say that they are without principles, rather it makes clear that they have only one principle: grab for power by any means necessary.  In this there is no one with more integrity than Felonia van Pantsuit Hillary Clinton herself, who just the other day called for stricter immigration policies.  Oh, wait.  That was directed at the European Union in order to counter the threat of right wing populism.  Ah, never mind.

That this whole ‘migrant caravan’ is a well orchestrated propaganda campaign designed to accomplish several things.  1. Admit more aliens replace the current electorate.  2. Weaken Americas borders and create a larger precedent for the idea that our borders and our sovereignty are illegitimate.  3. Weaken the rule of law and by extension trust in American institutions generally.  4.  Dilute and marginalize American culture.  5.  Undermine the Trump presidency.

If there was one clue above all others that shows the falsity of the whole thing it is this: when the ‘migrants’ were on the point of mixing it up with Americans defending the border and there was some chance of people getting hurt, they pushed women and children to the front.  Yet when a few got past the border fence they were all male.  This was not an act of cowardice, this is a well known tactic designed to create the optics that America is brutal and cowardly, not the leftist agitators themselves.

The President’s bluff has been called.  The time for negotiations is over.  Now its time to raise, call or fold.  Because raise could end up being so horrific the chances of folding are, in my opinion, greater than not.  Of course the long term consequences of folding would be far, far worse the cost of the raise would be less in the long term.

Napoleon understood that the sooner you take decisive action the sooner and more favorably will the crisis be resolved; half measures avail nothing good.  These migrants are nothing more nor less than an invading army.  They have been organized and supplied by powers inimical to America and our Constitution, have marched on our borders with the stated intent of crossing them in clear and direct violation of our laws and our sovereignty and have done so plainly under foreign flags and while expressing the utmost contempt for us.

So far only non lethal means have been used to deter these invaders, tear gas and rubber bullets.  There are more non lethal technology in our arsenal, such as the tear gas and pepper spray used by the Obama Administration.  In addition we have sonic and microwave crowd control tech that is quite effective.  But ultimately we have an Army which is quite capable of crowd control with and without extreme prejudice, which exists precisely to defend the nation.

If they don’t want their heads blown off they should keep their heads on the other side of the wall.

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