Unmaking America

The Founding Fathers were all men who believed in the rights of Englishmen.  These rights were forged over centuries starting long before the Magna Carta was written in 1215.  The American Revolution was the latest in a long line of struggle between the power of the Crown and the rights of the aristocracy and, extended over time, the rights of the common man.  Unique in the annals of history the power of English autocrats was successfully curbed by the lower orders who not only upheld their rights against the Crown’s usurpations, but did so without destroying the King’s authority or reducing themselves into mere mobs.

The American Declaration of Independence enumerates the King’s violations of those rights.  The Bill of Rights enshrines some of those rights.  The rights of Englishmen were guaranteed by the system of governance outlined in the Constitution of the United States.  Over the following centuries the rights and duties of American citizens have been developed in a system of laws which voluntarily bind every citizen.  The beauty of, and the reason for the success of the American system is that anyone from anywhere who accepted the American way of life automatically gained the rights of Englishmen along with the duties and opportunities that came with them, regardless of race, creed or place of origin.

Through the years millions have flocked to our shores to become part of the greatest experiment in history, e pluribus unum.  For the vast majority it was a difficult and perilous journey and many there were who died along the way.  Many millions more gaze longingly at what America is, but unable to make the trip salute us from afar.  Up until 1965 the United States kept careful watch over those they admitted, limiting the numbers allowed to enter, and carefully scrutinized by Visa Officers the world over.

Starting in the Roosevelt administration the Democratic Party began a campaign to divide and conquer, pitting one group of Americans against another for political advantage.  Once the Dems were taken over by Communist infiltrators, they set about using the same strategy of divide and conquer for a different kind of victory.  The Donks picked up where the KGB left off.  To achieve that victory it was necessary to destroy the trust based comity that was the hallmark of America.  Oh, for sure there was a good deal of racial, religious and personal animosity, but not nearly as extreme as in other parts of the world.

Now it is Democrat policy to pit one group of Americans against another on the basis of entirely spurious group rights based on indoctrinated group identity promoted and fostered by policies enacted and enforced by shadowy ‘thought leaders’ at every level of society.  Now we’re back to men against women, children against parents, gays against trannies, blacks against browns against yellows and all against whites.  It is designed to systematically break down the native trust we have in one another, in our institutions and in the United States of America, the greatest nation the world has ever known.  It is evil.  Here is an example, one of many to be found on Youtube.

There are a whole bunch more of these videos indoctrinating young Asian girls.  There are a whole bunch more such videos indoctrinating every conceivable identity group.  Every last one of them is teaching Americans to hate America and mistrust other Americans.  This is the work of the radical Left to destroy us.  What do they imagine will become of them if, God forbid, they succeed?