War, armistice, the living and the dead

A little before noon today will mark the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War.  It was a war in which shattered men, living and dead were churned out in unimaginably great numbers.  It was the War to End All Wars, yet whose concluding Armistice planted the seeds of the next, even more horrific conflict.  On this day 100 years ago few could see that coming, all alike gave a great sigh of relief, and among the living, prayers of gratitude that it was finally over, prayers scarce heard over the cheering of the victors and the groans of the vanquished.

Victories and defeats are alike created by men who have pledged themselves to their sacred cause by staking their lives, their souls and their nation’s future on the outcome of their personal struggle.  Pacifists tell us that the cost is not worth the outcome in death and destruction, that there are better ways to adjudicate these great contests.  In a sense they are right, as Clausewitz notes, “War is politics by other means.”  War is a failure of diplomacy.  But pacifists err when they say that there is nothing worth fighting for.  Men do not present themselves to battle for the love of the fight, they do so because the principles they hold dear are worth more than their sacrifice can measure in suffering and in blood.

It has become common for people to say to those men and women who have so offered themselves to their country’s ultimate sacrifice, “Thank you for your service.”  Those of us who stepped up and went into the hot spots of the Cold War remember when it was not so.  I am grateful for the change.  My response to civilians is, “It was my privilege.”  For so I count it.  It is a privilege to defend this great American Republic and its Constitution, just as it is a privilege to be an American citizen and enjoy the rights and duties that privilege entails.  To my fellow vets, “Welcome home.  Glad you made it.”

Our Republic has been sustained by four boxes.  Today we see that there are those among us who are attempting to deny us three of them.  Today we see it, but the fact is that this is a fight that has been going on for a long, long time.  We have only become aware gradually and individually until recently as the Left seeks to undermine and overthrow our government and our way of life.  Today we see that, unless we do something about it, we will be deprived of three of them, and then the fourth will follow.

We have frequently written in these electronic pages of the assault on the First and Second Amendments which have been ongoing.  Today I must draw your attention to the assault on the ballot box.  Years ago Hugh Hewitt wrote a book I have referenced here, “If Its Not Close They Can’t Cheat.”  Because cheat they will and cheat they must of they are to win.  It is not just Arizona and Florida, these are only the most celebrated cases today, it has been going on for a very long time, and it is time to put a stop to it.

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America has a serious problem, and it demands a serious solution:

– Nullify all election results where there were more voters than there are legal voters.
– Freeze all election results where fraud is suspected and/or found.
– Investigate, criminally charge, prosecute, and jail voter fraudsters.
– Clean-up ‘dirty’ voting rolls.
– Implement No ID=No Vote procedures.
– Hold honest elections.
Mexico can do it, so can we.