And they’re off!

Polls are open, get out there and vote!  Reminder to Democrats: you can only do that ONCE today.

If somebody needs a ride to get to the polls we have a volunteer, so let me know and I’ll help get that set up.  Just send me an email with your name, address and phone number and I’ll vector a volunteer your way.

Here is the official Election Voter Complaint Form.   As it controlled by Alex Padilla I don’t know how effective it would ultimately be.  I have not discovered a number to call if you find it happening at your polling place.

Here is the website for the Election Integrity Project California.  They will be monitoring the messages in real time on election day, I’m told, so that you can contact them quickly and they will respond to you right away.  It seems as the best thing is fill out the little email request form there and somebody will get back to you.

So get out there, do your duty and WIN!


Thanks to member SH we have this great info to share:

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  1. Hello Leo.

    Did I read somewhere that there is a get together tonight at 7:00 PM at the wine cave with Johnny?
    I cannot find that anywhere. Am I mistaken?

    Best regards,

    Harold Bringman
    (818) 389-8379

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