Caravan of agitprop

Agitprop, for those of tender years, is political (originally communist) propaganda, especially in art or literature.  In the Age of Alinsky it refers to organized mass theater actions as well.  In this later incarnation it is also referred to as ‘astroturfing.’  Propaganda is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.  Taken together with censorship it is a powerful method of mind control, and by extension, population control.

So it comes as no surprise that the Left has organized an October Surprise for the mid-term elections.  And what a big, bold, agitprop it is, too!  Starring unnamed donors, directors, with no leading men or ladies and a cast of thousands.  The budget has to be in the millions!  The cost to organize the logistics has to be fantastic.

Now I grant that in the absence of the usual credits we are forced to fall back on attributing this whole thing to the usual suspects, especially in view of the fact that the Donks are being suspiciously silent about the whole thing.  It is clear that it is an attempt to embarrass the President and by extension the GOP so as to hurt their chances in the midterms.  I think we can safely rule out any collusion between Trump and the Russians this time around.

Oh!  Pardon my gaffe.  Did I just say ‘collusion’?  My bad.  No collusion here folks.  Nope, no collusion at all.  Ain’t nobody here but us Commies, and we ain’t sayin’ ‘Boo!’ ’bout any of this.  No sir!  We’re just as ‘surprised’ as you.  Why, we didn’t know nuffin’ ’bout this till we read it in the papers just like you!  Honest Honduran!

These poor people are walking to the USA

It just so happens that thousands of Central American people up and decided at the same time that it would be cool to walk to El Norte (that’s Spanish lingo for USA to you gringos) to demand jobs.  So consumed with the brilliance of this idea were they that they spontaneously broke down the wall between Honduras and Mexico.  How wonderful that Mexico has a border wall and they’re not even racist (much), unlike us racist Americans who don’t have one but want one, proving that we are racist.

You believe that, right?  Right?  Well you better, you racist!

Moving at the speed of political necessity.

So it’s not an invasion, its a caravan sans camels.  Just because 80% of the caravaners are healthy military aged males doesn’t mean that this isn’t a random collection of ordinary folks.  Say, wait a minute,  Where have we seen a vast number of people walking from one country to another in which military age males are preponderant?  I got it!  The millions of Muslim refugees that are devastating blessing Western Europe with monocultural diversity.  I say again, NOT an INVASION!

You WILL NOT notice the director’s hands nor the guys in yellow vests. This is SPONTANEOUS!

And its TOTALLY SPONTANEOUS.  In military circles it is said that amateurs talk about tactics, professionals talk about logistics.  So all these people are being fed, watered, sheltered, guided and generally supported without a well developed logistical tail.  Its a miracle, I’m telling you!  Jesus fed 5,000 for a day with 12 loaves and 5 fishes, but the Commies can feed easily twice as many with good, honest, from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  Commies got Jesus beat!

Maybe somebody should ask Adam Schiff what he thinks about this tonight.  Maybe it could be you.  Just kidding.  Adam Schiff thinks what his funders tell him to think.  Ask them.