Going down

The Donks have lost their collective minds.

OK, let me caveat that.

The self serving, lying, thieving, hypocritical, power hungry, sex crazed, treasonous, anti-American Marxist oath breakers and their deranged leftist escapees from the loony bin useful idiot lunatic fringe have been driven completely round the bend, out of their gourds, crackers, bat shit crazy.  The good news is that there aren’t really all that many of them overall.  The bad news is that they are dangerous in local concentrations with the occasional loopy loner gone off his meds, or on, as the case may be.

Most Democrats remain ordinary folks who’ve been gulled into believing the propaganda about how awful Republicans and conservatives are and how caring and compassionate they are.  They are nice people with seriously wrong ideas about their Party’s history and in certain narrow categories such as economics and the nature of reality itself.  They have no idea that they are giving tacit assent to Socialism, or even what Socialism is.

So when these people see the cruel and violent antics of their fellow Party members they are repelled.  Many basically fall into the low information voter category and won’t change their allegiance simply because they don’t perceive an alternative that will give them the feeling of moral superiority and solidarity that group membership confers (true of our side too, BTW).  But many are taking a look at what the Democratic Party has become and aren’t particularly liking what they see.  In fact, they’re hating it.

Thus was born the #walkaway movement.  Thousands of Democrats are simply walking away from the Party.  They won’t necessarily join the Republican Party, but they become unaffiliated voters.  We saw the same from so many Republicans who walked away because of the spinelessness of the Republican leadership.  But they will vote against the madness.

With recent discovery and display of spine by key Republicans; Lindsay Graham, Chuck Grassley, Mitch McConnell (who is holding the Senate in session, ramming scads of Trump’s judicial nominees through the confirmation process and keeping the Crazycrats from going home to campaign); the Republican Party has become much, much more attractive.

By contrast the psychopathic Democrats are calling for the Gray Terror, which will endear them to very few and alienate them from the majority.  How they think this will influence huge numbers of people to favor their cause is beyond me.  Keep it up, I say.  In the end this is a losing strategy for anybody that uses it.  They will lose, but until they do, stock up on food, water and ammo, stay away from crowds and maintain situational awareness.