Long range fires

The Army now has 155mm howitzers that will reach out and touch America’s enemies from 38 miles away.  When I say “touch” I mean blow them to smithereens.  Being ex Navy I say, “Ho,hum.  That’s nice, Dogfaces, now watch the Navy beat that.”  You hearing me, Navy?  …Navy?  But I digress.

Too bad we can’t target America’s internal political enemies the Commicrats (D) like that.  The closest we can come the use of so-called negative advertising.  A lot of people make noises about how awful that is, as if the Mitt Romney Strategy for Electoral Victory were the key to winning elections.  “My worthy opponent is great guy, a wonderful father and a noble patriot.  Vote for me.”  There is a reason Mitt finished where nice guys (and Mitt is the nicest of nice guys, no question) always finish in politics, bowing off the stage following his concession speech.

The reason is that whereas Obama and the Donks pounded him relentlessly no matter how absurd the charges (dogs on car roofs, binders full of women) Mitt just didn’t have it in him to fight back.  He was never able to bring himself or his campaign to light Obama up with any kind of an effective counter attack.  That failure not only cost him the election, it cost America and the world another four years of Immaculate Barry’s “scandal-free” administration.

As far as I can tell the majority of Never Trumpers hate Trump because he had the temerity to stand up and give as good as – better than! – he got.  They themselves would never point out that their political enemies are a pack of self serving, lying, thieving, hypocritical, power hungry, sex crazed, treasonous, anti-American Marxist oath breakers, even though they know it very well.  Why, that would be rude!  All the while they are getting slaughtered by the attacks of their opponents they bear up bravely and won’t stoop answer in kind, or to victory.  They are better than that!  What a pack of losers.

One of the things I most admire about Johnny Nalbandian and his campaign to unseat Adam Sciffhead Schiff in Congress is that Johnny is a scrapper.  He puts his head down, goes in there and keeps on slugging.  He’s clearly in it to win, and has a strategy to win even against the long odds he faces.  Typical for Republican campaigns in California, Johnny’s campaign runs on fumes while his opponent sits on a $4 million dollar war chest.  Schiff has the money, Johnny has energy, enthusiasm, good ideas and the will to win.

I know you want to contribute to his victory.  There are a couple of things you can do.  First, obviously, sustain his campaign with your generous donations.  He needs it badly.  One of the causes of continued Republican failure in California is the discouraged or disgruntled Republicans who believe themselves beaten before the issue is even in contention.  Don’t be a quitter, its un-American.  Act like a winner, be a winner.

Second, spread the word.  Yes, I know many of us are afraid to admit we support Republicans.  It has gotten dangerous.  But you don’t have to get in people’s faces as if you were some kind of frothing at the mouth Democrat.  I’ve made up some flyers that you can print up and distribute.  Some ideas for distribution would be: go into a Starbucks, all the way to the back, then rapidly move towards the door dropping a flyer on every table.  Post them at bulletin boards at grocery stores and laundromats or wherever you find a place.  Drop them off on your neighbors’ doorsteps.  Get a couple of friends together and hand them out in a random public place for three minutes, then scram!  You get the idea.

Each of the following is copyright free (I made them for you!).  Click on the image, it will automatically open as an 8.5″X11″ image which you can print at home or take to Kinko’s.  Black and white is fine, just get the word out.