If you can hear the dog whistle you’re the dog

Understandably Adam Schiff Head Schiff is not happy.  Seriously, what Commiecrat, deep in his heart, is?  It takes a deeply unhappy person to become so mentally and morally unbalanced as Social Justice Warriors and the upper echelons of the Democratic Party clearly are.

So President Trump tweeted that “the very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals,” which fact your humble correspondent had already reported to you a few days ago.

The two women were professional Left activists.

Ana Maria Archila and Maggie Gallagher were the two women who confronted Flake inside the elevator to express, as the New York Times put it, “a rising anger among many who feel that, too often, women’s voices are silenced and their pain ignored.”

Perhaps because the women expressed such raw emotion, few media outlets dug into their political activism. Archila is an executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy; she had spent the previous week in Washington engaged in protests against Kavanaugh. Gallagher is a 23-year-old activist with the group. The Center is a left-wing group that is heavily funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. Indeed, as of 2014, the Open Society was one of the three largest donors to the group.

Trump was right.  But of course Schiff can’t admit any such thing, not only because of his invariant opposition to the President, but because when you run these kinds of hit and run influence operations their power rests on the pretence that the activists are just random, ordinary people.  Once the public realizes its being lied to and are being played for fools they resent it.

Of course Schiff knows that what these nasty women who confronted Jeff Flake in the elevator are professional political operatives executing a well crafted piece of Alinkyite theater.  He probably had not been introduced to these agitators, but he certainly would be able to recognize the way it was done as being part and parcel of the kinds of agitprop that is the stock in trade of the Democratic Party.  It is interesting to me that he names David Hogg as another “not-a-paid-professional-agitator”.  As if we didn’t know.

Schiff identifies himself with “millions of Americans fighting for decency and morality.”  Really, Adam?  Smearing the good name of a good and honorable man and publicly humiliating a poor suffering woman victim of sexual abuse as a means to extend your Party’s political power is now decent and moral.  Got it.  I guess we can look forward to more of that from you and your fellow Donks.  I didn’t like what I witnessed in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, I rather doubt that all that many Americans were as favorably impressed as you might imagine.  We’ll see next month.

Oh, and if you’re hearing dog whistles, you’re the dog.

Keep your fleas away from me, and get them the hell out of the People’s House.


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  1. What great commentary!! Adam Shifty has Got To Go! Vote Johnny Nalbandian

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