With the heat of 1,000 suns

The  Democrats’ handling of the Kavanaugh nomination is provoking a reaction.  I draw your attention to two essays by Aesop (language warning): One; Two.  Wear your asbestos eye glasses when reading these.

Nor is he alone.  We all feel it.  The Donks have not simply jumped the shark, they’ve attached booster rockets and sent that poor Carcharodon into orbit.  Judge Roy Moore was the test case, it worked so well for them that there was no way they were not going to do it again.  Pile enough accusations on him and he will collapse under the weight of them.

Moore fought, as has Kavanaugh, but without the support of the Senate Republicans is fight will be useless.

Granted that the Donks are fixated on power, and will sacrifice long term prospects for short term victories, how long can this go on?

As long as we let it.  Call not only your senator (fat lot of good that will do) daily and register your objection.

Call these on-the-fence Senators TODAY and exert your civic authority.  Don’t wast that authority by thinking, “My opinion doesn’t matter.”  It only doesn’t matter if you don’t express it forcefully to those elected representatives whose votes matter.

Joe Manchin 303 342 5855
Susan Collins 207 622 8414
Lisa Murkowski 907 271 3735
Jon Tester 406 252 0550
Heidi Heitkamp 707 258 4648
Jeff Flake 202-224-3370