The Kavanaugh confirmation follies

The Kavanaugh confirmation circus slash show trial is the national nightmare from which we can’t wake ourselves up.  Lindsey Graham woke up, though, finally, and good for him.  Hopefully he will stay awake and never again allow himself to be gulled into playing Lucy and the football with his “friends across the aisle”.  Perhaps it will have begun to dawn on a few other Republican lawmakers, and not only at the Federal level, that the Democrats are not acting in good faith.  Ya think?

The ACLU has come out against Kavanaugh: ““The ACLU’s board of directors, deeply concerned by the allegations raised in recent weeks, has made a rare exception to its longstanding policy and voted to oppose the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court,” said Susan Herman, president of the ACLU.”  Because, dontcha know, Chrissy Ford’s testimony was just so convincing.

Bullshit.  Or, better said, Bolshevik.

The real issue has nothing to do with Dr. Ford, the real issue is that the Left has been advancing their agenda by means of lawfare and the courts and a Constitutional originalist on the Supreme Court will mean that they won’t have a majority of rubber stamps in that formerly relatively unimportant body.  Their power would be checked, and they can’t abide that.  In this Lindsey, bless his heart, was absolutely right, the whole charade was a bare, naked power grab.

Dr. Ford is a pawn, a fact she will discover once her utility to the Commicrats is over and she is callously discarded.  The whole game is about delaying the confirmation process until the Blue Wave sweeps the Donks back into their rightful place, the controlling majority, and they can put paid to the Trump agenda.  As we have seen, Facepalm Feinstein has as many victim pawns lined up and waiting in the wings as necessary to hold the confirmation off until the second week of November.

As for Dr. Ford herself, she seems to have undergone some kind of unpleasant experience while a teenager.  That it was Brett Kavanaugh that was the perpetrator she has completely failed to demonstrate, especially given that two other men have taken the extraordinarily bold step of coming forward to claim responsibility.  Whether she has some kind of psychological fixation against Kavanaugh or she is a sufficiently enthusiastic Progressive to willingly put herself through the process she has so far endured to scotch a conservative nominee I don’t know.  Kavanaugh’s daughter is right, we should pray for the woman, and for all the other sad little victim pawns awaiting their turn to be sacrificed.

If there was any doubt that the Democrats have elevated the politics of personal destruction to a high art those doubts are now dispelled.  Nothing and no one can be allowed to stand in the way of the inevitable arc of history which places them firmly and forever in power.  They thought they had in the bag two years ago, and their infantile outraged temper tantrums have not ceased from that day to this.  We now have on full and proud display their modus operandi going forward should they indeed gain the House and the Senate in November.

To an unprecedented degree the Demoncrats have dropped the mask of comity and good faith and shown the world what they are.  They are addicts with the joneses who will tell any lie, commit any enormity, betray even their best friends and closest family, steal and wreck and burn it all to the ground to get even just one more hit of their drug of choice.  Their drug is power.  That is their sole policy, seize, hold and wield power.  The hideous face of the addict in the throes of his craving, by turns pleading, raging and scheming, has been revealed to a shocked and horrified electorate.  Blue wave?  I don’t think so.

Regardless of whether or not Kavanaugh is confirmed one thing is certain: whereas a ‘normal’ Republican president would react by moving to the left to quiet the hysteria,  Trump won’t.  Judge Kananaugh is a fine man and a fine judge, but he is no right wing firebrand.  I expect that if, contrary to her declared expectation, Justice Ginsberg should suddenly pass into phase two of eternal life in the next little while, Trump’s pick to replace her will not be the least bit conciliatory. Not. The. Least. Bit.

Nor will he concede anything to the Crazycrats should Kavanaugh’s nomination fail.  In fact, he might replace Jeff Sessions with Brett Kavanaugh.  Then the fat will really be in the fire!

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