Waking up to Crazytown

Generally I find political ads pretty uninspiring.  Here, however, is a really great one from the RNC.  I am pleasantly surprised on two counts.  First, it is dead on target, the target being the growing insanity of the Left.  Clearly it is an attack ad using the Donks’ own words and actions to expose their appalling propensity for violence.  This is good because so many low information voters will not have seen most of this on the regular propaganda channels.  Second, it doesn’t moralize.

Some people think that Republicans should be above attack ads, proponents of the Mitt Romney school of electoral victory: “My worthy opponent is a great guy, a wonderful father and patriotic American.  Vote for me.”  Nice guys finish last.  It is necessary to clearly and unforgettably establish in the electorate’s mind not only why they should vote for us, but also why they should NOT vote for Democrats.

The American Spectator has an interesting article advancing the thesis that the opposition to Trump has less to do with Trump the man than opposition to Trump the voice of We the People.

They are out to get Trump only because they want to crush the populist revolt and restore the Ancien Régime. They have no respect for democracy and even less for the voters. They want to disenfranchise 63 million “deplorable” Trump supporters and go back to business as usual — fundamentally transforming the U.S. into a Venezuela. There’s only one way to stop these creeps from impeaching the President and ruining the country. Every Trump voter who came out in 2016 must go to the polls on November 6 and drown the Democrats in a red wave.

This coup d’etat we cannot allow to happen.  Only we can prevent it.  Ask me for your precinct walking maps and I will provide them.  Don’t wait, do it NOW!