The FISA courts too!?

I have to hand it to Judicial Watch, they plug away till the get the goods.  I’ll have to toss ’em a few bucks, suggest you do likewise, ’cause the stuff they turn up is priceless.  It turns out that the FISA court authorized a warrant to spy on Carter Page without taking the trouble to hold a hearing.  They just rubber stamped it.  Then Yates and Comey lied about it under oath.

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Hey, no big deal, right?  I mean, what’s a few dirty tricks among friends, especially if it’s in a good cause.  I mean, like, really, right?  Am I right?

By the way, where is Adam ‘Oh, shif’ Schiff’s opponent in the upcoming general election?  In June Schiff naturally won the Democratic primary.  The Republican primary was won by Johnny Nalbandian, whose website is here.  I’m wondering if anybody’s heard anything from him since he did an interview with Erin Cruz back in July.  The website doesn’t mention a campaign headquarters, nor have I seen anything about any appearances of his.  Can anybody shed some light on this?  Drop me a line either by email or in the comments section below.