Turn-about is not fair play

Turn about is not fair play if you are a Marxist.  All the rest of us are just supposed to take our lumps, surrender and admit to whatever crimes the Left accuses us of.  Never mind that their favorite tactic is to smear their opponents with accusations of their own actual or anticipated crimes.  What shock and dismay, what wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth when they are found out, exposed to the light of day.  Tsk, tsk.

Its enough to make a Patriot embarrassed for them.

I don’t know about you, but all these hysterics bring a smile to my lips and fills my wicked, black heart with schadefreude.  Each time there is an outbreak of outrage in response to something somebody on our side has done or said I rejoice because I know that the bulls eye in their evil schemes has been accurately targeted and I cry soul cries out, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”  “Fire for effect and keep it coming!”

The thing that used to make their attacks so successful is that we felt the need to believe that these were honest arguments made by well meaning if wrong headed people.  We felt that we had to be civil, to negotiate, to get along with these people.  More and more we are finding out that they are nothing of the sort.  They are incremental attacks intended to lead us to cede more and more of our culture, our hopes, our lives and our freedoms to them.  They are not loveable, dunderheads, they are scheming totalitarians bent on seizing absolute power and control over us and our beloved Republic and holding it forever.

They are exposed now, the howl in existential agony as the light of truth, which enlightens our eyes and gladdens our hearts, sears their shrivelled, corrupt souls.  Let them flail about as they will, there is no escape back into the darkness of lies and deception for them.  We know, and they know we know.

Re-reading the Gospels I note that Jesus says something we don’t seem to ever hear any more.  “Repent and believe the Good News.”  Yo, Progressives!  Listen up, amend your lives and be saved.  Marx is a false prophet, forswear him and get your sorry heinies back into the fold.

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