If its not close they can’t cheat

There’s so much going on that I can’t even keep track much less know where to begin.  A couple of days ago I posted about the Election Integrity Project California.  At the end I said, “If its not close they can’t cheat,” which just happens to be the title of a book by Hugh Hewitt dealing with precisely this concern (recommended).  We all know that the Dems cheat; they cheat blatantly, proudly, gleefully and, all too often, overwhelmingly.  We see this in every election, and it never gets cleaned up.  As a result we get government that is scarcely more than a criminal enterprise from top to bottom.

No matter your political affiliation the Democratic Party, a wholly owned subsidiary of Socialism, Inc., has disenfranchised you, or is on the way to doing so.  They intend that your vote, whether cast by absentee ballot or at the polling place is mere window dressing, a fig leaf of legitimacy for control freaks addicted to power.

This is why we see electronic voting machines flipping the vote to the Democrat, even while the voter is pressing the button.  This is why in not a few places there are more votes cast in a precinct than there are registered voters, or eligible voters, or even residents.  This is why we see hundreds of voters whose registered addresses are derelict, abandoned buildings.  This is why when there is a recount boxes of uncounted ballots are ‘found’ in the trunks of cars.  This is why voter rolls are never purged of the dead or those who have re-registered elsewhere.  This is why thousands of non citizens are allowed – nay, encouraged! – to vote.  This is why there is a push to open the franchise to felons and non-citizens.  This is why we don’t have voter ID, or even any presentation of ID at the polls.  This is why in some locales Democrats hire buses to bring the same voters to polling place after polling place.

Not to say that there is no fraud on the Republican side, but compared to the Democrats Republican efforts are pretty puny.  Let it be noted in the public record that the Republican Club of the Foothills does not in any way encourage, support or condone voter fraud by anyone, rather condemn it utterly regardless of party affiliation.  It is the primary beneficiaries, the Democrats who are constantly defending and expanding all these abuses even while denying that voter fraud even exists.

I reiterate what I have said many times before: we are at war.  We have only lately, and only in part, becomes aware that we are at war.  We are not at war because we chose war, but because an undeclared, covert war is being waged upon us and has been waged upon us for the last few decades.  This war has not been waged by uniformed soldiers wielding rifles, but by clandestine warriors systematically attacking, undermining and co-opting us.  It has been waged at the moral, cultural, economic, political and spiritual spheres.  Because we were unaware, because we were asleep, we did not fight, and are now on the point of losing it all.

With the deployment of the Anti Fascist brigades, the Left is initiating a new and more violent phase of the war. The Anti Fascist movement is the new Ku Klux Klan the spiritual descendants of the Red Guard and the Brown Shirts. These are only one of the barbarian hordes we face in our day, hordes, which because we are a civil society, we are unable to confront on their ground.  Their ground is violence which they initiate at times and places of their choosing.  Unless these barbarians are stopped civil society will evaporate, and we will be ruled by gangs, either their gangs or the ones we form for our own self defence.

This is a consummation devoutly to be avoided.  We still have a little time in which to pull out of the dive.  The key to pulling out is going to be the ballot box.  Failing that we will inevitably move on to the bullet box.  Therefore three things are going to be paramount in the coming months.

  1.  Get with the Election Integrity Project California, make sure your voter registration is correct.  I know that shortly prior to the 2016 election a lot of people’s voter registrations mysteriously changed.  Share this info with your family, friends and neighbors.
  2.  I will shortly have precinct lists available.  If you are able spend a few minutes during your daily constitutional to knock on doors and get out the NOT-A-DONK vote.  We will be working up some materials for you.
  3. We are going to need poll watchers, people who will observe what goes on at the polling place and report anomalies to GOP headquarters.  This needs to be set up ahead of time as I understand that there is a training session.  We need to make sure that no funny business goes on with our votes.  We’ve been going along fat and dumb and happy for far too long.

I will have more on that later.  We have another meeting coming up on August 31st, about which more later.


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  1. Good blog again Leo,
    The fact that you were able to get some precinct lists is terrific and I am hoping that I will have the time to help with that business of contacting some of our neighbors who are, as you say, non-donks, to encourage getting out the vote. I would hope that it could be done by phone rather than walking the precinct.

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