An election is coming! Is your vote protected?

An Election is Coming!   Is Your Vote Protected?

A vital message from Linda Paine, President and co-Founder of the Election Integrity Project California

It’s about 90 days till Election Day. What must you do to protect your right to vote the way you prefer, and have you vote counted the way you cast it? 

On June 5, thousands of California citizens showed up to vote, only to find that their registrations had been changed without their permission or knowledge. Some were moved to vote-by-mail through no action or desire of their own. Others who expected mail ballots never received them. Perhaps most tragic of all, 118,522 names that should have appeared on the check-in rosters in Los Angeles County had inexplicably vanished.

Certainly some of the above can be attributed to voter error. So let’s start with some individual responsibility. NOW, and 90 days before each and every election, CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION:

  • Are you registered at your most recent address?

  • Are you registered with your chosen party?

  • Are you registered to vote as you choose (in person, mail ballot)?

You can make this check at your County Registrar’s website or at When visiting the latter site, try the drop-down menu and verify that your vote in previous election counted. If you vote by mail, be sure to take one more step-CALL your Registrar’s office and verify the mailing address they have on file for you.

Make this a habit before every election.

If you vote with a mail ballot, your next step is to mark your calendar. Ballots are mailed out 29 days before Election Day. If you have not received yours within 5 days of that time:

  • CALL your Registrar’s office

  • report your ballot lost

  • request that your original ballot be cancelled (deactivated)

  • ask that a new ballot be sent–be sure to verify the mailing address

Lastly, every single voting-aged citizen must realize that electoral problems that cause a lack of integrity and silence that true voice of the people occur in much greater numbers where citizens are not providing oversight. 

It is up to US to KEEP THE REPUBLIC, and it starts by keeping a consistent eye on every aspect of the electoral process. If you are not on the Election Integrity Project California‘s email list, go to immediately and sign up. 

While you are there, visit the “Join the Team” tab, click on “Volunteer” and let us know that you are available to become an Election Observations Volunteer so we can inform you when training is available in your area.

If you belong to any kind of group-neighborhood watch, book group, Sunday School class, Friends of the Library, etc.-contact EIPCa and offer to host a training for your members and maybe others in your area. We will make it easy and convenient for you to protect the electoral voice in your community.

Citizen oversight is no longer just a right and a civic duty, it is an absolute necessity. Every vote is a valuable treasure, and must be protected from error, corruption and fraud. You can no longer leave it to someone else-and no time is more vital than now. Join the growing number of EIPCa volunteers and protect the integrity of this and every future election. Welcome aboard.

The Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa) is a tax exempt, public benefit, non-profit 501(c)(3), non-partisan corporation dedicated to assuring that every legally cast vote is properly counted and reported. EIPCa is available to assist citizen groups as well as political and business organizations on a non-partisan basis in their efforts to assure integrity in the voting process.

EIPCa is an all volunteer organization and cannot function without your donations.


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