Death of a Nation and OMG

Dinesh D’Souza’ new movie, “Death of a Nation” will be playing for a *VERY* limited time in local theaters nationwide.  Here is the link to find where and when it is playing.  Go see it.

Now for the OMG:  Hillary had a second “successor” server.  BOMBSHELL!!!

In the IT world (that’d be the computer geeks) this would be called an backup server if it was running concurrently with and being backed up continually by the primary, or a continuity server if was backed up periodically and intended to kick in if the primary went down.

The FBI released new FOIA Clinton documents today. Turns out that she had a ‘successor server’ for her bathroom email server. The documents can be found here:

Vox Day notes:

This could be significant. Apparently Hillary had TWO mail servers, and the FBI never reported the second one or took it away from her. The more we learn, the more corrupt and illegal the actions of the Clinton campaign appear to be.

And, of course, the more obvious the corruption of the FBI becomes.

Now let’s see how successful the Drive by Media are at keeping this under wraps.

1 thought on “Death of a Nation and OMG

  1. This matter (soap opera) is going to continue in dribbles and drabs indefinitely, then eventually go away unless some responsible persons are taken into custody ( “sealed indictments”). I would not bet on much criminal accountability for high level political criminals but without it, it is the End of America as a Constitutional Republic Ruled by Law and Not By Men. If we hem and haw and don’t do anything substantial to correct it now, history will record it as our Fall, the moment we lost the Will and the Faith to continue on as before. Like the Rubicon, there won’t be any turning-back if we let this moment fade away with mere procedures and rhetoric.

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