Stay away from crowds

A while back I mentioned a scuffle between some pro Trump demonstrators and some AntiFa activists who confronted them.  Although the Trump supporters were outnumbered they held their own pretty well against the AntiFa challengers.  Both sides were pretty ineffectual.  That is about to change.

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas infiltrated AntiFa with at least one undercover reporter and got secret video of what’s going on.  It ain’t good – for us, anyway.

During the Los Angeles premiere for D’Souza’s new film “Death of a Nation,” James O’Keefe gives his review of the film.

The film uses undercover video from Project Veritas, exposing Antifa “Fight instructors” teaching protesters how to be violent. It also introduces Andy Zee, an organizer for Refuse Fascism, discussing their plan to meet with Tom Steyer.

Mr. Zee is likely to get his funding, if not from Steyer then another billionaire or a coalition of billionaires, such as orchestrated the Rocky Mountain Heist (well worth watching).  It would be a movement much like Black Lives Matter or Occupy Wall Street, and would put trained operatives on the ground to stir up trouble and intimidate anybody not on the Left.  More, they intend to back up intimidation with violence, as the above video shows.

Over at Instapundit Steve Green says he’ll be at the range.  Sounds like a good plan.