Intelligence storm

The more we find out the uglier it gets.  And still the so-called intelligence agencies are fighting to keep We the People from finding out just how ugly it really is.  Given the assuredly profound depths of their depravity who can blame them?  If I was a traitorous scumbag I’d sure do my damnedest to keep the People from finding out.  Why, they might have a hemp neck tie party for me at the nearest lamp post!

Not all are in on the Commie Deep State.  Remember when NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers visited then candidate Trump without giving the Obama Administration the heads up.  NPR spun it as a breach of loyalty and protocol.  In fact Admiral Rogers let Trump know that his HQ in Trump Tower was being wire tapped by the FBI, and Trump moved his HQ the next day.  I have also seen reports of numerous FBI personnel begging certain Representatives and Senators to be subpoenaed by Congress.  But strangely we don’t hear much about that.

We’ve watched Weak Sister Comey mug for the camera, Peter Smirking Strzok mock Congress, Rod Who Me? Rosenstein either lie like a wedding runner or admit his invincible incompetence,Claptrap Clapper lie, admit he lied and lie again, All Brag No Fact Brennan declare every breath President Trump takes grounds for impeachment, and more and more and more.  And they get away with it!  That’s the galling part.  If you or I did even 1/10th of one percent of what they routinely do we’d be slammed with a lifetime sentence to the lower sections of Yucca Mountain.

These smug traitors seem invulnerable.  The Donks coordinate the lying testimony of their operatives with their own well organized circus of evil clowns, carnival barkers, trained monkeys and trappeeze artists.  You can be sure that they are all in on the plot.  The GOP is still trying to play nice with these thugs for reasons that perhaps escape me.  Is it really going to come to nothing?  Are we doomed to watch helplessly as these grifters cheat us out of our beloved Republic?

President Trump made it his final campaign promise to break the hold of these Socialist swindlers on the future of our nation.  He has been largely diligent in keeping those promises.  It is still possible.

This might be a long overdue start.  A good follow up would be for President Trump to declassify all the documents pertaining to the FBI attempted coup.  Trump has not yet used the very broad powers the Constitution gives him over national security, as President he is THE Executive.

At the moment there is a big wind on the Left about how it would be tyrannical for the President to strip former Obama Administration officials of their security clearances.  No it wouldn’t, it is one of the powers of the President.  In fact it was mistake to allow these people to retain those clearances, have we learned nothing from Sandy Burglar?  We’ve come a long, long way from PDBs in BVDs and classified docs in socks.

We’ve come to the brink of the overthrow of the United States Government and the enslavement of the People whose responsibility it is to prevent that.  God grant that fateful day be far from us yet!  As is always the case the Commiecrats accuse the opposition of doing what they themselves plan on doing or are already doing.  If Trump were running the kind of dictatorship they dream were theirs they would be dragged from wherever they were by bulky men in cheap suits, shot, and later brought to trial.  Ain’t happening.

Oh, and about that summit with Putin in Helsinki.

IMPORTANT!!! What Putin Conceded To Trump!

IMPORTANT!!! What Putin Conceded To Trump!Patriot Gold: 800-476-5675

Posted by Deep 6 The Deep State with Dick Morris on Monday, July 23, 2018

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