Bimbo eruption

Apparently Donald Trump likes pretty girls.  In my view this stands in favorable contrast to the preferences of his predecessor.  That does not make his philandering OK, adultery is a very bad thing.  I’m sure that the Meejah are going to make a big deal about this and call for his resignation, his impeachment, his incarceration, his launching into the heart of the sun, etc.  So be prepared, but not dismayed.

I am not dismayed because I know that the goody-two-shoes boys are not the ones I want at the pointy end of the spear, I don’t want one in the White House.  I admired Mitt Romney and I voted for him, but because he was such a nice guy he couldn’t bring himself to fight, so he lost.  As with Lincoln’s remarks about Ulysses S. Grant when the prissy teetotalers wanted him dismissed because he was a drunk, “I cannot spare this man, he fights.”  I want a fighter, not a saint.

William Jefferson Clinton: the three word answer to Democrats’ faux outrage.  William Jefferson Clinton, the Bubba of Scuzz, the gift that keeps on giving because the Democrats’ own impassioned defence of Bill’s sexcapades very effectively inoculates Trump.  Not because Trump is innocent, clearly he’s not, but because concern over what political figures do in private with consenting adults has been ruled immaterial and out of bounds.

There are major differences between the two men.  Clinton is a libido on the rampage, completely out of control, I don’t see that in Trump at all.  Clinton’s relations with women seem to be exploitative, they feel used and deeply offended afterwards, this does not seem to be the case with Trump.  Maybe its because Trump paid them off so well afterwards, something Clinton never did, rather his vicious harridan of a wife went after them with all kinds of threats and intimidation.  I recall that during the 2016 campaign no women came forward alleging misconduct by Trump, but there was a platoon of women glowering at Felonia van Pantsuit’s husband during one of the debates.  For some reason he seemed a little disconcerted to see them.

Powerful, rich and charismatic men seem to attract a lot of very pretty girls.  Having been in a position of modest authority at one time in my life I know this to be true.  I was lucky in two ways in this respect: 1. that period of my life was relatively brief and 2. I realized early on that girls are easy to get but hard to get rid of.  Being of an essentially lazy disposition I chose to get married instead.  I have never understood women’s thought processes in this regard, but as a guy I can tell you that when you are surrounded by temptation, lovely, aggressive, insistent and libidinous temptation, at some point you’re going to yield.  Which is not an excuse.

Finally, I wan to note the arrant hypocrisy of the very same organs of propaganda that have been pushing promiscuity and depravity of every stripe down our throats for years, and demanding that we admire it and call it “good” apply a different standard to anybody with an R behind their name.  Let them reap what they’ve sown.  I won’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.  I will continue to support President Trump because he’s doing the job I hired him to do.  As far as I’m concerned his sex life is between him and Melania, and good luck to them both.

Doghouses aren’t just for quadrupeds.

3 thoughts on “Bimbo eruption

  1. I agree 100% with your comments here. big $$$$ is like a magnet
    for Trump having ladies (questionable) wanting to stick it to him (poor choice of words) . You write well and I really enjoyed this one. Best wishes Leo for
    some success soon for what you are doing to save the Republican Club of the Foothills Charted in 2001. I have the Certificate and will give it to you at the
    next meeting.

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