Br’er Bob and the Russian tar baby

Robert Mueller has a problem.  Of course he had himself a problem from the beginning of the Trump Russian collusion investigation, namely, that acting as the agent of the Deep State Democrats he was charged to discover a crime that never took place.  The idea was, of course, based on the old “show me the man I’ll show you the crime” method of investigation.  A year and a half on and he’s got jack diddly nada.

The more he struggles to find something on which to hang Trump the more he clutches at straws.  He struggles manfully on, I’ll give him that; who can blame him?  Would you want to be the one to tell Hillary that the election results will never be nullified?  He’d better have his life insurance paid up.


So first it was indict some Russian companies connected with Russian internet trolling.  Among these was Concord Management and Consulting, and their newly formed subsidiary, Concord Catering.  As Concord Catering did not yet exist at the time of the alleged crimes Concord M&C hired US lawyers to represent them.  US prosecutors requested that the date for Concord’s appearance be postponed a month, but Concord’s lawyers demanded that Concord exercise their right to a speedy trial, noting in this instance the court appearance had been scheduled before Concord had been notified of it.  In US courts, defendants, even those in other countries, must receive formal notice of the charges against them before a case can proceed, unless a judge steps in.

Of course Concord pled not guilty.  And naturally they wanted to see the evidence against them so they could defend themselves.  But that would mean that Mueller would have to show his hand, and this he did not want to do.  So Mueller tried to get the case dismissed.  But once an indictment has been filed and a plea entered both parties must agree to dismiss the case, essentially a settlement, but Concord did not agree.  Now Bob Mueller and his crack team of FBI and DOJ legal experts will be forced to make fools of themselves in court.But Deputy Dawg Mueller did get a consolation prize, Paul Manafort is in solitary confinement awaiting trial.  Wait, what!?  Now granted Manafort is an arrogant SOB and he did allegedly improperly report some business dealings with Russia some ten years ago and can’t keep his mouth shut when he ought, but imprisonment without a trial?  Why, yes.  Welcome to the Deep State, Paul, but it’s OK, we’ll pump sunshine to you for a hour a day.


Bob Mueller is empowered now, you bet’cha!  He’s hired more prosecutors.  Yes, that’s the ticket!  When you can’t find the dirt, hire more diggers.  He, Bob!  I hear the Seven Dwarves are between gigs, so c’mon, give us some giggles.
Now we have the first fruits of that, Mueller indicts12 GRU officers.  The GRU is the military intelligence organ of the Russian state.  Wow!  I’m sure Pootie-Poot will round those guys up and send them right on over.  But then we have Chuck the Schmuck Schumer hollering about how Trump should cancel his meeting with Pootie-Poot because – reasons!  I wonder if that is the usual knee-jerk reaction or if he’s coordinated with Br’er Bob. My money says coordinated.
And speaking of coordination, how about that Peter Strzok and and the Commiecrats yesterday (or was it the day before?) in the House hearings?  What a performance!  I have to admit it was well done.  I also confess that though it was highly entertaining in a sickening sort of way, I could only endure about 40 minutes before I had to wash my mind out with soap.  At least I didn’t hear Mad Maxine inciting to riot.
So please, please, Mr. President.  Lower the boom on these traitors.  And while you’re at it, build the damned wall.

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