The violent take it by force

Just over a year ago, right after the shooting of Houser Majority Whip Steve Scalise, I wrote a post whose point is even more apt today than it was a year ago.

The violence gradually being unleashed by the Left is nothing other than the “Gray Terror” inflicted by Soviet Spetsnaz infiltrating the target to create fear, uncertainty and paralysis.

First principle: the Left, call them Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, what have you, are all about one thing – POWER. Everything they have done, everything they do is about seizing power, holding power, exercising power – total power over everything – and doing so forever and ever, world without end. Amen. That’s it in a nutshell.

Having failed to seize power by hook, they now resort to crook, trying to smash and grab what they could not take by electoral means.  The escalating violence on the Left is not a bug, it is a feature.  Expect it to increase.

We have seen that increase since then.  Herds of Donks harassing Administration officials in public, shootings, and Maxine Mad Mamma Waters endlessly spouting the most vile incitements to riot I have ever heard.

Granted the Commiecrats have been driven to distraction by the failure of their attempted coup against Donald Trump.  And granted that their machinations are being ever more exposed to the scrutiny of the American people.  And granted that every propaganda campaign designed to undermine the President fails more abysmally than the last.  Still, their level of hysteria is just amazing.  Either they have epic stamina to maintain an inhuman level of emotional exhibitionism, or they are terrified out of their minds because every new revelation is one step closer to pulling the cover off some horror that will doom the Party once it is known.

I’ll take door #2 for all the marbles, Vana.

Which leaves us with a problem.  It is this.  Historically when barbarians go up against civilizations, civilizations fall.  Your ordinary civilized person is, well, civil, negotiating relationships with others in a peaceful, civil way.  Barbarians smash and grab, and not amount of, “See here, my good man, I must protest,” makes a damn’s bit of difference to him.  Mr. Casper Milquetoast is easy meat because he has learned from his mother’s knee to eschew violence.  Smashfist the Orc just laughs at him, then either enslaves or kills him.

Growing up all my uncles were WWII vets, and didn’t take guff from anyone, and a couple of them would just as soon scrap as settle the issue with a polite discussion.  Such men were common fifty years ago, but they are less common now, at least outside the criminal class.  We’ve endured fifty years of liberalism trying to educate the masculine out of men and boys, which is not without effect.  As a society, America has become wussified.  This is a bad thing.

We need to fight back.  Mostly that means verbally and socially, sometimes that will mean physically.  Verbally that means we don’t allow people to say stupid progressive things without pushback.  That doesn’t mean yelling insults, necessarily, but it can be something as simple as, “Oh, come on!  You don’t really believe that!  That’ totally racist!”  Yes, use the R word before they do, whoever uses it first has the upper hand.  Or, “You only say that because you hate women (or gays, or trans, or whatever), and invent some rational, however flimsy to justify it.  It doesn’t have to be strong or even logical; theirs aren’t.

Another approach is to agree, then ask a question: “Separating kids from their parents at the border is terrible.  But I have a question, thousands of these kids are showing up without parents or guardians.  Who’s paying to feed them, transport them, run that organization and pay the bribes necessary to keep the thing going?”  Or even better, “How can you support child trafficking?”  Once they get off the emotional high of being righteous they cans start to think.

Avoid initiating physical violence, but once they start, don’t hold back.  Obviously if you are a septuagenarian don’t start throwing punches (unless you are facing an octogenarian (JOKE!)).  But ladies do have latitude to slap an offensive person and say, “How dare you?!”

Keep in mind that these people are primed and trained for violence.  But they don’t want to start a full-on civil war.  They would lose, and they know it.  All this violence is designed to make you feel unsafe, uncertain, confused, and to get you to surrender out of fear.  So defy them.  They might hassle you, push you around, but they don’t want to get to the point where people start pulling out blades or firearms.

Back in the day when I was teaching Parent Effectiveness Training to the parents of kids in gangs, on drugs, or who had otherwise got themselves involved in the justice system (and let me tell you, we created miracles in those families!  So proud of them!), one of the first things I would tell them  was, “Whoever is least interested in the relationship sets the rules.”  We must be the ones who present as least interested, even though it breaks our hearts, because otherwise they will walk all over us.  Each of us must be willing to say to our vicious, deluded lefty friends, “I don’t care.  It’s my way or the highway, or else!”

But what about these mass shootings like the one in Maryland?  I don’t have all the evidence I need, but there seems to be an eerie similarity to them.  I don’t believe they are random.  I will suggest to you that this is another tactic in the “Grey Terror” to distract us from what is truly important, the security of our nation, our families and our self confidence.

Socialism is the philosophy of the guilt of others.  All that remains is to assign the punishment.  No matter what you or I or anybody does or does not do, we have all been found guilty in the kangaroo court of Marxist justice.  Social Justice is the term for claiming anything to which you don’t have a right.  And they intend to punish us, and to take all we have and are.  But don’t you let them.  No, no, no.  Don’t you let them.

Stay alert, stay away from crowds, and keep your powder dry.

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