In Irons

Over at The Corner Yuvai Levin makes the case that the White House and the Democrats are in irons, and that was clearly demonstrated in the SOTU.  They have power, and the capacity to tactically devastate their domestic political enemies, but they lack strategic vision, direction and control.  This is not lost on Americas enemies and competitors, which will, no doubt, take full advantage of the Administration’s flubs and disjointed flailing. This Administration, if it continues as it has; there is no reason to expect otherwise; will be known forevermore as the Lord Elphinstone Presidency.  Led by a blustering, incompetent poseur who elevates third rate incompetent buffoons positions of critical national  importance.  Judy Collins’ question has finally been answered, Where are the Clowns?  They are at State, Defense and the CIA.

Now is the time for Republicans to devise a handful of clear, simple and effective initiatives and unite in pressing them relentlessly.