Suffer the children

This is a difficult topic which has kept me awake at night off and on for some time.  Weak stomachs are advised to go elsewhere.

It has long been known that Bill, The Bubba of Scuzz, Clinton took 26 trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express, Epstein’s private 727 flying to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean, an island he kept stocked with underage kids.  Those trips took place from 2001 to 2003, about once every six weeks.  A less frequent, and less remarked upon visitor was “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, who seems to have travelled there several times with her best bud Huma Abedin.  This was discovered in the investigations following the Wikileaks October surprise revelations of 2016.

That info dump revealed a lot, and opened many avenues of inquiry, some of which I hope will bear public fruit soon.  Among them the weird artistic choices of Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta, spirit cooking, Pizzagate and more.

Granted that there is a surprising amount of child sex trafficking going on all the time, and law enforcement does make arrests, and lots of them.  I have been hearing rumors of an ongoing investigation by the Justice Department into child sex trafficking and pedophiles, particularly among highly placed government and industry officials.  It seems that things are about to break.  Given the partial list of names I can well understand why the swamp has been fighting so hard.  It is as Hillary said following her television interview with Matt Lauer, “If that man is elected we’ll all hang from nooses.”

I guess we are finding out why she would say such a thing.

The problem of child sex trafficking is a problem at all levels of society, though only those who have political influence can cover it up.  If the FBI (when its doing its actual job and not running a coup against its own government) can make 120 arrests and free 84 captive children in on ly three days, the problem is massive, much more massive that anyone would like to think or even bring themselves to believe.

It isn’t just here in the States as the below video shows.  More info and analysis later, I really can’t take very much of this at one sitting.