Alas, Albion

First, watch the brief video.  Then I’ll tell you why its important for us.

Since that video was made the UK government has rescinded the media gag order.  They did this as a direct result of the thousands of people who showed up to protest at No. 10 Downing Street; the Aussies took to the streets as well.  The government’s attempt a media and internet blackout was bound to fail as their writ ran only in Old Blighty, so the Brits themselves were perfectly capable of finding out all about it over the internet, which at least for the moment, remains free in this country.

The reason the gag order was a mistake was not simply because it was ineffective for want of a Great Firewall of China type content control system, but that they tipped their hand.  Turns out it is not enough for the Powers That Be to monitor the internet for “hate speech” and send the Bobbies around to threaten and arrest people who make unfavorable remarks about the adherents of the Religion of Peace, no, even the merest whisper must be suppressed.  By using such strong arm tactics it gave notice to those with ears to hear that the UK Government is not only perfectly aware of the truth of the matter they tried too hard to conceal but that they are willing to use bare knuckles Stalinist methods to control it, and by extension, control a formerly free people.

Click the image to see the whole thing.

The Government knows about, supports, abets, protects and promotes the depredations of Muslim rape gangs, and the aims of these gangs, which go beyond indulging their lust.  The goals of these gangs is to break the non Muslim populations’ will to resist, leading ultimately to the total transformation of the culture into an Islamic culture.  It is an invasion bent on conquest using the tried and true methods used in other parts of the world.  It was only a couple of years ago that the first public reports of rape gangs was reported in the city of Rotheram, then Telford, and now that people are aware and are looking, the list is long.  Just about any UK city with a substantial Muslim population has them and they’ve had them for up to 20 years.  For 20 years the Government has systematically allowed it to continue and even participated in it themselves and advocate for importing even more of these monsters.

Why would the UK Government do that to their own people?

Because the aims of the government are parallel to those of the Islamist gangs.  The destruction of English people, the enervation of the English national character, the annihilation of English history, religion, values and identity, to reduce the English people to a mass of supine slaves.  True, the Government has never articulated these aims; they dare not; but it can be logically inferred from the policies they consistently follow and actions they consistently take.  Now that the cat is out of the bag the English people are not pleased.

But that doesn’t answer the question, why would the Government be doing this?  What could be their motivation?  To answer that question, answer this: besides Islam, what other movement in modern times has sought to destroy nations and reduce them to slavery?  I can only think of one: Socialism.

Socialism, the harbinger of famine, terror, mass murder and failure, ever producing catastrophic collapse, ever fashionable among the intelligentia, their nomenclatura and their appartchicks.  These people have longed for the triumph of the Revolution, but not having the numbers or the stones to enact the violence necessary to bring it about, they import a primitive, savage tribe as violent and intolerant as they themselves want to be.  They ride the Muslim tiger to kill the British Lion.  I suspect that they will not find the dismount as entertaining as the ride.

This is an important moment of clarity for us across the pond.  We are not quite as far along the path to perdition as John Bull, but be assured that we are being guided along the same path with the same end – Communist Revolution.  Notice the mass importation of foreigners, especially, during the Obama Adminstration, of Muslims; the promotion of diversity and the diminution of assimilation; the enforced tolerance of transgressive behavior and intolerance of any criticism of it; the denunciation of such criticism as “hate speech” in the most vile and hateful terms and the attempted destruction of any who dare to criticize; the canonization of designated “people of color” and the denunciation of “whiteness”, etc., etc., etc. ad nauseam.

We have several advantages over Old England.  First we have their experience which serves us as a cautionary tale; don ‘t do what they are doing, it hurts!  Despite the Left’s entrenchment in academia, entertainment and government we outnumber them, and increasingly repudiating the Left.  We have a political system which is somewhat more responsive to the will of the people.  We have the 2nd Amendment.