Regrettably there will be no Republican Club of the Foothills participation in the La Canada Memorial Day Parade.  It turns out that those arrangements needed to have been finalized a month ago, and as neither I nor anybody else knew about these requirements (though I grant logically I should have) they was left unmet and we are out for this year.  Next year we know.  We need to get the permits started in February.  So apologies to everyone whose expectations I have so cruelly disappointed.  Bummer, man.

But we do have a political season kicking off soon. Obviously the California primaries are coming up next week.  I have already provided the best recommendations I have in a previous post.  Get out there and vote the bums out.  Persuade your friends to do the same.

Once we see how the primaries shake out we can begin planning for the next steps.  First, highlight the needs of the local situation.  What’s missing?  What’s off track?  What’s needed?  What’s working?  How do we get more of it?  Second,  What are the candidates’ positions on these issues?  Present them to the voters not on the basis of party, because we KNOW that a majority of local voters are reflexively anti-Republican.  No reason why our people should face an automatic veto based solely on party, emphasize the issue.  More on this at a later time.

So put your thinking caps on and let me know what’s what and who’s who and lets drive a stake into the heart the evil afflicting us at the local, County, State and Federal levels.