Marching morons marching on

I found this graphic on an old friend’s Facebook page. I wasn’t aware that the religious right was saying anything about them. In fact I don’t see the religious right as a thing doing much of anything since the collapse of the moral majority over thirty years ago. Mueller, in fact, is no choir boy himself, being a committed partisan using the power of the FBI to wage lawfare against the enemies of the left.

Not that it really matters that he is an effective soldier in the cabal among the highest placed aristos in the land to effect a coup against a legally elected President of the US.  Despite having run Trump and Trump’s associates through a fine tooth comb has yet to unearth the slightest thread of evidence that Trump and the Russians had colluded to steal the 2016 election from the Hilldabeast. It was Hillary’s election to lose and she lost it, much to my surprise and delight. All she had to do was to make a campaign swing through Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, as her husband suggested and it would have been hers. But no, it’s in the bag so why bother.  Oops.

In the lead up to the election the Hillary campaign hires an outfit to do oppo research on Trump, which hires a lawyer who hires an ex spy who happened to be on the FBI payroll who whomps up an unsourced and unverified Russian naughty boy story which the FBI knows is a pack of baloney but never the less uses it in three attempts (first two the judge says No Dice, get real) to get a FISA warrant because the third time they ‘forgot’ to mention the source. So the FBI is surveilling an American citizen who just happens to be the Republican candidate for President. Sweet.

All this is behind the scenes but the media knows about it because of the whole kit and caboodle of them hate anything that stands in the way of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and this Trump guy they thought was going to be so easy for Hillary to beat isn’t going down according to script so something has to be done to whip the electorate into and anti Trump frenzy. So James Clapper, head of the CIA briefs Trump on the existence of Pee Pee dossier, which briefing he can mention to the press and so of course the press runs with it and its wall to wall Pee Pee dossier but the public goes, ‘Ho hum’ and the October Surprise is a total bust. Then Hillary loses and starting 24 hours after her defeat its been Russia collusion ever since.

So, Mueller, old buddy, you’ve been sifting Trump for almost a year and a half and all you’ve got is Paul Manafort, who briefly worked on the Trump campaign, didn’t make proper disclosures ten years ago. That’s gotta mean you’ve got bupkis, buddy. And, yeah, you’ve got that dogged hound dog face and I’m sure you’re willing to keep going for as long as it takes to find something – ANYTHING – to pull Trump down and restart the Vanguard of History rolling inexorably towards the Glorious World of Next Tuesday and the Worker’s Paradise. But seriously, dude, wouldn’t it save time to scare up an Oswald? Your buds Peter Sztrok and Lisa Page have already made the suggestion. I know you guys are looking into it. Is it maybe because you haven’t been able to pick up all the AR-15s so it might get a little dicey there? Don’t worry, I don’t have an AR-15 and I really don’t want one, so you’re safe from me on that count.

Oh, and while we’re on the subject, who’d ‘a thought that that Clinton Foundation lawyer guy, what’s his name – Comey, yeah, him, who’d ‘a thought he would turn out to be such a prima donna panty waist? I would have thought you would pull his chain short before he totally discredits the FBI. Maybe an Oswald for him too. I mean, geez, if Hillary can figure it out 200 plus times I’m sure that with her help you can too.

I’m pretty sure that I speak for the religious and irreligious both when I say, “Jesus, enough already! We lived through eight years of Saint Barry O we can live through a few years of Trump too.”

Well of course Trump’s going to dismantle a lot of the ant-American squid that Bizzarro #0 and his Deep State Dipsh!ts put in place and that most of you closet Commies are getting long in the tooth and won’t be around to see the Grand Triumph of Socialism but, hey, even though you were for the most part too busy tearing down the Principal Enemy to actually raise a pack of kids, there are going to be plenty of deluded fanatics to follow in your footsteps.  So don’t worry about it, the Cause will be carried Forward on the shoulders of thousands Marching Morons.

That’s what colleges and universities are for, right?