And we pay them money for this?

The things that our governments, Federal, State and local, spend money on boggles the mind.  It seems that there is a move afoot to ban the so-called ‘bump-stocks.’  Bump stocks are devices that enable the recoil of a semi automatic rifle (could be pistols too) to fire more rapidly, thus simulating the rate of fire of an automatic weapon.

You may recall that the Las Vegas mass shooting was said to involve a bump stock, enabling the shooter to fire very rapidly, and very randomly into the huge crowd below.  In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan’s first Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, let me caveat that.  After the initial reports a great and uncharacteristic silence has fallen on that event.  As with the Charlottesville ramming all attempts to uncover the facts have been stonewalled.  Its almost like persons unknown are trying to prevent certain facts from coming to light lest they reflect badly on a certain political party or ideology.  The one take away from that tragedy was the bump stock issue.

Then, following the Parkland school shooting President Trump gets on board and pronounces bump stocks bad, very bad.  Sigh.  Even considering he’s a golfer, not a shooter, he ought to know better than grant them even the slightest scintilla of a fragment of a fig leaf of legitimacy.  As if anyone couldn’t get a bump stock effect with a belt loop on their pants.

Well, anyhow, the proposed ban is clearly unconstitutional as it is clearly an infringement of the 2nd Amendment.  Not that such a petty bagatelle would restrain the wannabe slave owners in Corruptocrat Town, DC, Sacramento or Los Angeles, for that matter.  Absent legislation emanating from Congress the way to do that would be to have the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to issue a regulation banning the things.

But there is a process.

The BATFE must respond to comments before they can publish.  Not long ago an attempted ban on “green tip” ammunition was turned back when the BATF got slammed; they literally gave up.  (H/T The Market TickerSo go here and do the same thing — click “Comment Now”.


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