Psalm 146 or make the rubble bounce?

You know it is going to be a bad day when these two smile.

Last week when President Trump signed the 1.3 trillion Mega-Porkulus Continuing Appropriation bill which (oh, those clever Donks!) specifically forbade the President from spending more than pocket change to repair about 10 feet of border wall I was dismayed.  Nay, I lie.  I was devastated.  Betrayal from the Congressional GOP is SOP, I thought, but TRUMP!?  Surely not TRUMP?  But there it was in black and white, he did indeed sign the Abomination of Despoliation, told us he was unhappy that he had done so and that he wouldn’t do it again.  Not even a little dab of K-Y, Donny, really?

If it weren’t for my trusty whiskey bottle I would have wept.  That and my even trustier Bible, and Psalm 146, especially verse 3:

Psalm 146

Praise the Lord.[a]

Praise the Lord, my soul.

I will praise the Lord all my life;
    I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.
Do not put your trust in princes,
    in human beings, who cannot save.
When their spirit departs, they return to the ground;
    on that very day their plans come to nothing.
Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob,
    whose hope is in the Lord their God.

I saw the Trump presidency in ruins and hope for America swept away in a Blue Tide come November.  Impeachment proceedings, of course, and if the Senate were to flip, conviction and removal as well.  Then maybe the same for Pence, putting that short circuiting, animatronic zombie, Nancy “What Am I Doing Here?” Pelosi in the Oval Office.  I saw Neo-Maoist Red Guards in blue imposing PC lunacy everywhere, destroying Capitalism, Free Markets, Male Privilege, Whiteness and other enemies of the people who, unexpectedly, turn out to be We the People, coffled and shuffling off to the camps and oblivion.  Nothing but gloom and doom washed down with wormwood and gall.

Grand Master

Hang on just a minute here, I thought the next day.  Trump ain’t dumb.  He knows all this better than I do.  So why’d do it?  Can he really play that good a game of three dimensional chess underwater while fighting off the Uniparty with one hand and the Deep State with the other all the while flummoxing Big Bad Vlad?  Could he really have four aces up his sleeves and a Peacemaker in his waistband?  Is that even possible?  Could it be?

Well, maybe.  I hear rumblings.

I cannot verify any of this. I am merely passing it along from one of my sources.

The President signed the bill because the military needed to be funded. They’re going to have some big jobs this year: war with Iran, rounding up most of the Obama administration to stand trial in front of military tribunals, and keeping domestic order when the roundup happens. The midterms are going to be utterly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That means the roundup will happen before then and the DNC will be struggling with things other than running for office.

My understanding is that the war with Iran will not be direct, but will be more of a massive support operation for the Gulf Cooperation Council. Which means that it is essentially the Israeli-Sunni alliance against the Shi’ites.

H/T Vox Day

Gerard Van derLeun lays it all out over at American Digest.  You have to see it to believe it.  I don’t know how much, if any of it is true, but I WANT to believe it.  Rods from God, I knew it was possible, but we actually got ’em?  Fantastic!  I also knew that we tore the Russkies and their Syrian allies a bloody new one a little over a month ago (strong language alert, read it on your fainting couch, but read it).

From John Ringo’s FB page (Note: MBT = Main Battle Tank):


Further reporting, such as it is, on the Dair Ezzor Turkey Shoot.

1. Sov… err… Russians built a bridge over the Euphrates which was the designated ‘deconfliction line’. Why? Reasons. ‘Commite of Nations’ or something.

2. ‘Hybrid’ force of mixed Russian contractors including multiple non-ethnic Russians (Serbs, Kossack, other non Slavics) as well as local Syrian Army ‘commandos’ attacked across temporary bridge. The ‘Russian’ side were ‘Blackwater’ equivalent mercenaries from a company generally called ‘Wagner’ which is the nom de plume of the boss. (Like if you called Blackwater ‘Prince’.)

3. Unit was partially mechanized, battalion strength. (One thing everyone agrees upon is ‘about 600-700 personnel.’) Had some towed artillery as well as ‘t-55 and T-72 MBT as well as armored personnel carriers.’ (Type unknown.) Full on ‘we’re taking that position and you’re not stopping us’ full court press.

4. Unit crossed bridge, arty deployed.

5. Arty opened fire while most of unit was still in approach column formation. (Normal) One portion moved to flanking positions.

5A. Minute the arty opened fire SHIT GOT REAL REAL QUICK.

6. Reapers took out artillery and most of armor with Hellfire. From the few videos, pretty much before they knew what hit them. There had to be quite a few Reaper drones up or they were feeding guidance to Hellfire from Apaches (see below.)

7. F-15E Eagles came in for clean-up and to check for anti-air defenses.

8. Warthogs showed up just to go BRRRRRRT!

9. AC-130 Spectre started f*cking up their day for the hell of it.

10. To add insult to injury, B-52s which, you know, just HAPPENED to be in the area, just minding our own business, just passing by from Diego Garcia which is a few thousand miles away, on our way to… somewhere… nothing to see here… decided to prove they could drop their entire load as precision guided weapons and just more or less DID A JDAM ARCLIGHT ON THEIR ASS. At that point, more or less because CENTCOM said ‘Why not? ARCLIGHT is always pretty to watch…’

11. The whole thing being so over it was ridiculous, AH-64 Apaches basically did ‘hostile Bomb Damage Assessment’ and complained there were no targets left.

12. Oh, and then the Kurds, to just really F*CK with these guys, released water from a dam upstream and broke their bridge. So they had to ford back with their wounded.

13. Nobody knows how many dead and wounded. Russians are saying ‘only 8 Russian citizens’ but that doesn’t quite cover the whole of who may have been involved. One repeated number is 200 dead (remember, mixed Syrians, Russians and other ethnics) as well as pretty much the rest of the force wounded. (Not to mention pretty thoroughly demoralized.) One Kurd wounded. Probably fell off a stool laughing to tell truth.

14. Military hospitals in Russia are reliably reported ‘overflowing.’

This was much less a ‘battle’ than a message. Towards the end we had to just be pounding ground to make sure they got it.

Messages, really.

A. Don’t f*cking cross that river.
B. Hey, North Korea! LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!
C. Hey, Putin, about Donbas… This is what we can do to your ‘freedom fighters’ (AKA: mercenaries) at any time.
D. To everyone in general: You need to remember who’s boss.

Mattis is playing dumb. ‘What Russians? There were Russians? Really? I’m seeing that in the media but I got no briefing on there being Russians in that column. Our bad. Sorry about that.’

Then there’s the fact that the strike was NOT approved by the President.

Because he gave CENTOM the approval on things like that.

And CENTCOM handled it like a BOSS.

Oh, and when the forces crossed the river the Russians were informed and informed that we intended to take ‘self-defense’ actions.

So they can’t even say they weren’t warned.

I’m not sure we warned them we’d be using BUFF.

This is more the sort of thing I’d expect in late summer.

‘Shit! We haven’t expended our budget! Are there any Russians we can f*ck up very badly with all these unexpended munitions?’

Last thought: It had to be shitty being on the receiving end of that.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.  And yes, it was a very bad night for Pootie Poot’s troopy troops.

And we know that McMaster is gone and Bolton’s back.  And we know McCabe was fired over at the FBI.  Seems as if Jeff Sessions has been working hard to get a whole bunch of ducks lined up for hunting season.  Word is that he is being thorough and meticulous, which should be making the Commies in the Party of American Destruction sleep poorly.

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So maybe, just mebbe, things will be looking up shortly.  And just because I could use a laugh, Obama wants to make a million of himself.  We don’t have to worry, he’d have to start liking girls first.

Make the rubble bounce.