Logical and bloody conclusion

I present below an interview of Lauren Southern by Stephan Molyneux.  I believe that racism in this country was pretty much confronted in the 1960’s and largely eliminated.  Certainly the racism that regarded whites as superior to all others was.  But of course there is nothing the Marxist loving Left can’t touch without destroying; certainly they are destroying that amity achieved with such great effort and great cost in this country.

That great national effort was leveraged into a moral absolute with which we judged the world.  The White Man’s Burden of civilizing the ‘darker races without the law’ became suddenly reprehensible when it had previously been regarded as a noble moral imperative.  Now the watchword was ‘decolonization’ and there was no greater evil than apartheid.  To be sure, those were evils which needed to pass from the world, but not as it was done, suddenly handing responsibility for their own destinies in a modern world to peoples steeped in tribal and shamanistic mentalities.

Certainly back in the day there were vestiges of that among the older generations, bone deep bigotry that no sense could touch, however polite they were in public.  And certainly there was what we called ‘reverse discrimination’ by mostly blacks whose sensibilities were still tender about a past now gone and about which they were still resentful.  I believed that time and a consistent ‘love thy neighbor’ ethic would eventually remedy the former and heal the latter.

Now to the interview.  Warning: there are no graphic images, but there is some ‘adult’ language and the theme can be difficult to take at times.  I will discuss this further in a later post.