A better grip on the coronavirus situation

The official news about the coronavirus coming out of China is not pretty.  Less, than 77,000 total cases being reported as of this writing, and the increase fairly well flattening out.  The one thing we can be sure of is that the Chinese government lies even more than does our own.  I figured that they were downplaying the problem by a factor of maybe 10 or 12.  I am deeply grieved to report that I was a raging Pollyanna.   For my next act I will become a raging alcoholic Joe Btfsplk.

Time to hit those prayer bones, people.  Hard, till you crack the floorboards.

Fight for Freedom event

Mark your calendars for this important event.  There can be no doubt that the step-by-step crumbling of American civilization and culture is not a long series of random events, but that there is a methodology and a purpose to them. These purposes are inimical to our way of life and our form of government; these tactics can be understood, anticipated and countered. The Donks created a one party Socialist state in California, and they will keep it that way if we let them. Let’s not let them.

We owe it to our forebearers, ourselves and our descendants.

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