Corona virus and you

The corona virus is going to be a big problem here in Southern California sooner or later.  We’ve all been hearing about it, how awful it is in China, and now in other countries as well.  We have been fortunate to date that there has been no break out here.  But it is coming.  How do I know?

In the first place President Trump was slow to impose an immediate and strict quarantine on travel to and from China, but he did it.  For the sake of absolute safety the entire  border should have been sealed.  To be fair, in American administration would have acted as swiftly as necessary under the circumstances, preferring to treat China as our friend, which it definitely is NOT and trading partner.  It is likely that other administrations, being more sensitive to the charge of racism, would have acted considerably slower.  And of course President Trump has been trying to control the border since his administration began, meeting unrelenting and even frantic opposition from Democrats.

Trump did address the issue head-on, he did well.

But since strict quarantine was imposed it has been broken at least twice.  First when a cruise ship with suspected passengers from Wuhan, China was allowed to dock and discharge passengers in New Jersey.  Thousands of people potentially exposed to the virus scattered everywhere.  Presumably most of them have been tracked down and undergone voluntary quarantine.  Secondly when a State Department flunky disobeyed President Trump’s direct order and allowed 14 infected people from the Disaster Diamond Princess docked in Japan to fly home with over 300 formerly uninfected people.  One can only hope that all of them are resting comfortably in a military base somewhere in a military base a million miles from nowhere.

To date no breakout, and that is a good thing.  It gives us time to prepare; we dare not be slow about it.  Once everybody twigs to the reality of the situation it will be too late.  The CDC gave warning yesterday, pay attention!

How to prepare.  1. Don’t panic, it only makes you stupid and that only makes things worse.  2. Don’t be shy about going about your preparations.

In general you are going to want to be able to survive without leaving the house for 30 days.  That means no one comes in from the outside.  If someone leaves the house it needs to be understood that they will not be allowed back in until the all clear has been given + 5 days (I say) just to be sure.

Stock up on medications if you can.  As we heard at the meeting this evening, China controls 85% of the medicine production of the entire world (a little more nuanced than that, but close enough) and China, for all intents and purposes, is no longer providing them.  This is a national security issue that has not been adequately addressed even now.  Did you hear this discussed in the Donk debates recently?  Given the situation a glaring omission.

  • Try to get ahead on medical prescriptions when you can, in case of very predictable supply chain disruptions, and so you won’t have to go out to the pharmacy at a time when there may be long lines of sick people.
  • Start to stock up on enough non-perishable food to last your household through several weeks of social distancing at home during an intense wave of transmission in the community.
  • Take your kids out of school and activities. There is no need to freak anyone out; what kid doesn’t enjoy a snow day? Handle it right and they’ll be happily saying “thank you, Corona-chan!”
  • Cancel all unnecessary social engagements. As one friend said, it’s a good time to spend the evenings kicking back and having margaritas with your wife.
  • Get permission to work from home. Most businesses will embrace this and those who are most proactive about it will get permission first.
  • Stock up on soap, laundry detergent and toilet paper.
  • Use the same precautions as would with the ordinary flu.  Especially wash your hands with soap and hot water frequently.
  • A surgeon’s style face mask is not going to protect you from much of anything, it will protect others from your coughs and sneezes.  Adequate face protection would be something like your dentist uses, known as an N95 because it will keep out 95% of germs; it works because it seals against your face.  Face masks are difficult to find, you have to line up very early outside of your local pharmacy on delivery day to get them.  Even dentists who need them are having difficulty getting their N95 masks.  I recommend getting splash proof goggles as your eyes are also infection super highways for aerial transmission.
  • Nitrile gloves are good too, but do no good if you are careless taking them off.  Remember not to touch your face while wearing them; on average people touch their faces 250 times a day.  Between leaving a potentially contaminated environment and removing them once in your safe environment touch NOTHING until you have safely removed and disposed of them.  Then wash your hands and your face with soap and hot water.

Stay away from crowds.

We can get through this fine if we are prepared, smart and careful.

Why California “law enforcement” is a mess

Over at Fox and Hounds Michelle Hanisee has a great article outlining some of the core problems faced by Law Enforcement as a result of recent legislation.  Bad as those problem are, they can and will be made worse if George Gascon is elected to the District Attorney’s office next week.  George Gascon was District Attorney for San Francisco.  Having transformed the City on the Bay in to a paradise of homeless drug addict encampments, feces and second hand needles he quit his job a year early to come down here and offer to do the same favors for us he has done for San Francisco.  Thanks but no thanks.

Here is Michelle’s article.

While the internet may have flaws, one of its redeeming features is that those who have do not own a printing press or media outlet no longer have to rely on the largess of newspapers or media outlets to have their voice heard. The internet has allowed the ADDA to use our News & Advocacy section these past five years to provide factual information to the public as issues in the criminal justice system are debated.

Some do not like the facts we share in our articles because they clash with the false narratives spun by advocates of “criminal justice reform.” In fact, one article recently labeled us as the “notoriously anti-reform Association for Deputy District Attorneys.” 

Contrary to those who claim the ADDA is “notoriously anti-reform,” the ADDA has consistently advocated for effective  rehabilitation as an alternative to incarceration. We criticized the CDCR’s failed rehabilitation programs. We applauded the successful rehabilitation rates of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. We called on the County of Los Angeles to stop the practice of charging probationers for supervision. We celebrated advances in investigative DNA technology that as recently as last week resulted in an exoneration. We lauded the Conviction Review Unit created by our office because, as prosecutors, we have an “obligation to ensure the truth.” We are proud of our efforts to do just that — to provide truthful, accurate information backed up by data.

In a series of articles, we pointed out that Governor Brown was deceiving the public when claiming his Prop 57 would only free “non-violent” felons. We pointed out that based upon the language of the statute, sex offenders and three-strike offenders would be eligible for early release from prison. Subsequent court rulings proved us correct. When the CDCR began granting early release to violent felons, we highlighted some of those releases.

When Governor Newsom announced his death penalty moratorium, we reminded the public that voters rejected the repeal of the death penalty and approved measures to ensure its implementation. As we noted, the Governor falsely claimed in 2016 he would respect the decision of voters on the death penalty, and lacked the courage to announce his contrary intention during the campaign for Governor. We followed up with a series of pieces that brought to life the victims, and the brutal and horrific end of their lives, at the hand of 24 inmates currently on death row who have exhausted their death penalty appeals.

Following the passage of Prop 47, we have repeatedly discussed the rise in property crime and called on the Legislature to fix its many flaws. We supported bipartisan common sense fixes to AB 109 and Prop 57, but unfortunately they were rejected by Governor Brown. We published a video which detailed the flaws of Prop 47, Prop 57, and AB 109, and then joined with crime victims, law enforcement, business owners and public safety leaders to place on the ballot a measure addressing those flaws. That measure will appear on the 2020 ballot.

We have commented in the past on the media marginalization of crime victims, and in 2018 published a piece that reflects what motivates the ADDA to continue to shine the spotlight of truth on the criminal justice system. I end this piece by repeating the ending of that piece: “It might be trendy to highlight ex-cons and berate the justice system for its flaws, real or perceived. Apparently not worthy of such treatment is the aftermath for the victims and families of those who suffered crimes such as murder, rape, robbery or child sexual abuse. However, as prosecutors we are proud to stand with victims of crime. We are proud to stand by the communities often forgotten in this brave new world.”

A better grip on the coronavirus situation

The official news about the coronavirus coming out of China is not pretty.  Less, than 77,000 total cases being reported as of this writing, and the increase fairly well flattening out.  The one thing we can be sure of is that the Chinese government lies even more than does our own.  I figured that they were downplaying the problem by a factor of maybe 10 or 12.  I am deeply grieved to report that I was a raging Pollyanna.   For my next act I will become a raging alcoholic Joe Btfsplk.

Time to hit those prayer bones, people.  Hard, till you crack the floorboards.

Fight for Freedom event

Mark your calendars for this important event.  There can be no doubt that the step-by-step crumbling of American civilization and culture is not a long series of random events, but that there is a methodology and a purpose to them. These purposes are inimical to our way of life and our form of government; these tactics can be understood, anticipated and countered. The Donks created a one party Socialist state in California, and they will keep it that way if we let them. Let’s not let them.

We owe it to our forebearers, ourselves and our descendants.

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