Leakers ahoy!

I see the Donks are all atwitter because Trump has called the Ukraine phone call leaker a traitor deserving of a traitor’s reward.  Oh, the humanity!  The horror!  Poor leaker, don’t you just feel sorry for him, her or, these days, it?  What’s more, it seems we must disconnect Trump’s harsh words and the leaker’s terror (as if government employees fear anything from their bosses) from the context of these things or similarities to events of the past.

Why, I wonder, are we not allowed to bring up historical parallels? Perhaps because they are uncomfortably apposite, or so it seems to me.
The more I think about it the more convinced I am that there will be no civil war, at least not a kinetic one. There have been enough shenanigans by our elected representatives reported over the years to have catapulted the first generations of Americans into violent action against them. I recall that an early governor of New York was dragged from his home, tarred, feathered and ridden out on a rail and his house set afire. We are not the men our ancestor were, for both good and ill. It won’t get bloody until the food and fuel distribution systems break down, then it will be a Hobbesian war of all against all reminiscent of Bosnia in 1993 and Argentina in 2001.
How interesting that just a few days before the latest tempest in the Donk’s Desperation Teacup erupted, and after Rep. Adam ‘Schiffy’ Schiff had received the transcript of Trump’s phone conversation (but before he went on record totally misrepresenting what was said which was before – horrors! – Trump released the entire transcript so that the whole world could see the difference) the rules for whistleblowers were changed from requiring the whislteblower to have direct personal knowledge to hearsay, merely requiring that he had heard about some wrong doing second or third hand.
Hearsay is inadmissible in a court of law and always has been. But now we can use it as evidence to impeach a sitting President. Huh. How interesting. Now I’m thinking, how might that be weaponized against the next Democratic President. Hmmm? Silly Donks, always going for the short term kill shot (and often missing) without ever thinking that the torpedoes they launch might ever circle around to blow them up – unexpectedly.
For some reason Demoncrats think that Trump, as Republicans have generally done in the past, ought to cower and quiver and cave when confronted by the Party of Slavery and betrayed their Deep State Minions. I don’t really know why, though I am glad of it, but Trump didn’t get the memo. So yeah, the civil service which are under his direct authority and which he ought to be able to trust to loyally do the jobs they were hired to do are undermining and obstructing him and his Administration at every turn. He’s pissed, as well he should be, and he is saying so right out loud. That is the principal message of the treason remarks.
Of course it is treason, it ought to be stopped, hell, it ought never have started in the first place. And yes, those civil servants who betray the nation’s trust; note, not just Trump’s trust, the nation’s trust; have not only earned the threat of consequences but fully deserve the weighty consequences the law provides. “Pour encourager les autres.” Google it.
The fact that Lefties have lost their collective minds and that their revolt against the social compact that has characterized our national history to an unprecedented extent is evidence that the nation is already broken, and in my opinion, broken beyond repair. It is not Trump who has raised up the New KKK in black, Antifa. It is not Trump who has labeled anyone who disagrees with him a NAZI and called all such to be punched. It is not Trump who organized a cabal against legitimate national authority.
Can the nation be said to be whole and healthy when the only legitimate elections are those which Democrats win? Of course this giant temper tantrum over having lost and election Democrats thought it their Divine Right to win is only part of it. Trump is not as deeply implicated in the crimes that the Uniparty, it isn’t just Democrats, routinely commit with impunity. It is that he has threatened to expose them, and this they cannot allow. It is a preemptive war, bring him down before he brings them down.
Unfortunately for them the entire reason Trump was elected was that America’s preening, smug, sanctimonious elites have been recognized by America’s Deplorables – note who said that – as venal, incompetent buffoons, that regard ordinary citizens with contempt and whose interests in no way figure in their lofty dystopian dreams. He was elected to break the system. The tragedy is that he has not yet done so.  The hope is that he yet will.

New Data Confirms Findings of “Missing” Mail Ballots in California’s 2018 Midterm

Government report shows surge in provisional voting driven by mail voters who had to vote at the polls.

Santa Clarita, Calif. –The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) in Julypublished quantitative data fromthe 2018 Midterm’s Election Administration and Voting Survey, whichmeasuresvoter registration and voting activity for all counties in the country. Election Integrity Project California, Inc. (EIPCa)analyzed the California countiesand today reported that the EAC data confirms its earlier-published report thatsignificant numbers of vote-by-mail (VBM) ballotswere not delivered to votersin California’s 2018 midterm election. EIPCa’sreport, titled “Failures in California’s 2018 Midterm Election Demand Serious Investigation,”*documented that thousands of VBM voters did not receive their ballots in that election. Many of these voters instead came to the polls but had to vote provisionally because they had no VBM ballotsto surrender. Importantly, unknown is how manypeopledid not votebecause they did not receive their VBM ballots.EIPCa’s report summarized whatits observerswitnessed at polling places in just eight of 58 counties on November 6, 2018.In a small sampling (2-10%)of polling places in the eight counties, the poll observers documentedover 1,300vote-by-mail voters who came to the polls to vote because they did not receive their VBM ballots in the mail. Forced to vote provisionally, many became worried or convincedtheir votes would not be counted. The new EAC data confirms thatin Los Angeles Countyalone,three times as many provisional ballots were cast in 2018 than inthe 2014 midterm.At the time, the county election office spokesperson admittedto the mediathat most of the surge was due tothose“listed as vote-by-mail voters who didn’t havemail ballots with themto surrender”.**
The new EAC report***confirms thatmost of LA County’sprovisional voting was driven by vote-by-mail voters without a ballot to surrender. According to the EAC, 282,240 Los Angeles County vote-by-mail voters that actually came to the pollshad to voteprovisionally in that election, accounting for two-thirds of all provisional ballots cast. Similar patterns of VBM voters forced to voteprovisionally were seen inEAC and VoteCal data for San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange, Riverside, Ventura, Fresno, Humboldt, San Franciscoand San Joaquin counties. 2018 is the first year that this statistic has been required by the EAC, so there are no comparative figures from previous elections. The increase in provisional voting may bepartially explained by increased overall voter turnout. Statewide voterturnout in the 2018midtermdid increase by 60% over the 2014 midterm;however,provisional voting increased by 221%. Mirroring Los Angeles County, two-thirds of all provisional ballots cast in California were VBM voters forcedto vote provisionally. EIPCa is undertaking a county-by-county inquiry and analysis to answer, among other questions, why so many requested VBM ballots were not delivered to voters in 2018. This mustbe prevented in California’s 2020 election cycle.“The data from the Election Assistance Commission underscores our concerns that there was a systemic breakdown in the delivery of mail ballots to voters in several counties in 2018,” said EIPCa President Linda Paine.“We are especially concerned about vote-by-mail voters who did not vote because they did not receive their ballots.I encourage vote-by-mailvoterswho did not receive theirmail ballotsin the 2018 election to contact us and tell us their stories.”

# # #

EIPCa is a non-partisan, non-profit, volunteer organization. For over 8 years it has researched and observed California elections to provide citizen oversight to ensure that the state and its counties are complying with laws that protect the integrity of elections. For a full list of counties, go to: eipca.com.


click here for link to download pdf

*Failures in California’s 2018 Midterm Election Demand Serious Investigation

** Provisional Ballots Surged In LA County. If You Cast One, Here’s What To Know_what_to_know




Candace Owens on white supremacy

As with all Marxists any pretext, any lie will serve to advance the never ending burning need to seize power and control.  Candace pulls their cover and would have embarrassed the whole lot of them except that their consciences are so seared that they are incapable of feeling it.

The reason they accuse everybody else of terrorism is to cover for their own mental pathologies and evil acts.

Beto jumps the gun

“Hell yes we’re going to take your AR-15’s” may turn out to be one of history’s more famous last words not because he will have gotten plugged trying to swipe somebody’s rifle or because he scuppered his sad joke of a campaign, but because he let the cat out of the bag.  Not, mind you, that anybody had any illusions about what was in the bag, what will all the yowling about gun control coming out of it, but because he admitted the truth that Democrats have long denied, namely that they want an essentially disarmed citizenry, and intend to achieve it by force if necessary.

I haven’t seen the actual numbers, but it is possible that with those words he became America’s new number one gun salesman, bumping Obama off that honorable pedestal.  For a surely as water will wet us, as surely as fire will burn, every time a Democrat politician sounds off about gun control gun sales go through the roof.  One almost has to check to see how much stock they own in arms manufacturers to be sure it is not a conflict of interest.  I demand an investigation, just how much stock does Beto own in the Armalite Corporation?

Click the graph to enlarge

As is always the case with these control freaks, this is presented as something that will be good for us.  “We just want to save lives,” they say.  “If nobody has assault weapons (whatever those are) nobody will be shot with them, and that’s a good thing, right?”  Hell no, taking our AR-15’s isn’t going to prevent needless deaths.  Check any major Democratic cesspool city, all of which have the strongest gun control legislation in the country and that is precisely where you will find the highest rates of shootings and murders.  Maybe they should pass a law against murder, that should do it, right?

The fact that every week over 100 people are shot and killed in these cities doesn’t get reported much less ballyhooed the way other shootings do.  The silence surrounding mass shootings that don’t involve semi automatic rifles wielded by lunatics of pallor tell us everything we need to know.  80%+ black on black murder rate: not a peep.  Hand guns as murder weapon: crickets.  Perp (if you can find him) is not white: silence.  Their propaganda outlets don’t get worked up over these tragedies.  But as soon as the event fits the profile instantly a well oiled campaign goes into full swing.

Thereby two things are proved: the Democratic Party is as it always was, racist to the core and its about disarming citizens of their most potent means of defending themselves against tyrannical government.  The Founders knew this, and provided for it, and well that they did.  No, all these gun control initiatives: assault weapon bans, magazine capacity limitations, background checks, bump stock bans, gun registries, red flag laws: have one goal in mind – remove the American people’s ability to thwart and threaten their power and control.

For over 200 years Americans have freely and  peacefully held and borne firearms for their personal, family and communities’ defense.  The Donks know this.  The fact that they are agitating for universal disarmament speaks not to the conditions in American society today or a concern for American lives, but to a totalitarian agenda that has become tragically dominant in the Democratic Party.  O’Rourke’s sin in the Leftist elite’s eyes is that by promising to take our AR-15’s he uncovered that truth too soon.  In so doing he has helped hasten the Democratic Party’s destruction; not, mind you, that they need much help.

American freedom stands or falls on four boxes: the ballot box, the soap box, the jury box and the cartridge box.  Absent any one of them the American Republic is in peril.  The last, the cartridge box, is the backstop that guarantees the other three.  All our legislators must be continually made aware of every American’s commitment sustaining and upholding the crown jewel of our nation, individual  freedom under the law, and each individual’s right, duty and privilege to uphold it.



The GBRA’s 2019 Summer Party was an over the top success.  With over 260 people in attendance, abundant food, intelligent, articulate speakers and loads of good, old fashioned Republican camaraderie a good time was had by all.  Our main speakers, George Papadopoulos and Simona Mangiante were charming and informative, and quite personable.  They stayed and chatted with the organizers even when there was nobody but us clean up crew left.

Much to everyone’s amusement there were even a few sad sack protesters outside the event.  Seriously, where do they get these people with nothing better to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon than to stand around holding  signs reading “Impeach”?

This event was a great start to the 2020 political season and there is yet much work to do.  But we will do it, and make America Great Again.

The Chicken Little doctrine of Climate Crisis – just say “No”

Memory is such a problem; I remember the urgent calls for government action in which we had only ten years to save the world from the incipient ice age, that was in the 1970s. That was followed by the urgent crisis of DDT, starvation due to the population explosion, acid rain, AIDS, nuclear winter, ozone layer depletion, each of which were going to destroy us in 10 years. I think that it started out with a desire to sell media advertising until the pols twigged to how it could be leveraged to enlarge their troughs. Now it is almost entirely about pols agitating for more taxes, more power and control. But, hey!  After CNN’s Democrat Climate Fandango the other night, who doesn’t want the pols to have more power and control?

When I looked into the the claims made about AGW in the early 2000’s I found that so much of the palaver was about atmospheric carbon dioxide and trying to control that as a means of climate management. It turns out that there is indeed a correlation between global temperature and global CO2 levels, and that the data shows that CO2 levels trail global temperature levels by, on average, 800 years. This is because as the planetary atmosphere cools, the seas cool more slowly; as the seas cool they gradually absorb carbon dioxide. Conversely, as the atmosphere warms the seas warm more slowly and gradually release carbon dioxide. So the policy, as the idiots in Congress have set, is to control and effect whose cause occurred during the Crusades. It would be like driving from New York to Los Angeles with all your windows blacked out and your only input to the world is your backup camera on 24 hour delay. What could go wrong?

Just recently the Father of Anthropogenic Global Warming, Michael Mann, lost a court case. The case revolved around Mann having slandered another scientist who disputed his claims. Mann ultimately lost because over the course of six years he refused to provide the court with the raw data that backed up his claims. This is nothing new for Mann, he has never released the raw data, only his massaged data. Now step with me into the Way Back Machine and let’s go back to the 5th grade when we learned about the scientific method. One of the steps in the process, and all of them are critical, is to keep careful records of the results of your experiments and make that data available to other scientists so they can run their own experiments and test your theory for themselves. By refusing to release the raw data Mann, and others are no longer doing science, they are doing religion based on private revelation.

The claim is made that AGW must be true because there is a scientific consensus, supposedly up around 97%. That claim is hotly disputed by hundreds of climate scientists. But even if it were true, what of it? Science advances because somebody noticed something that didn’t fit the theory and set about investigating it, and sometimes proposing a new theory that fits the facts better. If scientific fact were based on consensus NASA would be calculating orbits on Ptolemaic epicycles and your physician would be bleeding you with leeches to balance your humors.

Hero of medical science, the savior of mothers

New theories generally meets with resistance from the consensus and scientists suffer greatly in advancing the truth of their discoveries. Consider the case of one of my scientific heroes, Ignaz Semmelweis. Look him up, what a tragic story!

Finally, for today, consider the inconvenient truth of An Inconvenient Truth, the world is not on a path to catastrophic overheating (except for the rhetoric and tempers, natch!), on the contrary, it seems to be cooling. The polar ice caps have not melted, but grown, sea levels have not risen but remained stable, some glaciers are melting, but most have grown, snowfalls are not a thing of the past but have become more frequent and more intense in the Northern hemisphere. In short, observation contradicts the theory’s predictions. A scientist would conclude that there’s something wrong with the theory and try and figure out a better theory. That doesn’t seem to be happening among the oh-so-woke elites. I’ll let you come up with a theory as to why that is, this discussion focuses on “Climate Change”, renamed from the failed Anthropogenic Global Warming, and the proposed human responses to it.

I propose that climate change has been going on since the planet coalesced out of the primordial circumsolar debris field. I further propose that the premise that human activity is not the primary driver of climate change is false. Because civilization requires energy human activity has had a larger influence on the planet but that is is certainly not the major influencer of climate variability as human energy sources are a tiny fraction of the total planetary energy budget. By far and away the Sun is the largest and most important energy source for good old Earth. Were I feeling more combative that I do at the moment I would suggest that the reason that Climate Alarmists never talk about the Sun is because there is no way they can claim any power to influence it so it gets ignored. But ignoring the Sun an error. The Sun is a variable star. Fortunately for us it’s variability is truly minor or we would not exist to remark on it. In the below video this (Oh, no, Russian!) scientist proposes a theory as to what is driving climate variability. Ordinary observation will determine whether her theory holds water. Myself I am inclined to think it does. Let’s compare notes in, say, 2022 and see what we think.