Blowing up Mueller +Republican Club meeting tonight

Now we know that the whole fake Russia dossier on Trump was not a cobbled together, fly-by-night concoction dreamed up and foisted on the FBI by a few rogue individuals acting independently under the Bureau’s radar.  It was being shepherded by people at the very top of the FBI from start to finish.  Everybody knew, everybody was in on it, everybody was complicit both within and without the organization. (sorry, can’t make the video pop up, you’ll have to click the link)

This means that Mueller was actively taking part in the Russia hoax he is allegedly investigating.  He is pretending to investigate the very scam he helped perpetrate.

The next question I want investigated is, what other politicians were read in on this?  How many, notably Democrat politicians have been pushing the investigation knowing full well that the Trump-Russia collusion narrative was a fraud created by and for their own team?  Who else knew, and when did they know it?

I think we can reasonably speculate that our (*cough, cough*) friend Adam Schiff, who has been such a vocal proponents of the Mueller investigation was perfectly well aware of what was going on and willingly participated in an attempted coup against the duly elected president of the United States.  Proving such a thing would likely be hard unless the DNC springs a leak.  That is not likely, everybody remembers what happened to Seth Rich.

That should not prevent us from asking the question over and over.  Or from demanding, over and over, that he tell us what he knows, forcing him to repeatedly deny that he knows anything.  “Really, Adam?  You’re going to tell me that members of the intelligence community colluded in favor of your candidate and nobody whispered a word to anybody in the DNC?  You are the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, don’t you think you should have known SOMETHING?  Why don’t you know?  How can you prove that you are not an accomplice to this conspiracy to unseat the President of the United States just because your candidate lost the election?”

It is time to gear up for the midterms. We want to support all our Republican candidates.  Obviously we have some good ones at the State level, starting with John Cox, but we really need to hit the race between Adam “Oh, shif” Schiff and his challenger, Johnny Nalbandian.  How can we best use this new information to retire Schiff?  These are some of the questions to be discussed at tonight’s Republican Club of the Foothills meeting.  Be there or miss out on all the fun.

Republican Club of the Foothills August Meeting August 31, 2018

Topic: practical plan to turn the Foothill area red.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. ~ program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Community Center of La Canada Flintridge
4469 Chevy Chase Drive, La Canada, 91011

We’ll be in the Arts and Crafts room BEHIND the big hall where we’ve been meeting.

Light refreshments will be offered

Cost: $5.00 at the door

More action items

The legislature, as is its wont, is at it again, doing everything possible to destroy the citizens’ peace of mind and fiscal security.  We have to stop sending energetic idiots to Sacaramento, time to send some lethargic duds.  What are they up to now?  No good!  Look at this:

Call the Capitol NOW to say NO on SB100

Call the state Assembly as soon as possible to stop more blithering idiocy from passing: Say NO on SB 100. This bill would raise the cost of energy even more to meet ineffective, unnecessary climate goals.

As you know, California accounts for only 1 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, so the money you pay because of policies aimed at marginally lowering GHG emissions is a complete waste. But the policies are raising the cost of energy and the cost of living, and California has the highest poverty rate in the nation.

SB 100 increases the mandate for renewable energy from 50 percent to 60 percent by 2030 and sets up a bureaucracy to figure out how to get to 100 percent. We already pay 60 percent more for electricity in California than the national average. CALL these legislators NOW to stop this bill:

Speaker Anthony Rendon

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Travis Allen

Joaquin Arambula

Catharine Baker

Autumn Burke

Sabrina Cervantes

Ken Cooley

Jim Cooper

Tom Daly

Cristina Garcia

Jose Medina

Patrick O’Donnell

Sharon Quirk-Silva

Freddie Rodriguez

Blanca Rubio

You may also want to call your own representative in the Assembly. Go to to find your Assembly representative and contact info.

The money you save will be your own!

Action items

Click on image to register.

John Cox is going to meet a full room next Wednesday.

Due to overwhelming demand for a separate standalone event for our next governor, John Cox, we have booked a room to accommodate 400 people to hear our next governor.
This event is now at capacity and we are releasing the first 3 rows (in our VIP section) to donors:
$1,000 – First Row / $500 – Second Row / $250 – Third Row
You can also get a “wait list” ticket, and we will admit you on a first come first serve basis.  (Everyone is likely to get in, so please come anyways)
Your donation helps the campaign meet its media goals to spread the conservative message to 40 million people around the state. In a state as big as California, it takes more than just the grassroots to save our state.
Click on image to register.

“Ban the Bible?”


 This is an alert to everyone on the Reality Alert list that we need your help and action now.
If you live in California, this is of particular importance to you. If you live outside of California, you can still help, and that’s why I’m writing to you today.
Radical socialists who control the California state government are now trying to pass a law that offends freedom of religion and choice, and could ultimately lead to banning the sale of the Bible within the state.
If you live outside of California, please forward this urgent request to anyone you know that lives in California.
If you live in California, please act, and encourage others you know in California to act as well.
Ultimately, if AB 2943 passes in California, it will go nationwide.
But if you follow the instructions below, we can stop it together.
Here are 7 facts you should know and action steps to take.

Fact #1: What AB 2943 is
AB 2943 is a bill proposing a ban on religious freedom, by prohibiting any therapy, literature or seminars that offer counseling on same-sex attraction or gender confusion and teach a biblical worldview of sexuality.
The bill says,
“Advertising, offering to engage in, or engaging in sexual orientation change efforts with an individual” will become illegal.

Fact #2: What AB 2943 could do
This means that AB 2943 could:

  • Make it illegal to have a Christian conference on sexuality and marriage from a Biblical perspective, if that conference discourages the homosexual behavior
  • Make it illegal for pastors to encourage their church members that they can overcome same-sex attraction or gender confusion
  • Make it illegal for bookstores or Amazon to sell books that teach a Biblical viewpoint on homosexuality and gender confusion – potentially including the sale of the Bible

Fact #3: Why it’s so dangerous
This bill threatens to punish any Christian, pastor, author or professional counselor for any financial transaction involving “sexual orientation change efforts.”
This could include a fine or an expensive lawsuit for any Christian college offering a class or seminar in Biblical sexuality, or for any Christian offering counseling in sexual orientation or gender identification. And yes, even the sale of Bibles could be the target for a lawsuit.

Fact #4: They want Christians to compromise their faith
This bill codifies into law what Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi said, “The faith community, like anyone else, needs to evolve with the times.”
You read that correctly: He thinks that as Christians, we must change our beliefs…and have no choice.
This bill creates an assault on any Biblical-based service that declares freedom in Christ over sexual sin or confusion, if money is exchanged for the service.

Fact #5: They are calling Christian beliefs “fraud”
The progressive socialists who are demanding this social engineering call this bill stopping “fraud.”   These efforts do not constitute fraud – They express our sincerely held religious beliefs, which radical progressives are trying to stamp out.
I know those with gender confusion and same sex attraction who now live their lives in freedom according to their Biblical beliefs. I know former homosexuals who are now happily married to people of the opposite gender.
By the power of the Holy Spirit, people can change and find joy in living out their faith.

Fact #6: What’s happening now
This bill is now going for a final vote in the California State Assembly.
Here’s the next step in stopping the bill. We need to flood the State Assembly members with phone calls and emails. It’s the number of calls that will stop this bill. Too little and we prove the consensus of the church is impotent and no threat in California to their bad laws.
Tell your own Assembly member that you oppose AB 2943.

Fact #7: What you can do
You, your family members and friends can help with your phone calls. The more people that call and email, the more likely we are to win. Without the calls, we will lose.
We want you only to call your Assembly member in the district you live in. They only care about their reelection.

Here are 4 steps to help stop this dangerous bill:

1. Click here to find the name and contact information of the Assembly member in your district. You will probably talk to one of their staff members. When you call, be polite – but tell them that this bill AB 2943 is very concerning to you, and that you’re telling your friends, neighbors, and church members about it. Tell the Assembly member you would like them to vote NO on AB 2943. Tell them this bill is insulting to Christians and violates your religious beliefs. 

Note: Don’t mention “Ban the Bible”. They will tell you a lie – that it won’t. They won’t tell you it is so poorly written it will lead to lawsuits and will create a ban. And then tell me what they said to you.

2. Email this letter to everyone on your email list that you think would be interested in helping to stop AB 2943 (see button below).

3. Share this email on your Facebook page, so that you can get the word out (see button below).

4. If you have not signed the petition against this, have friends who haven’t or want copies:

With your help, we can stop AB 2943.

Thanks so much in advance,

Craig Huey
Election Forum/Reality Alert

Republican Club of the Foothills August Meeting August 31, 2018

Topic: practical plan to turn the Foothill area red.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. ~ program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Community Center of La Canada Flintridge
4469 Chevy Chase Drive, La Canada, 91011

We’ll be in the Arts and Crafts room BEHIND the big hall where we’ve been meeting.

Light refreshments will be offered

Cost: $5.00 at the door

The Alabama cat that swallowed the canary

Funny how the President and the Attorney General have these little love spats going on from time to time.  If I didn’t know better I’d think it was a smoke screen.  For a brief second in this video Sessions looks like the cat that swallowed the canary while denying everything.  Maybe this Alabama kitty will present us with an October surprise.  Sure hope so!  (click the little blue bird on the right under the video of you can’t get it to run.)

Jenny Moore, R.I.P.

Given the Clintons’ murderous nature he’d better be cagey about what he’s up to.  It seems that just recently another body connected to the Clintons was discovered dead in her hotel room.  It almost seems as if they actually care about what the Deplorables™ think.  I guess I should be touched, just not by them.

45000+ sealed indictments.  Somebody’s been keeping track of a lot of naughty boys and girls, and is getting ready to hand out lumps of coal.

Stock up on popcorn.

Mollie Tibbetts et al, R.I.P.

In the Iraq War during George Bush’s presidency the US suffered approximately 2,000 dead per year.  During those years the Democratic operatives with by lines howled to the heavens about the unbearable tragedy America’s military sons and daughters dying in a war they, the Democrats, first approved then repudiated en bloc.  Every day the latest bloody casualties were placed before America’s eyes with cries of woe and lamentation, all designed to hamstring the Bush Administration.

Now, as a direct result of Democratic policy, America suffers more than twice as many civilian casualties every year from foreign invaders in an undeclared war.  Every year thousands of invaders from nations of the world with whom the United States is ostensibly at peace pass our borders in contravention of our laws.  Inevitably a certain percentage of them prove to be unwilling or unable to abide by the social contract we have established in this, the American nation for the American people, multiply their fiscal, economic and cultural impact beyond the normal extent of the liability that each one naturally is by engaging in gross criminal behavior.

I am not surprised that Senator Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren casually dismisses, in the words of MSNBC guest Fordham University Professor Christina Greer, “a girl in Iowa that Fox News is talking about”, in favor of the really important issue of the day, not separating the children of these invaders from their parents at the border.  So when President Trump pointed out that Mollie had been permanently separated from her parents, the left, predictably, went even further insane.  CNN talking head Chris Cuomo assures us that to say that Mollie is permanently separated from her family is offensive.  Well, I guess so, Chris; it is the truth, and when has the truth ever not offended you, seeing as you and and truth are total strangers.

But that is the worst of it.  Now the murderer has become the victim of American racism.  Peter Beinart in The Atlantic has this:

The Iowa murder, by contrast, signifies the inversion—the corruption—of that “traditional order.” Throughout American history, few notions have been as sacrosanct as the belief that white women must be protected from nonwhite men. By allegedly murdering Tibbetts, Rivera did not merely violate the law. He did something more subversive: He violated America’s traditional racial and sexual norms.

I’ll be frank.  Miss Tibbett gets a lot of attention because she is a pretty girl, young, healthy with a great life ahead of her.  The killing of girls is particularly noxious because in Western civilization girls are precious, more so than men or boys.  In the natural order of things Western men want to provide for, protect and defend the women and children.  This is what men are hard wired to do.  The horror of this murder is two fold.  First that Mollie was not defended by the males of her clan, which galls us even as we recognize that it was not possible in those circumstances.  Second, that her murderer was a man who should have respected her rejection of his advances.  He broke the code of real men.  That is the issue with Rivera, not that he nonwhite.

The attempt to transfer the victim label from the actual victim to the murderer is standard operating procedure for the Left.  It is one tactic in their war on America as the bulwark of Western civilization.  That war goes on at every level and attacks every institution that shapes and facilitates our Nation and our Culture.  Beinart, Warren, Cuomo and Greer attack the standards of behavior of real men, the family, of truth and of justice itself.

It seems to me that there is one more thing happening here.  We know that the Progressives want a huge influx of foreigners to enter the country.  They want them because most of them will eventually vote Democrat.  They want them in vast numbers because that will speed the failure and ultimate destruction of our overwhelmed institutions.  They want them to dilute American culture, to reduce Americanism first to just another culture among many, then to a minority, then to sweep it away entirely.  But there is one further benefit they derive, which I not seen mentioned elsewhere.

I have in the past written of the Soviet practice of sending in specially trained troops into countries which they intended to invade and occupy whose job it was to instigate a Gray Terror.  They would commit acts of sabotage, start riots, foment rumors and conduct assassinations with the intent to panic the people who were their targets.  By decapitating the country’s leadership, sowing confusion and fear they successfully paralyzed their victims and reduced their will and capacity to resist.

We know that a certain percentage of these civilian invaders are going to be criminally inclined.  By their natural and random criminal activity they will foment a kind of terror, very much like what the MS-13 gang is currently doing to the Hispanic communities in general and the Central American communities in particular.  People like Mollie’s murderer serve the Marxists by creating fear, confusion, hesitancy, and people like Warren, Greer and Beinart serve to amplify and disseminate that confusion and fear.  The illegals coming in are unwitting instruments of our destruction.  We must not be their unwitting victims.

Build the damned wall, already, and line it with dyspeptic Marines.

Republican Club of the Foothills August Meeting August 31, 2018

Topic: practical plan to turn the Foothill area red.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. ~ program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Community Center of La Canada Flintridge
4469 Chevy Chase Drive, La Canada, 91011

We’ll be in the Arts and Crafts room BEHIND the big hall where we’ve been meeting.

Light refreshments will be offered

Cost: $5.00 at the door

Mueller’s little win

Yesterday Paul Manafort was found guilty of 8 of the 18 counts brought against him.  These involved bank fraud and tax evasion.  I say good, these are crimes which should be punished and which for the fact that Mueller was looking for something else and stumbled on them would have gone unnoticed and unpunished.  Manafort has another trial coming up and we’ll see how that goes, but regardless it doesn’t bag the bull elephant, just a jack rabbit.  He got a scalp, but not the scalp he wanted.  The President was quick to point this out, “nothing to do with Russian collusion.”

Mueller missed the mark with Michael Cohen as well, though it might be a problem for Trump down the road.  Cohen, you will recall, is in the dock because he apparently facilitated the payment of hush money to Stormy Daniels with whom Trump had an adulterous relationship.  Cohen pled guilty as part of a plea bargain in which he said he paid the money at the behest of “a candidate,” a clear violation of campaign finance law.  Trump could be indicted as soon as he steps down from the oval office.  But still no Russian collusion.

Mueller went out, spent millions of dollars to hook a whale and pulled in a couple of minnows.  Good job, Bob.  Keep it up.

It does not seem to me that any of this is going to have any noticeable negative effect on Republican chances this November.  Most Americans will be unimpressed by the Manafort verdict and will rightly ask, “Where’s the borscht, Bob?”  As for Cohen, it seems to me that most Americans will shrug and say, “$135,000 is too much for a piece of tail, but at least its not coming out of the taxpayer’s pocket, and he didn’t harass and threaten the woman like Hillary did to Bill’s accusers.  Who cares?”

The Donks will play this up, but it will only make them look like the corrupt hysterical hypocrites they are.  Go for it, Dems, sounds like a good plan.  Idiots.

All this is well and good, but we need to take a close look at what we can do as a Club to help turn the Foothills area red.  That will be the primary work of the next meeting which is coming up on the 31st of this month.  So I’m putting it out to the readership and asking for suggestions.  What are the issues that will move voters to support Republican candidates?  Obviously we have some good ones at the State level, starting with John Cox, but we really need to hit the race between Adam “Oh, shif” Schiff and his challenger, Johnny Nalbandian.

Republican Club of the Foothills August Meeting August 31, 2018

Topic: practical plan to turn the Foothill area red.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. ~ program begins at 7:30 p.m.

Where: Community Center of La Canada Flintridge
4469 Chevy Chase Drive, La Canada, 91011

We’ll be in the Arts and Crafts room BEHIND the big hall where we’ve been meeting.

Light refreshments will be offered

Cost: $5.00 at the door

Blue wave of dreams

Gotta post a quick one today as I have a mass of (more or less) dollar-productive activities to get to.

The Donks are talking up their anticipated triumph in November.  They expect a resounding repudiation of the President Trump.  Granted that they have been ever more hysterically talking Trump Terror for two years.  But after all this end of the world frothing-at-the-mouth it just doesn’t seem to be jelling for them. (h/t Vox Day)

Salvanto’s polling currently indicates that few House seats will change hands in November — and that the GOP could very well hold its majority in the House. “In this era, a district’s voting patterns from the past tend to stay that way,” Salvanto said. “Not as many partisans today are willing to cross party lines.” Of the nation’s 435 House districts, fully 85 percent will almost certainly stick with its current party affiliation come November, Salvanto projects….

“Right now I think this election looks like a toss-up,” Salvanto said. “We see a Democrat pickup in the House of Representatives in the 20-odd seat range, but Republicans could certainly hold on to the House.” The GOP holds a slim 43-seat House majority, with six vacancies.

Not even Socialist pipe dreams seem able to save them, given the very visible collapse of Venezuela.

The Donks have been betting on a takeover by the Communist Gray Terror method, intimidating people into going along with their agenda.  But that seems to be backfiring as people become more and more aware just how it clashed with their personal values, especially when the Left started eating their own.  The Walk Away movement is growing, and is a total repudiation of the Democrat platform by those who used to support it.  This big, and getting bigger.  You can find all kinds of people Walking away on Youtube, just search for #WalkAway.  Here’s a sample of one:

It reminds me of the old Soviet joke:

Little Ivan reports on the birth of kittens in his home at his school.  “Our cat had Communist kittens on Tuesday!”  Two weeks later Little Ivan issues and update, “Our kittens are Capitalist kittens.”  “But wait,” says the teacher.  “Two weeks ago they were Communist kittens but now they’re Capitalist kittens.  What happened?”  “They opened their eyes,” responds Little Ivan.

Stay focussed, people, this one’s ours.  Get out there and do your Republican stuff!

Security clearances

The Progs have once again managed to astonish the world with their Stupid (TM).  The tragedy is that so many Americans will be taken in.  Making an issue of President Trump stripping Brennan of his security clearance is  a ploy for the desperate and afraid and the brain dead.  That being said, the fact that it is even an issue is an unforced error by the Trump Administration which evidently forgot the lessons of the Sandy Burglar fiasco.  Let’s take a look at how security clearances work; Karl Denninger lays it out for us:

Brennan was the former head of the CIA, and as such he had to have a TS/SCI (SAP) clearance to do his job.  There are plenty of people who have TS/SCI (or SAP) clearances, many more who have ordinary TS clearances, and a lot of people who have “Secret” or “Confidential” level clearances.

When you leave a position that requires one, whether in government or private industry (e.g. for a DOD contractor) you are “read out” of whatever programs you were in, reminded (strongly, requiring your written acknowledgement) of your continuing requirement to keep your damn mouth shut and your clearance is deactivated at that moment in time.

It remains “current” but is not activeand thus your ability to access and possess classified information ends at that instant.

Two years later it expires and requires a re-investigation (unless it was going to come up for re-investigation sooner, in which case that shorter time frame controls.)

You cannot have access to classified information without (1) a need to know, which isn’t your decision to make; that comes from the sponsoring organization whether some part of the government or a contractor authorized to work with such information and (2) an active, not “current”, clearance of the same or higher level and, in the case of SCI or SAP programs, a specific read-in on the program in question.

The idea that by revoking security clearances for Brennan (and hopefully others) the President has acted the tyrant is absurd.  In a real tyranny he would have been dragged from the building by bulky men in cheap suits, shot and later brought to trial.  No way is that happening.  There has also been an attempt to link the holding of the security clearance to the First Amendment.  More B.S.  No one has a *right* to a security clearance.  These clearances come with the job, as Denninger makes clear above, whose officers serve at the pleasure of the President.

Now let’s talk a bit about Br’er Brennan.  Although educated by the Jesuits (that used to be a good thing) he admits to having voted for the Communist Party in 1968.  Probably he switched to the Democrats when they became a wholly owned subsidiary of Comintern about that time.  Some time after that he seems to have converted to Islam, which might help explain how it is that the Obummer Administration spent all those years fecklessly fighting the JV team they themselves created.  BTW, did you know that Immaculate Barry’s Administration made every effort to insure that not Christians were given high office (H/T Wikileaks)?

Now we have the entire Pravda Brigade caterwauling about this non issue, and other idiots jumping on the bandwagon. Which only goes to illustrate the point so ably made by Vox Day in his second book on SJWs (Social Justice Warriors, aka Lefty Loons): SJWs Always Double Down. (Recommended)

McRaven, in a Washington Post editorial that was published on Thursday, defended Brennan vociferously. “[Brennan] is one of the finest public servants I have ever known,” he said. “Few Americans have done more to protect this country than John. He is a man of unparalleled integrity, whose honesty and character have never been in question, except by those who don’t know him.”

The retired Admiral went on to say that it would be an “honor” to have his own security clearance revoked. “Therefore, I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well, so I can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency,” he explained.

All of which is hyperbolic hogwash.  We can expect to see more of this as the Donks get closer to the day of reckoning when Trump (FINALLY!) calls their bluff and hauls the lot of these treasonous scum before a proper court for trial and conviction.  All they have to do is not act crazy, but they’re such a panic, they can’t do it  They know the day is coming when the Cowboy from Queens is going to rope ’em, throw ’em and truss ’em up good and tight.

Faster, please.

Turn-about is not fair play

Turn about is not fair play if you are a Marxist.  All the rest of us are just supposed to take our lumps, surrender and admit to whatever crimes the Left accuses us of.  Never mind that their favorite tactic is to smear their opponents with accusations of their own actual or anticipated crimes.  What shock and dismay, what wailing and weeping and gnashing of teeth when they are found out, exposed to the light of day.  Tsk, tsk.

Its enough to make a Patriot embarrassed for them.

I don’t know about you, but all these hysterics bring a smile to my lips and fills my wicked, black heart with schadefreude.  Each time there is an outbreak of outrage in response to something somebody on our side has done or said I rejoice because I know that the bulls eye in their evil schemes has been accurately targeted and I cry soul cries out, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”  “Fire for effect and keep it coming!”

The thing that used to make their attacks so successful is that we felt the need to believe that these were honest arguments made by well meaning if wrong headed people.  We felt that we had to be civil, to negotiate, to get along with these people.  More and more we are finding out that they are nothing of the sort.  They are incremental attacks intended to lead us to cede more and more of our culture, our hopes, our lives and our freedoms to them.  They are not loveable, dunderheads, they are scheming totalitarians bent on seizing absolute power and control over us and our beloved Republic and holding it forever.

They are exposed now, the howl in existential agony as the light of truth, which enlightens our eyes and gladdens our hearts, sears their shrivelled, corrupt souls.  Let them flail about as they will, there is no escape back into the darkness of lies and deception for them.  We know, and they know we know.

Re-reading the Gospels I note that Jesus says something we don’t seem to ever hear any more.  “Repent and believe the Good News.”  Yo, Progressives!  Listen up, amend your lives and be saved.  Marx is a false prophet, forswear him and get your sorry heinies back into the fold.

If its not close they can’t cheat

There’s so much going on that I can’t even keep track much less know where to begin.  A couple of days ago I posted about the Election Integrity Project California.  At the end I said, “If its not close they can’t cheat,” which just happens to be the title of a book by Hugh Hewitt dealing with precisely this concern (recommended).  We all know that the Dems cheat; they cheat blatantly, proudly, gleefully and, all too often, overwhelmingly.  We see this in every election, and it never gets cleaned up.  As a result we get government that is scarcely more than a criminal enterprise from top to bottom.

No matter your political affiliation the Democratic Party, a wholly owned subsidiary of Socialism, Inc., has disenfranchised you, or is on the way to doing so.  They intend that your vote, whether cast by absentee ballot or at the polling place is mere window dressing, a fig leaf of legitimacy for control freaks addicted to power.

This is why we see electronic voting machines flipping the vote to the Democrat, even while the voter is pressing the button.  This is why in not a few places there are more votes cast in a precinct than there are registered voters, or eligible voters, or even residents.  This is why we see hundreds of voters whose registered addresses are derelict, abandoned buildings.  This is why when there is a recount boxes of uncounted ballots are ‘found’ in the trunks of cars.  This is why voter rolls are never purged of the dead or those who have re-registered elsewhere.  This is why thousands of non citizens are allowed – nay, encouraged! – to vote.  This is why there is a push to open the franchise to felons and non-citizens.  This is why we don’t have voter ID, or even any presentation of ID at the polls.  This is why in some locales Democrats hire buses to bring the same voters to polling place after polling place.

Not to say that there is no fraud on the Republican side, but compared to the Democrats Republican efforts are pretty puny.  Let it be noted in the public record that the Republican Club of the Foothills does not in any way encourage, support or condone voter fraud by anyone, rather condemn it utterly regardless of party affiliation.  It is the primary beneficiaries, the Democrats who are constantly defending and expanding all these abuses even while denying that voter fraud even exists.

I reiterate what I have said many times before: we are at war.  We have only lately, and only in part, becomes aware that we are at war.  We are not at war because we chose war, but because an undeclared, covert war is being waged upon us and has been waged upon us for the last few decades.  This war has not been waged by uniformed soldiers wielding rifles, but by clandestine warriors systematically attacking, undermining and co-opting us.  It has been waged at the moral, cultural, economic, political and spiritual spheres.  Because we were unaware, because we were asleep, we did not fight, and are now on the point of losing it all.

With the deployment of the Anti Fascist brigades, the Left is initiating a new and more violent phase of the war. The Anti Fascist movement is the new Ku Klux Klan the spiritual descendants of the Red Guard and the Brown Shirts. These are only one of the barbarian hordes we face in our day, hordes, which because we are a civil society, we are unable to confront on their ground.  Their ground is violence which they initiate at times and places of their choosing.  Unless these barbarians are stopped civil society will evaporate, and we will be ruled by gangs, either their gangs or the ones we form for our own self defence.

This is a consummation devoutly to be avoided.  We still have a little time in which to pull out of the dive.  The key to pulling out is going to be the ballot box.  Failing that we will inevitably move on to the bullet box.  Therefore three things are going to be paramount in the coming months.

  1.  Get with the Election Integrity Project California, make sure your voter registration is correct.  I know that shortly prior to the 2016 election a lot of people’s voter registrations mysteriously changed.  Share this info with your family, friends and neighbors.
  2.  I will shortly have precinct lists available.  If you are able spend a few minutes during your daily constitutional to knock on doors and get out the NOT-A-DONK vote.  We will be working up some materials for you.
  3. We are going to need poll watchers, people who will observe what goes on at the polling place and report anomalies to GOP headquarters.  This needs to be set up ahead of time as I understand that there is a training session.  We need to make sure that no funny business goes on with our votes.  We’ve been going along fat and dumb and happy for far too long.

I will have more on that later.  We have another meeting coming up on August 31st, about which more later.