Oppose the Ryan amnesty today!

Dear friends,
The House of Representatives will finally vote on Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-Va.) H.R. 4760, the Securing America’s Future Act. Unfortunately, it will also vote on harmful legislation that House Leadership and Pres. Trump are supporting — the Ryan Amnesty plan.
House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Amnesty plan uses the same playbook as the Gang of 8 by granting amnesty to more than 1.8 million illegal aliens with only promises of future enforcement.
We need your urgent phone calls TODAY, telling your U.S. Representative to oppose the Ryan Amnesty plan.
Tell them to go Goodlatte and reject Ryan!
Why is the Ryan Amnesty plan so bad?
Amnesty First, Enforcement Maybe Later — The Ryan Amnesty makes the same mistakes of past amnesties by immediately granting “contingent nonimmigration status” to an estimated 1.8-2.4 million illegal aliens with only promises of enforcement. The legalized status and work permits can never be taken away.
Special Path to Citizenship — The Ryan Amnesty plan creates a special merit-based green card system for issuing green cards to amnestied illegal aliens. The special merit-based system would end in 25-30 years once every eligible illegal alien has received a green card.
No E-Verify — The Ryan Amnesty plan lacks an E-Verify mandate, allowing employers to continue to hire illegal workers. Without an E-Verify mandate, illegal immigration will continue, and Congress will be pressured to pass future amnesties.
Partial end to Chain Migration — The Ryan Amnesty plan only eliminates two chain migration categories, leaving the parents category in place. The parents category is the largest of the family-chain categories, issuing 173,854 green cards in 2016. By leaving this category in place, DACA-eligible illegal aliens who receive the amnesty would be able to reward their parents by eventually sponsoring them for green cards.
Border Security…maybe — The Ryan Amnesty plan includes $25 billion for improving border security, however the funding could be rescinded by a future Congress or President. The Ryan Amnesty adds a “trigger” that would block illegal aliens from receiving green cards if the funding is rescinded, but they would keep their legal status and work permits forever.
The Goodlatte bill is the only proposal in Congress that would prevent future amnesties by requiring employers to use E-Verify and immediately reduce the number of green cards issued to foreign workers each year. NumbersUSA has supported the Goodlatte bill since its introduction earlier this year, but we must stop the Ryan Amnesty plan from passing the House!
Please call today!
Tell them to go Goodlatte and reject Ryan!
H/T:  Numbers USA Urgent Action!
Chris Chmielenski, Deputy Director

Its for the children

Being a diplomatic brat I didn’t hit the American educational system until the the tail end of 7th grade when my father was assigned to a border post along the Rio Grande.  I had been attending Mexican schools in Mexico City, Mexican private schools as the Mexican government does not provide public schools for non-citizens.  I stepped from the beginning of 6th grade where I was doing fairly well at arithmetic, straight into New Math, from which I never recovered.  The Mexican school term at that time ran from the first week of January to the first week of November, about six months out of synch with ours.

Later, in the mid ’70s I started attending Long Beach City College on the GI Bill, which I supplemented by working part time as a bilingual teacher’s aide in a 5th grade classroom.  I will tell you that bilingual education, based on the erroneous notion that children cannot learn except in their native tongue, is an absolute crock.  I was dropped into 1st grade with a single word of Spanish – “No” – and passed with a creditable 88; my siblings all did comparably well.  But I was tired of rice and beans seven days a week so I took the job and kept my mouth shut.

I found that, in the first place, the newly arrived Mexican kids were further along in their education (Mexico, at least at that time, taught the 3 Rs straight up) than their American classmates in every subject except English.  Second, the Mexican kids had better classroom discipline, in both deportment and academic focus.  These advantages were lost relatively quickly for a variety of reasons.  As they didn’t need to learn English they tended not to.  They had long since mastered the material they were being presented and so were bored out of their skulls.  They began to imitate the American kids’ deportment.  It was all a huge, tragic waste.  Eventually bilingual education was done away with at the insistence of the non-American parents who were furious at seeing their kids set up to fail.

In the mid ’90s I stepped out of my career with no advanced planning, so briefly tried my hand at being a substitute teacher in Pasadena.  What a mess!  I found that academics and deportment had declined substantially.  It wasn’t just that a substitute teacher has less authority, the whole system of discipline had broken down.  I learned, in talking to other teachers that forty years before Pasadena schools had been a model for the nation – no more!  The 3 Rs were totally passé.  In their place the textbook industry was constantly developing and promoting entire new programs of study based on ever changing theoretical novelties, with the result that students had no consistent standard on which to build their knowledge from year to year.  Material that in previous generations had been routinely mastered at any given grade level was now thought impossibly advanced at that same grade.  The most effective and enthusiastic teachers were leaving the profession because they were being harassed and undermined by other teachers and the school administration.

Even back in the 90’s the primary purpose of education was already understood as the inculcation of self esteem rather than competence, resulting in entire generations of kids full of self admiration with accomplishment.  Then came Common Core, “safe sex” how-to manuals and the imposition of gender theory right down to Kindergarten.  The latest is to have female impersonators in full drag regalia reading to the little ones.  I don’t dare imagine what could be next.

Why?  Who benefits?  It certainly isn’t the children, and it isn’t the nation the kids will inherit.  There are really two answers to this question, in the short term and the long term.   Today we will look at the short term.

Teacher’s Unions.  Every year it seems that the schools beg for more money so they can do a better job of educating the young; predictably every year the voters approve more bond measures For The Children (TM); predictably every year the education our children receive gets worse and worse.  60 years ago California’s schools were rated first in the nation, today California proudly stands in 47th place when US schools, which once led the world, are now somewhere between 24th and 37th internationally.

Recently James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has turned his gimlet hidden camera on teachers unions.  The results are pretty much what you’d expect.

There’s more, of course, over at the Project Veritas site.  The Teachers Unions, and all too often the teachers themselves, have no interest nor sense of responsibility in educating your kids, still less the politicians that work hand in glove with them to keep the money flowing.

Suffer the children

This is a difficult topic which has kept me awake at night off and on for some time.  Weak stomachs are advised to go elsewhere.

It has long been known that Bill, The Bubba of Scuzz, Clinton took 26 trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express, Epstein’s private 727 flying to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean, an island he kept stocked with underage kids.  Those trips took place from 2001 to 2003, about once every six weeks.  A less frequent, and less remarked upon visitor was “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, who seems to have travelled there several times with her best bud Huma Abedin.  This was discovered in the investigations following the Wikileaks October surprise revelations of 2016.

That info dump revealed a lot, and opened many avenues of inquiry, some of which I hope will bear public fruit soon.  Among them the weird artistic choices of Hillary’s campaign chairman John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta, spirit cooking, Pizzagate and more.

Granted that there is a surprising amount of child sex trafficking going on all the time, and law enforcement does make arrests, and lots of them.  I have been hearing rumors of an ongoing investigation by the Justice Department into child sex trafficking and pedophiles, particularly among highly placed government and industry officials.  It seems that things are about to break.  Given the partial list of names I can well understand why the swamp has been fighting so hard.  It is as Hillary said following her television interview with Matt Lauer, “If that man is elected we’ll all hang from nooses.”

I guess we are finding out why she would say such a thing.

The problem of child sex trafficking is a problem at all levels of society, though only those who have political influence can cover it up.  If the FBI (when its doing its actual job and not running a coup against its own government) can make 120 arrests and free 84 captive children in on ly three days, the problem is massive, much more massive that anyone would like to think or even bring themselves to believe.

It isn’t just here in the States as the below video shows.  More info and analysis later, I really can’t take very much of this at one sitting.

Bible thumpers – now with editing! – and updated!

Mediaite has a clip of an open border progressive Isaac Wright going toe to toe with Kurt Schlichter over the incarceration of illegals on Fox News.  Wright, as is de rigeur for Lefties on mike, tended to talk right over Schlichter and the Fox anchor babe.  At one point in the discussion Wright, attempting to inject the pretence of morality into his position, references the Bible, to which Schlichter brilliantly rejoined, “Are you Jesus-splaining immigration to me, Isaac?!?”

No grandiosity, just a humble God ‘spaliner from an alternate universe where the Holy Family fled from rather than to Egypt.

I’d noticed that tendency to “Jesus-splain immigration” the other day on Facebook.  It seems that this has become the new Leftist talking point.  And it really riles me up.  For years they have mocked, derided and dismissed Christian deplorables for “clinging to our guns and our Bibles.”  They have succeeded in virtually driving us from the public square and turned the term Christian into a synonym for backward, obtuse, mystified intellectual knuckle dragger.  Now, suddenly, the Scriptures are in vogue again, when it suits their purpose to pull them out and beat us about the head and shoulders with our own Holy Writ.  And do it, what’s more, by misquoting and twisting the meaning of the texts.

Oh, I’m pissed.  You betcha.

The two texts they reference are about the Israelites going to Egypt and Joseph and Mary fleeing Nazareth with the child Jesus to protect him from King Herod’s murderous intent.  Not having seen the inside of a church since the last time Hillary went to a black Church to practice her second language, Jive, suddenly they are Biblical scholars non pareil.  “Would you turn away Jesus, Mary and Joseph?” they ask.  Well of course not!  “Then how can you turn away these poor benighted people and their poor benighted children?”  Pure sophistry.

So if you aren’t interested in the Bible and don’t want to hear my exegesis, click away now.

The existence of nations is not an accident, and is part of God’s plan for the salvation of the world.  Nations exist to safeguard the welfare of the culturally and ethnically homogenous people that reside within its borders.  In Biblical times rulers were expected to defend the land, the people, the culture and the religion of their nation.  The Jewish prophets were forever warning the kings of Israel to be faithful to God and avoid alliances with other nations, including alliances by marriage.  90% of their troubles found their source in their insistence on doing just the opposite of what they had been told.

But before all that got underway,  Jacob’s sons were jealous of Joseph, their youngest brother.  So to get rid of the annoying little pest they sold him into slavery rather than kill him outright.  Ultimately he became the Egyptian Pharaoh’s trusted slave and counselor.  So when famine hit the land Joseph’s brothers petitioned Pharaoh for permission to enter Egypt.  At Joseph’s behest the petition was granted and the Israelites were assigned a place in the Kingdom.

So note well these points: 1. the first Israelite, Joseph, was brought into Egypt against his will as a slave.  2.  The other Israelites later requested permission to enter, the did not just invade.  3.  Pharaoh granted permission and assigned them a place in the Kingdom, they didn’t just wander around doing as they pleased, they were under obedience to the laws of Egypt as expressed by Pharaoh.

Four hundred years later the Israelites had not assimilated, and that lack of assimilation became a problem for Egypt.  Their status was then changed from Green Card holders to slaves.  Measures were taken by the new Dynasty to insure that the Israelites would no longer be able to maintain a separate and distinct cultural and racial identity within Egypt.  Rather than submit to genocide the Israelites chose to leave Egypt.  When the chaos created by Egypt trying to both retain and destroy this racially distinct minority within their borders, Pharaoh gave them an exit visa.

Note these points: 1. Non-assimilation is a problem.  2.  It is a problem that grows over time.  3. The minority must assimilate or expelled, else the host culture will be destroyed.

Later, after leaving Egypt they wandered around the Sinai peninsula, then as now a desolate inhospitable land, although at that time not subject to anybody’s jurisdiction – nobody wanted it.  In trying to leave the Sinai the Israelites came to the borders of Edom.  They requested permission to pass through Edom into the Promised Land.  The King of Edom refused them permission and stationed his army to prevent them.  Moses then led the people back into Sinai until they could find another approach to the Promised Land.

Points to ponder: 1. They went from Egypt into a land with no jurisdiction.  2.  When they came to the border of a land under the jurisdiction of the King of Edom they requested permission to pass through, essentially a transit visa.  3. When the King refused permission they honored the law of the land and did not enter.4. They went back into the desert to look for another opportunity.  Under the leadership of Moses they obeyed the law!

When Israel had constituted itself as a nation it received immigrants as well.  Those that entered illegally were called ‘strangers’ and ‘aliens’ and had a rought time making their way in the land.  Those that entered with the permission of the tribal elders, or later the King, were called ‘sojourners.’  Sojourners were expected to speak Hebrew, dress as Jews, conduct themselves as did the Hebrews, including cultic worship of the One True God.  They were required to assimilate.  Those that didn’t were ostracized.  It wasn’t a question of religious fanaticism, it was question of protecting and preserving the integrity of the Hebrew people, their Promised Land and their religion and the unadulerated worship in the temple at Jerusalem.

So the Left poses the question, Would you turn away the Baby Jesus, (you monster)?  That is the linguistic kill shot the Left uses to manipulate surrender of our principles and give them carte blanche to implement their open border immigration policies.  Turns out you don’t have to hate the Baby Jesus to refute them.

The Holy Family were true refugees, they needed to get away from Horrible Herod.  The Gospels record that they went Egypt.  But were they illegal immigrants comparable to the millions that have flooded our country?  No they were not!

In the first place they weren’t looking for a better welfare deal than what they had in Nazareth.  Just 2 miles outside of Nazareth there was a Roman administrative center, which explains the parable referenced in the Gospels, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”  Government hasn’t changed in 2000 years.  As a carpenter, a skilled artisan, Joseph was in a good position to provide for his family.  They left because of the immediate threat posed by Herod’s determination to protect his dynasty by killing the newborn King of the Jews.  Fat lot of good it did him.

Secondly, the Roman Empire ran on trade.  It was the insecurity of the trade routes that ultimately did the Romans in and reduced everybody to poverty for five hundred years.  Later in the story we see that the Holy Family regularly travelled to Jerusalem in caravans.  Certainly they would have been able to join a caravan going to Egypt.  As such they would have been crossing political boundaries, but political boundaries of provinces within the Roman Empire itself.  They did not pass outside the borders of Rome.  The trip was made entirely within the jurisdiction of the Roman Empire along roads maintained and guarded by Roman Legions.  Once in Egypt they would have been integrated into the large Jewish diaspora community already theret.  Joseph would of a certainty have gone immediately to work in his trade.  They never took a single copper quadrans from the Egyptian Department of Social Services.  Within three years Herod was dead and they went back to Nazareth.

Points to remember: 1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph were political refugees.  2.  They never left the boundaries of the Roman Empire.  3. They did not seek to improve their economic situation at other people’s expense.  4. They returned home as soon as the political crisis was over.

The Bible lessons are as follows: If you want to enter somebody else’s nation ask permission.  If you get permission, assimilate.  If you and your whole family become pests they will get rid of you, go before they get nasty about it.  If you don’t get permission to come in, turn around and go home, or at least some place else.  The rulers of any nation, the USA in our case, have a responsibility to take care of their own citizens first and foremost, and the citizens of other nations not at all.

So what about welcoming the stranger, that’s a Biblical injunction for sure.  A clear distinction, which the Left is always at pains to avoid, must be made between the role of the individual and the role of the State.  As individuals we are morally responsible to treat everyone as well as their behavior deserves.  The Socialist Progressives want to make the care and feeding of the influx of millions the responsibility of the State.  The State’s responsibility is to protect and uphold the common weal of people who belong there.  Individuals are certainly encouraged to voluntarily be kind to strangers, we’re not supposed to harass them or despoil them.  I have noticed that none of these bien pensants on the Left actually welcome these invaders into their own homes or otherwise sustain them with their private funds.  The kindest thing we can do is help these people get back to where they belong.  Especially if they show up demanding that we provide them with a better quality of life than they had before they left home.  Decisions have consequences; bad decisions have bad consequences, as Europe is finding out.

We should respect other cultures when we are in their country, just as we have the duty to demand that visitors to our country respect us and our culture. If some people want more of whatever culture, say Hispanic culture or Sharia Law, there are places in the world they can go to get it, like all of Latin America in the first instance and the entire Middle East and parts of Asia in the second.  There is no reason to accommodate other cultures in the US, there is every reason to demand that other cultures accommodate to us when they are in our country.  America is for the Americans, other places are for those that belong there.

Those, like the La Raza, who think that that the part of the US which once belonged to Mexico should be returned are delusional.  What territory anybody holds anywhere in the world they hold by right of conquest.  What we hold we hold by right of conquest.  Part of what we hold was once part of the Empire of Mexico.  The USA holds it by treaty following a war we won.  Were it ceded to them would they then return it to the Empire of Spain, or the Aztec Empire, or the Toltecs, or the Olmecs and who knows what before that?  No, this is just a Neo Marxist ploy to weaken and fragment the US.  We hold it now, and will someday relinquish it someone stronger.  Don’t hold your breath.

So when these Neo Marxists start thumping the Bible at you tell them they are all wet.  I doubt if 90% of them could find the quote their talking point mentions.  Make them show you, don’t help them.  Then explain where their interpretation has gone wrong.  The most compassionate thing to do would be to return them to their families in their native place. You will be accused of being an uncaring, un-Christian bigot.  The fact is that they are lying anti-Christian bigots that are trying to manipulate us to push a clandestine Marxist agenda.  Bible or no Bible we are not obliged to accept their arguments when the arguments are made in bad faith and with distortions of fact.


I have posted before on the situation in England with their government’s welcome of large numbers of Muslims into Old Blighty.  About the Muslim rape gangs all over England, 74 English cities at last count, how these gangs have been abetted by the authorities and information about them supressed for over 20 years.  How Tommy Robinson has been crusading against this evil and how he was summarily arrested, convicted and imprisoned.  Now it seems that large numbers of the English people have had a belly full and are taking to the streets.  What this portends for England I cannot say.  But I can say that this is the same model being applied here.

Where do we go from here?

The results of the recent California aren’t totally disappointing.  Quite the contrary.  Republicans actually stand a chance to take and hold some important ground come November.  Or, better said, retake ground we lost generations ago.  About time, too, I say.

Of course that will require that GOP candidates get out there and fight the Donks on ground of our choosing, not theirs; beating them about the head and shoulders (and knees and gonads) with hot facts and contentious language and giving no quarter any more than we can expect to receive.  That is, NONE.  That means mastering the art of, in Scott Adam’s words, the linguistic kill shot while reframing their arguments against them.  That means fighting as if our lives depended on it, because they do.

With the election of Trump we have been given a brief reprieve from being frog marched down the road to Zimbabwe, Venezuela and North Korea.  We take it back now or lose it forever.  The Progressives have been taken aback, to use nautical language, have lost steerage way and are in irons.  For the moment they are helpless.  Now is the time to sink them, and the wicked Socialist project with them.  It is time for aimed, coordinated, sustained, pitiless broadsides aimed principally at their weakest points.  And they have a lot of weaknesses. Trump has found them, exposed them, called them out and given us and our candidates a model of how their destruction can be achieved.  Victory and nothing less, must be our aim in everything we say and do politically.

Over the course of the next few months I intend to point some of these out and suggest ways that they can be exploited.  If you can’t wait for me to get around to it, go read a couple of David Horowitz’s books, notably Fight Fire With Fire (available on kindle only) and Take No Prisoners, both of which I have read and found full of great ideas.  He also wrote The Art of Political War, which sounds interesting.  I don’t care if you don’t like him, a lot of people didn’t like Patton either, but Patton was another one that believed in victory.  Victory comes when over 51% of black eyes and bloody noses are sustained by the enemies of the Republic.  No more genteel Mr. or Mrs. Milquetoast Candidate playing by the Marquess of Queensbury Rules.  Think: Chicago rules (look it up on the internet).

So where are the Commies Socialists Democrats vulnerable?  How do I loathe thee?  Let me count the ways.  Immigration!  Jobs!  Amnesty!  Taxes!  Jobs!  Gun control!  Plastic Straw Control!  Education, oh for the love of Mike, Education!  Corruption!  Jobs!  Environment!  Train to Nowhere!  Budget!  Healthcare!  Regulation!  Jobs!  We are surrounded by Dem idiocies.  It is a target rich environment.  So tell me, what issues do you think need to be addressed, and in what order of importance?

Lock and load, people.  The fun has just begun!