Election Integrity Project ACTION ITEM! RUSH!!

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Again thanks to C.W. who passes on this very important piece of information.  Please note that the meeting is taking place this Sunday afternoon, Feb. 17, 2018.

Hi everyone

This is Linda Paine, President and co-founder of the Election Integrity Project (EIP) and the Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa).

Since January, 2011 Election Integrity Project volunteers have diligently researched voter rolls and have trained approximately 7,000 volunteers across the state to observe polling locations and report their observations. The information they provided has been used to educate citizens about the deteriorating integrity in CA elections and provide reports to county Registrars and the Secretary of State regarding concerns in the California electoral process.

By the end of election year 2016 Election Integrity Project’s documentation revealed a pattern of actions that can result in the transformation of a state by using the electoral process to manipulate elections. The pattern includes massively bloated voter rolls, corrupt legislation, and the deterioration of integrity in the electoral process that opens the door to fraud. Because of this effort,

1. EIPCa is the main plaintiff in the Judicial Watch legal action against the CA SOS and LA County! This gives us hope that we can enter the 2018 election cycle with cleaner voter rolls.

2. In addition, we are now providing years of documentation to Landmark Legal Foundation for the purpose of determining what action can be taken to clean up other elements of the process.

The Election Integrity Project California is now beginning the effort to establish Observations teams in every county and community in the state. To accomplish this we will be meeting with citizens all over the state beginning with the southern counties. Beginning next week, Feb. 18th in Santa Clarita, EIPCa will be hosting meetings across the state to lay out our strategy to build the largest network of citizen oversight teams in the state.
We would love to have you join us!

I know this seems a bit last minute for you, but I believe this meeting will make a huge difference for you in understanding and visualizing the game plan for the 2018 election season.
You will also get a better idea of what our research teams and our DAG team does and why we must add volunteers to these teams.

Thank you for your willingness to get involved with the Election Integrity Project California!
I hope to see you at the meeting on Feb. 18th from 1pm to 4pm

Warmest Regards,

Linda Paine
Election Integrity Project California
President, Co-Founder

linda@eip-ca.com  EIPCa 2018 Invitation to Citizen Leaders_southern counties_2.6.2018_final

Les Tupper Award nominations

J.L. sends this along, which may be of interest.  Note the deadline is just over a week away.


Website* Nomination Form:  http://www.lcfcc.net

Also available at City Hall, LCF Library, and LCF Chamber of Commerce.                                                                                                                                                                                                       *Submitted by February 23, 2018

USPS Mail* Nomination Form and Narrative in Support of Nomination to:

La Cañada Flintridge Coordinating Council

Nominations Committee

P. O. Box 264

La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91012-0264

*Postmarked on or before: February 23, 2018 (no exceptions)

Email* Nomination Form and Narrative in Support of Nomination to:


*Emailed on or before: February 23, 2018 (no exceptions)

 If you have any questions, please email LesTupper@lcfcc.net.

More info on the Les Tupper Award from the LCFCC website:

Les Tupper Award

Each year since 1969 the La Cañada Flintridge Coordination Council has presented the Les Tupper Community Service Award to individuals, organizations, and businesses which have given outstanding service to the community.  A Student Service Award was later added.  These awards are named in honor of Les Tupper, a civic leader who cared deeply about education, youth and enhancing the quality of life in the La Cañada Flintridge community.

This year’s award recipients were recognized at a public ceremony at the Von Karman Auditorium at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, our hosts.

Les Tupper Service Award is awarded to an individual with long-term and broad-based volunteer service to La Cañada Flintridge. Volunteerism, beyond job related duties, may be in areas of education, youth activities, cultural pursuits, religious, business, civic or social service.  This person brings a positive recognition to themselves and to the community of La Cañada Flintridge.

Les Tupper Student Service Award is given to a student in grade 11 or 12 with  outstanding personal attributes and has actively participating in service-related activities that benefit both the school and the community of La Cañada Flintridge.

Les Tupper Special Service Award:  On occasion, the Coordinating Council Board of Directors may choose to honor individuals, organizations, or businesses who are found to be worthy of recognition for their contributions to La Cañada Flintridge, but who do not meet the broad based volunteer requirements set forth in the Les Tupper Service Award Criteria, but rather have shown service in one special area of interest.

The annual Les Tupper Awards Ceremony was held at the Von Karman Auditorium
at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory on a Monday in April  at 7:00PM.

The Donks take aim

When the enemy takes aim at you that is not the time to take cover, that is the time to fire back and make them duck for cover.  Thanks to C.W. who stands to her duty, observes and reports.   To the phones, then, and make their ears melt!  Not just our California Senators, but the wobbly ones wherever they are.
“I feel that are another five within reach.”
That was what the No. 2 Senate Democrat Dick Durbin told reporters yesterday as he explained his plan to grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.  We need “11 Republican names,” Durbin said.  “We believe we have five or six strongly moving in our direction, and I feel that are another five within reach.” 
In January, the Trump administration said the Durbin proposal “would exacerbate the worst features of our immigration system by increasing illegal immigration and increasing chain migration.” Make no mistake, the Senate is debating amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, and Durbin would have us repeat the mistakes of 1986 all over again. And a handful of Republican Senators could make all the difference.
Every single member of Congress needs to know the Durbin proposal is a non-starter because it:  
  1. Fails to Secure the Border
  2. Increases Illegal Immigration and Guarantees Future Amnesties
  3. Grants Citizenship to Millions of “DREAMers” and Grants Legal Status to Their Parents
  4. Increases Chain Migration
  5. Fails to End the Visa Lottery
Thank you for standing up for the rule of law, common sense, and our Constitution. 
Dan Holler
Vice President
Heritage Action for America


The Fight of Our Lives

In the video interview of Lauren Southern by Stefan Molyneux presented in Logical and bloody conclusion, Lauren repeats several times the mantra of the destroyers of Afrikaner civilization in South Africa: they would rather have 100% of $10 than 1% of $1,000,000,000.  We might think that such an attitude would be limited to the ignorant, the innumerate and the mentally deficient, but such is not the case.  That is exactly the attitude of our own dominant political aristocracy, be they Communists masquerading as Democrats or their fellow travellers masquerading as Republicans.  This is an old, old struggle, it is primordial, they would rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.

It is, as Abraham Lincoln so aptly noted, the same old serpent, some men should be saddled and ridden, and some should be riding them, for their own good.  Be they black slaves or taxpayers the self styled superior people will see nothing but a resource to be exploited, and exploited to destruction.  This is why Communist dictators grow fat and rich while reducing their people to terror, misery and starvation every single time; this is why professional politicians grow fat and rich while despoiling the taxpayer to buy the votes to stay in power.

It never ends well, and that is a feature, not a bug. In order to dominate a population it is necessary first to subjugate them, make them fearful of any act of rebellion and dependent on the largesse of their masters.

Here in California we have seen this play out more than anywhere else in the US.  The California legislature is constantly enacting a never ending stream of laws and regulations with ever more draconian penalties that hamper our control of our own lives and restrict our liberties.  At the same time massive populations of foreigners are imported in wholesale lots which are dependent of government handouts.  Worse, they are encouraged to maintain their own cultures, the very cultures that created the disasters in their native places from which they fled in the first place.  Worst of all, it is intended that these foreigners will overwhelm by sheer numbers those of us who cherish a republican form of government with our rights, rule of law and love of liberty.

It is not to be imagined that this transition will be accomplished peacefully.  Any such illusions should have been dispelled by the events at the President’s inauguration, the rise of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, the attempted assassination of Republican Senators at a baseball game and the increasing number of attacks on Trump supporters and other citizens thought to oppose the progressive doctrines.  Obama did not import hundreds of thousands of Muslims with their aggressive, expansionist and intolerant ideology to preserve and protect American traditions and values, of that you can be sure.

The fight we are in is not one we chose, it has been thrust upon us by the adherents of Marxism who wish to first destroy and then subjugate us.  When I say “us” I mean the moral and intellectual cultural descendants of the Founders who bequeathed to us these United States, with our liberties and a Constitutional, self governing Republic.  America is the apotheosis of Western Civilization, a civilization that is in a fight for its life.

That sounds very grand, something beyond the ability of any of us to greatly influence.  It is, in my view, very grand indeed, but not beyond anyone’s ability to contribute to.  None of us will be asked to, or even have much ability to grasp and shape the overall strategic destiny of this, our struggle, which is a struggle for survival.  It is a struggle to determine whether or not the sacrifices made by our ancestors shall bear fruit for our children’s children’s children, or it will all be brought to naught.

I have been to war.  I can tell you that when the guns begin to roar strategic considerations disappear.  At that moment all that matters is each individual’s duty, whatever it may be.  Whether it is to take aim and fire, pass ammunition, observe and report, carry away the wounded, tend the engines or just stand and await orders, only steadfast devotion to duty matters at that moment.  There is NOTHING more important in that moment.

For America and the West, this is that moment.  Whatever victories may be won or defeats endured in Washington, or even Sacramento, our battle is taking place right here in our precincts, our school boards, our City councils, our County offices.  Our contribution to the fight in far away places are the victories we win by steadfast attention to duty in these familiar places which are within our daily reach.  If we fail to bring the battle to these local fights, there can be no victory at any level.

Stand ready, things are about to begin happening.  We are counting on your devotion to God and country, on your steadfast devotion to duty, on you, American!

Logical and bloody conclusion

I present below an interview of Lauren Southern by Stephan Molyneux.  I believe that racism in this country was pretty much confronted in the 1960’s and largely eliminated.  Certainly the racism that regarded whites as superior to all others was.  But of course there is nothing the Marxist loving Left can’t touch without destroying; certainly they are destroying that amity achieved with such great effort and great cost in this country.

That great national effort was leveraged into a moral absolute with which we judged the world.  The White Man’s Burden of civilizing the ‘darker races without the law’ became suddenly reprehensible when it had previously been regarded as a noble moral imperative.  Now the watchword was ‘decolonization’ and there was no greater evil than apartheid.  To be sure, those were evils which needed to pass from the world, but not as it was done, suddenly handing responsibility for their own destinies in a modern world to peoples steeped in tribal and shamanistic mentalities.

Certainly back in the day there were vestiges of that among the older generations, bone deep bigotry that no sense could touch, however polite they were in public.  And certainly there was what we called ‘reverse discrimination’ by mostly blacks whose sensibilities were still tender about a past now gone and about which they were still resentful.  I believed that time and a consistent ‘love thy neighbor’ ethic would eventually remedy the former and heal the latter.

Now to the interview.  Warning: there are no graphic images, but there is some ‘adult’ language and the theme can be difficult to take at times.  I will discuss this further in a later post.

Cox for Governor

As promised, your humble correspondent attended the Feb. 8 event at the Oakmont and is prepared to give a first impression of John Cox, Republican candidate for Governor of California.  I must admit in the first place that the time he was with us was far too brief for him to fully expound on his ideas, of which he has many and which, in my view, appear sound.

Given the state of the State, it will take someone of extraordinary energy and proven competence to set California to rights.  John Cox excels in both these categories.  I will not belabor his accomplishments here, as you can find them readily enough with a google search, or by visiting his campaign website, where you can also make a contribution to his campaign.  He spoke clearly, forcefully and passionately about California, the problems we face and potential solutions.  These are matters to which he has clearly devoted considerable thought over a long period of time.

Some points he made, as best I was able to note them down; California is the only state that makes Illinois look well managed.  He initiated a campaign to repeal the gas tax.  It costs four times as much to repair one mile of California road as it does one mile of Texas road.  California Environmental Quality bureaucracy has metastasized and is an impediment to businesses and individuals alike.  He hopes to transform state politics and make it business friendly.  He wants to get rid of the Sanctuary State nonsense and restore the rule of law.  He hopes to reduce the influence of special interests on state politics.  He believes that by reducing corruption at the state level he can improve the quality of life for everybody.  He wants to solve problem and believes that with our help he can do so.

I will support John Cox for Governor of California.

Don’t forget February 8

When: February 8th at 11:00 AM

What: appearance of John Cox, future Governor of California

Where: Oakmont Country Club 3100 Country Club Drive, Glendale, CA 91208.

Cost: $30.00 per person includes luncheon

Very important: RSVP by Feb. 5th to either Ellen – 818-248-0924                                    or Joan – 818-790-0014

I’ll see you there.