The dreamer awakes

I was kind of wary of Donald Trump a year ago.  I confess it, even though I voted for him.  I was so, so, so GLAD that America had dodged the bullet and not elected the Criminal Commie Hag (may her name and ugly puss soon grace WANTED posters all across America).  But I feared that The Donald would turn out to be a Man On a White Horse, a political savior who would establish a counter-revolutionary tyranny for our own good.  History is full of these types.

Didn’t happen, and it is becoming increasingly clear that it is not going to happen.

For all of his monumental ego Trump is not, as was his never sufficiently to be damned darned predecessor, The Won, a malignant narcissist.  In the entire hour and twenty minutes he never uttered the word “I” once.  In contrast to Barry H. Zero, Trump said “America” 80 times with admiration, approval and reverence.  He loves America, he loves Americans, he loves what and who Americans are, and he loves what America and Americans can be, and, by God, he loves what America and Americans WILL be.

America is great, and America will be greater.  This is his vision.  What he did last night was sell America’s success, America’s goodness, America’s greatness to Americans and to the world.  Now Americans, and the world, are lining up to buy a piece.  America is once again the world’s hottest property.  The Good Book tells us that “without a vision the people perish.”  I suppose it will be necessary to point out that it must be a worthy, a noble vision.  President Donald J. Trump laid out just such a vision before our eyes.  I don’t know about you, but my heart beat high with joy, not just because the vision is so beautiful, but also because it is such a glorious challenge.  The polls (a pox on both their houses anyhow) are clear that most Americans felt the same.

But some did not.  Notably the Democratic Socialists – who signified their disagreement with a prissy show of studied disrespect – and the 25% or so of Americans for whom America is a strange and distasteful place.  These people, the evil leaders and their shambling collectivist thugs and their mindless hordes of useful idiots.  Their noses are still out of joint because they couldn’t win the presidency, and are losing local and State elections everywhere, they aren’t ready to give up.  Their dream of seizing and holding power in perpetuity is too sweet to surrender.  For seventy years they have lulled us into complacency and inaction, determined to destroy everything good and dear and raise the hammer and sickle over us all.  Oh, you can be sure they aren’t throwing in the towel.

Do not be deceived.  In His goodness God has granted the United States a respite in the person of Donald Trump.  He is undoing much evil and we will gain on our enemies while he is in office.  But he won’t be in office forever, and just as the reforms initiated by Ronald Reagan evanesced under his successors, so will Trump’s unless we are willing to take the bull by the tail, face the situation, wrestle it to the ground and slit its bawling throat.  It will be a dirty, dangerous and largely thankless task, a task suited to a people fired by a vision, fiercely loyal to the Divine authority from Whom we hold our lives, our loves and our fundamental freedoms, and determined in the face of Hell and death that We the People will not ever yield to wicked tyrants.

“Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.”  ―Winston Churchill―

Come, now, seize the day.  Duty and glory await.

Two important reminders

First, we have the State of the Union coming up tonight (details here), I very much suspect that it will be worth watching, if for no other reason than to watch him beat the Donks senseless.  I anticipate that there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, which I am anticipating with unholy and unapologetic glee.

Second, don’t forget to mark your calendars for the February 8 appearance of John Cox at the Oakmont Country Club 3100 Country Club Drive, Glendale, CA 91208. I’ll see you there.

I say, lock them all up

If there were any justice in the world Strzok, Page, Comey, Mueller and the gang would get the mother of all spankings and a 30 year time out.  Suggested next step: post the picture on Facebook, send it on Twitter, send it by email.  Get the word out because you KNOW the mainstream media propaganda organs won’t.

A people like no other


I do feel that events have been pushing me, pushing the whole country, towards a special moment: towards a moment of critical decision, towards a moment of decisive action.  I would not be here writing the blog if I did not.

America was created, I firmly believe, by an act of Divine Will, the Spirit of God enlightening and enlivening the Founders in a moment of critical decision a moment of decisive action.  The generations that followed after that great and holy event knew and freely acknowledged their debt to the Creator Who had blessed them so abundantly with a rich land, and, more importantly, a vastly richer inheritance of freedom.  Those people knew that the continued existence of the miracle that is America depended utterly on their fidelity to and reliance on the God Who had made it possible.

That essential truth has been largely forgotten among our countrymen today.  But God is faithful and has not forgotten us.  As with Israel of old He calls us back that He may bless us even more.  Failing that, as with Israel of old, He will impose an astringent mercy, that we may learn again the essential truth:

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain.

Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.

In vain you rise up early and stay up late,

toiling for food to eat –

for He grants peace to those he loves.

What this means for us who are all to well aware that the crisis is building and will soon be upon us, our children and our grandchildren, is that we too must be ready when the decisive moment comes and we must act.  Yes, act, not simply stand back and leave it others.  For this is a crisis facing the whole of We the People, not simply of the young and the fit.

When in 1989 the Soviet Empire was collapsing, the prisoners in the camps of the gulags revolted.  The guards, rifles at the ready, were about to shoot down the men who would no longer endure the evil they had been living with for their whole lives.  It was then that the old men shoved their way to the front, placing themselves between the guards and the younger men.  They bared their chests in the bitter cold and said, “Will you shoot down your fathers and grandfathers like dogs?”  Thus did they shame the guards into surrender, and brought the entire brutal network of death camps to an end.

The first action, the preparatory action, that is required of us is that we fall on our knees in imitation of our first Commander in Chief, and offer our hearts and minds, our very lives, to the King of the Universe.  Repent of our own sins and those of our countrymen.  Beg forgiveness for ourselves and our countrymen.  Beg for wisdom and courage for ourselves individually and for We the People,  Beg for mercy and favor.  Offer thanks and praise, pledge, faithfulness and devotion.  “Restore our fortunes, LORD, like streams in the Negev.”

Then be ready to speak, to act, and not yield to evil no matter the cost.

Release the memo

An interview on The Daily Caller, which is in my opinion, critical to national security.

A former federal prosecutor says the truth is starting to seep out about the Obama Administration’s “brazen plot to exonerate Hillary Clinton” and “frame an incoming president with a false Russian conspiracy,” according to an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Joe diGenova, a former federal prosecutor, connects the dots on former Obama administration Justice Department and FBI officials who may have “violated the law, perhaps committed crimes” to politicize law enforcement and surveillance against political opponents.

This is why we are so damned lucky that Hillary was too arrogant to campaign in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Were it not for that the country would be groaning under the Administration of a psychopath. This further illustrates the need to, first, get the investigation completed and made public ASAP, and second, work like crazy to get solid conservative Republicans elected to office.

With this California stands a chance.  This scandal can and should be leveraged to utterly discredit if not outright destroy the Bolshevik Democratic Party nationwide, including here in California.

Stand by, more will be revealed.

Next Governor of California

This June Californians will go to the polls for the Primary elections.  By that time the Master of Disaster Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown will have done about as much damage to the State as he can do and will have to hand the executive off to someone else, someone who doesn’t have his head in a Marxist opium dream.  John Cox is such a man.

On Thursday, February 8, at 11:00 AM, John Cox will be speaking at the Oakmont Country Club.

When: February 8, 2018 at 11:00 AM

Where: Oakmont Country Club, 3100 Country Club Drive, Glendale, CA 91208


John Cox Announces run for California Governor

John Cox has a plan to end the corrupting influence of special interest money in California politics. Join the team –

Posted by John Cox for Governor 2018 on Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Schumer’s incoherence

Senator Chuckie “Slimeball” Schumer is having trouble explaining why the Donks pushed the amnesty issue all the way to the shut down last  night.  Normally he can spin out the Party line just fine, but as of last night he is reduced to gibbering incoherence.  It is if someone laced his coffee with LSD.  I almost wish someone had, it would be more entertaining than usual, which is to say it would be entertaining, period.

What would be even better if someone laced his coffee with scopolamine, the truth serum, now THAT would be entertaining!

The Dirty Dems thought that, as usual, the GOP would cave as they always have.  But for whatever reason they didn’t, even though I’m sure lots of them wanted to.  As it happens the Republicans held firm and “Slimeball” was caught holding a hot potato without a game plan. Couldn’t have happened to a nastier guy.


Ultimately the reason Chuckie’s lying silver tongue failed him is because he dare not admit the truth: without amnesty the Democratic Party as the living embodiment of the Communist Revolution in America is finished.  He knows that the Party needs millions of voters very specifically steeped in all the best Socialist virtues, voters for whom American, Constitutional values are both alien and incomprehensible.  He knows that without them the Fundamental Transformation of America will fail, despite the gains of the last half century, even though crowned by the treasonous Administration of President Zero Obama.

If the Commie-Donks were halfway sane they would pull back, drop their failed Marxist dreams and devise a strategy that would gain them credibility as patriotic Americans with a viable alternative for American Greatness.  Don’t hold your breath.  They are totally addicted to power and control.  That is the sum and summit of their unholy faith, and Marxism is their inerrant dogma; they won’t let it go.

Please God, the Republicans will hold firm.  It won’t be easy, not least because they have a long history of making a lot of noise before utterly collapsing.  They will be under a lot of pressure to do just that in the days ahead as the Left will put them, and the whole country under pressure to yield.

For the sake of our beloved Republic we must not yield.

Accusations of x-ism and y-phobia – Updated with examples!

For any value of x (Remember your algebra?) there is an ism that can be appended to weaponize it.  Sexism racism, ageism, ableism, and so on.  Similarly any value of y can be weaponized by adding the suffix -phobia.  Homophobia, transphobia and so on.

Let’s look at the one most commonly used, racism.  Racism is a bad thing because it stereotypes huge groups of people by genetic endowment, presuming that every individual of the group shares equally in the traits ascribed to it.  There are people who are truly racist and that is unfortunate.  I remember riding the bus one day on which an old couple repeated over and over, in the presence of an East Asian man, “All Chinamen have wooden heads.”  Most moral, sensible people will view such ideas, and those who express them, as repugnant.  Moral, sensible people don’t want to labelled ‘racist.’

Isn’t she annoying? Typical Leftist.

But when the Left uses the term it has a different meaning and purpose.  In the first place they don’t care a fig about whether you are racist or not, they generally are themselves.  What it really is is a tool of social control.  Its purpose is to shame you into silence.  What it really means is, “You are a bad person for not parroting the politically correct line I am advocating and I’m going to call you names until I make you cry and you shut up and go home.”  Or just “Shut up” for short.

So how to counter it?  In the first place, don’t start out with, “I am not racist!”  That will just set up the follow up punch, “You are so!”  Then they have you on a hook you can’t get off.  The issue becomes whether or not you are a good person.  In these kinds of interactions the attacker has the advantage and will tend be perceived as more moral by onlookers.  Do not get sucked into this, it is a trap.

Get right back in their face with something like, “Racism doesn’t have anything to do with it and you know it.  You just want me to shut up.  You just want to call me names because you don’t have an argument, you don’t have any facts and you don’t have any answer to my arguments and facts.  You know that kind of moral posturing is pathetic, right?”  Shift them over to the defensive by taking away their presumption that they hold the moral high ground.  If they still want to argue after that hit them with the absolute failure of the progressive agenda in almost any arena.  Great if you have examples that apply directly to the issue under discussion, but it is not necessary, the point is to stay on the attack.

For extra credit turn their arguments against them personally.  Most of these people just want to feel morally superior, they just want to signal how virtuous they are, that they are good people.  This is a red flag that they need some kind of compensatory prop to shore up their own insecurities.  Use this against them; turn about is fair play.  “You say I am racist because I don’t support the Progressive Cause du Jour.  Well what about this glaring contradiction?  How can you support/oppose Z when this other thing is going on?  What are you doing about that?”  Virtually all the crimes the Commie swine accuse us of are the very crimes they secretly commit.

Update: Example 1: Dana Loesch shows you how.  Click the link below.

Example 2:

This tactic will work with any of the names they want to call you.  It is important to remember that for the Leftist the issue is never the issue, it is about claiming the moral high ground and silencing you, feeling strong about themselves by intimidating you, inflating their power by persuading you to relinquish yours.  Don’t you let them.


Malodorous pits

Back in the day, before American politics became a cesspit of graft and power dominated by Marxist loving morons, elected representatives used to, from time to time, take time off from the struggle to mire themselves ever deeper in corruption and consider the future welfare of the nation as a whole.  Granted that corruption in politics was present from about five minutes seconds after the first Congress was called to order, but it was not dominated by the mad drive to wreck the whole shooting works so as to launch the Communist Revolution in America under cover of faux compassion (and get rich and famous in the process).

One of the characteristics of the Left’s Marching Morons is that they will say anything to gain a momentary political advantage.  So it was last week the Dick (the Turban) Durbin escaped his drool cup holder and accused President Trump of asking why the US needed to take in escapees from all these “Shithole countries” in a private meeting.  Yes, yes, potty mouth President, pure as the driven show Democrat hyperbole artist.  Bad. Bad.  So bad. All seriousness aside.

Now Mr. Trump denies having used that exact adjective, but he does admit the word he used was pretty pungent.  I’m OK with that, hell, I was a sailor, and remain fluent in Sailorese which occasionally escapes my control, and I don’t see the problem.  Except I do, and it isn’t the President.

First, the meeting was a private meeting of the President with his Cabinet and other officials.  So Durbin breaches the confidentiality of the meeting to tattle on the President, like a 2nd grader telling the teacher on another student who said a bad word.  As if 2nd graders today weren’t already well on their way to fluency in Sailorese.  He committed an enormity (The contents of private Cabinet meetings are supposed to be classified, there are rules that bind everybody else except Democrats) to expose a triviality to be used as fuel to gin up a faux outrage sh!t storm to embarrass the President and advance their immigration invasion agenda.

Second, everybody knows that that the world is awash in shithole countries.  We can all name some, and if we took the time the list would be long.  The only reason to bring in masses of people from places that are not much advanced beyond bronze age tribalism is to guarantee the Socialists a reliable voting base to cement their hold on power.  I just don’t see that being a benefit to the future welfare of the country.  Maybe the plan is to move these people to Detroit where they could feel right at home, speaking of shitholes.  I’m with Trump on this one, keep them out, and if they are already here, send them back.

The one good thing that came out of Durbin’s babbling and the subsequent agitprop campaign is the collapse of the DACA deal.  So thanks, Dicky, you grandstanding stooge, for opening your pie hole out of turn.  You did a good turn for the country, even if you didn’t intend to.