On the UN Arms Trafficking Treaty

Given that the UN is an organization which over the course of the last several decades has become increasingly inimical to the principles on which the US was founded it is no surprise that they should be taking aim at the Second Amendment.  Yesterday they voted overwhelmingly on the Arms Trafficking Treaty to which the Obama administration and the Left has shown itself favorably inclined.  My prediction is that they are going to sign it and put it up for ratification ASAP, if not sooner.

Jan Morgan over at Patriot Update compares it to “unloading a pack of hungry wolves on a herd of fenced in sheep,” and goes on to look at the scorecard:

Losses… (How much time do you have? This could take awhile.)
Here is the short version of Losses right off the top:

* the U.N. “cannot be trusted” with the United States’ Bill of Rights

* The Treaty includes “foreign governments that have shown hostility to the kinds of constitutional liberties guaranteed to Americans.”

* All Americans are harmed when unaccountable international bodies like the UN are empowered to interfere with our protected freedoms.

* The treaty could draw law-abiding gun owners and gun operators “into a complex web of bureaucratic red tape created by a new department at the UN devoted to overseeing the treaty.

* Texas Attorney General, Greg Abbott says the draft treaty is not written using the precise, unambiguous language required of a good legal document. Instead, Abbott says the treaty employs “sweeping rhetoric and imprecise terminology that could be used by those who seek to undermine our liberties to impose any number of restrictions on the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms.”

This treaty like all the UN treaties, will in no way enhance the American National Interest, but on the contrary diminish it while enhancing that of the enemies of liberty that surround us.  As far as I can see the only reason to even be in the UN is keep our friends close and our enemies closer.  Would that those enemies did not have so many ideological allies within the body politic and the ruling elites.

Although speaking to the Maryland legislature which is considering passing gun control laws, this young lady’s words should (but probably won’t be) taken seriously by legislators at all levels of government.


The banking crisis in Cyprus shows clearly how fragile our civilization has become.  Richard Fernandez over at The Belmont Club describes some of the effects.

With Cyprus unable to convince anyone to bail it out the banks will remain closed until at least next week.  And when they reopen they may be subject to capital controls.

Nobody knows exactly what this may involve. But Max Keiser notes that the restrictions could include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • Restrictions in daily withdrawals
  • Ban on premature termination of time savings deposits
  • Compulsory renewal of all time savings deposits upon maturity
  • Conversion of current accounts to time deposits
  • Ban or restrictions on non cash transactions
  • Restrictions on use of debit, credit or prepaid debit cards
  • Ban or restriction on cashing in checks
  • Restrictions on domestic interbank transfers or transfers within the same bank
  • Restrictions on the interactions/transactions of the public with credit institutions
  • Restrictions on movements of capital, payments, transfers

Even though these have not been enacted as yet their impact is being felt, and how.

I went to the pharmacy today to buy some milk and medicine for my 3-year-old and the pharmacist informed me that they were no longer taking credit or debit cards. It’s cash only, because that’s what their suppliers are demanding. The same is true at several gas stations on the island, and I don’t doubt that more will soon follow …

We know what happens then. Cyprus shows us.  A European country goes from credit, to plastic, to cash, then barter, and then finally, unless the process is halted, to guns, knives and clubs, teeth and fingernails.

Nicholas Nassim Taleb and Russ Roberts discuss the counter intuitive fact is that the stronger we make the system the more inflexible it becomes.  The more inflexible it becomes the more fragile it becomes.  Ideally our economy would be flexible in such a way that the shocks of the boom and bust cycle and bounce back with a minimum of pain.  Maybe we will re-learn that lesson after we’ve had our noses rubbed in it some more.


The Duffel Blog has the story:

BAGHDAD, IRAQ – United Nations weapons inspectors have confirmed the announcement on Monday by the Iraqi government that its soldiers had finally discovered Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction program, completely upending the history of the Iraq War, once viewed as a pointless quagmire but now seen as a tough but necessary conflict.

The New York Times became the latest news outlet to completely reverse itself on the invasion of Iraq, with an editorial now referring to it as “the greatest decision of the century.”

The weapons, more than five thousand sarin gas artillery shells, six thousand gallons of anthrax, and two crude nuclear weapons, were located on Sunday in a previously-undiscovered bunker on the Syrian border by a pair of Iraqis who were using the structure as a makeshift toilet.

Well, well, well.  I would guess that this is evidence that even the Mainstream Propaganda Machine can’t ignore, except that they have ignored so much else over the years, including plenty of evidence that these weapons existed both prior to and during the war, including that reported by the Iraq Survey group.  In so far as the latter is concerned, I recall very clearly all the “news” outlets trumpeting Dr. Kay’s words, “We found not WMD in Iraq” while ignoring the follow on sentence, “What we found led us to conclude that Iraq was a much more dangerous place than we had initially believed.”  But maybe I would be guessing wrong.  Maybe its because the occupant of the White House is no longer George W. Bush and the new occupant can wrap himself in the aura of satisfaction and relief that this news has engendered.

The empty chair on foreign affairs

Richard Fernandez, aka Wretchard, has a devastating critique of the Obama administration’s handling of national security and foreign affairs.  Here’s a sample, do read the whole thing.

Pakistan, Iran and North Korea might each be developing components of a nuclear weapons and delivery platform under the diplomatic protection of Russia and China. And suppose terrorism were not simply the product of mutant sects in Islam, but of a concerted effort by secret services, like the ISI, to send proxy enemies against the West?


Such a condition would imply the necessity of a crash program of energy independence to deny the Muslim oil producers their monetary leverage. That situation would call for active ideological warfare against radical Islam and it’s 5th Column: the radical maddrassas.


But the adminstration’s security policies evince no such world view; and in place of any discernible comprehensive strategy the administration offers a patchwork cocktail consisting of  ”leading from behind”, windmills, auto scrappage, electric cars powered from oil-fired power plants, encouragement for the ‘Arab Spring’, outreach to Islam, pinprick drone attacks on countries which are nuclear armed! without even the benefit of Congressional authorization. It has pursued an unremitting program of defense cuts and  it is now belatedly reviving a missile defense system to defend itself against one of the poorest nations on the face of earth.


However it never answers the question: who is behind the Nokor Nukes and what part does it play in a larger game? But that’s a tinfoil hat question. Everyone knows there is no larger context in which  the administration’s should exercise its genius. “Smart adhocracy” — the hearty laugh and round of dance with Ellen de Generes  or Oprah Winfrey — will be enough.

Seems to me that the real problem with drones is not that they are being operated against jihadis in Pakistan, but that they are being operated against the American people and our allies at the highest levels of national command authority in Babylon on the Potomac.