Over the weekend, Breitbart reports, that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s supporters took a page from the Left and applied it to the Left.  Observe:

The Washington Times is reporting Arpaio’s opponents are having trouble obtaining the number signatures they need in their petition to recall “America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio.

Volunteers’ latest effort took place at a music festival, targeted for its huge crowd size and liberally-minded attendees, The Associated Press reported.

But shortly after setting up camp, recall workers found themselves facing an even larger opposition group: Supporters of Mr. Arpaio turned out in droves and drowned out the recall workers’ rally calls, AP reported.

At the end of the day, pro-recall workers only netted 100 signatures — far less than anticipated for such a heavily attended event.

The union-backed recall drive started in January, and anti-Arpaio forces are reportedly far behind in their goal. They need to collect 335,000 signatures by May 30, and are having to rely primarily on volunteers due to the fact that the effort is not attracting much in the way of donations.

This is good and is another illustration of the ‘Silent majority’ getting off their posterior analytics and on the ball.  This is one possible response to the Lefts ongoing efforts to continue their march to despotism.

Meanwhile, back at the Kevin James ranch . . .

This just in:
Wendy Greuel says she “knows where the bodies are buried” in Los Angeles. That’s because she buried them.
This morning, we released an ad that highlights just a few of the ways that corrupt L.A. politicians like Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti have buried their responsibilities to please the union bosses, redecorate their offices, and keep paying themselves $200K salaries. You can watch the entire video by clicking below:

We need your help now to put an end to the political careers of my opponents, because you can’t solve the city’s problems with the same people who caused them. City Hall is broken, and they broke it. Will you donate $25, $50, $100, or $250 today and help us put an end to special interests at City Hall? My insider opponents are asking for a promotion they haven’t earned. Let’s make sure they don’t get it.
The election is just six days away – we need your support now more than ever. Contributions to our campaign up to $500 are matched 2-to-1 by the City of Los Angeles, so your contribution of any size will make a huge impact. Thanks for your support.

Well now, look at this

Paul McKinley has won the Republican primary in Chicago to replace Jessie Jackson Jr. in the House of Representatives.  The sad thing is that there were less than 2,000 votes cast in the Republican primary.  I don’t know much about Mr. McKinley, but what I admired about his campaign is that he ran against the Democratic Machine that nurtured the current occupant of the White House rather than the other Republican in the race.  He went after Chicago corruption hammer and tongs, showed no mercy and gave no quarter.  The result: not only did he win using these tactics, he wasn’t even rubbed out!  Now he goes up against New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s bought and paid for candidate in April.  Congratulations and best of luck to him.

Richard Riordan endorses Kevin James in L.A. mayor’s race

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan endorsed Kevin James in the mayor’s race Friday, a major coup for the Republican candidate who is seeking to capture conservative votes.

Riordan, who is one of the most prominent Republican leaders in Los Angeles, praised James as the only candidate who isn’t beholden to labor unions.

Riordan has warned repeatedly that the city could face bankruptcy if it doesn’t rein in its employee costs, a claim that some mayoral candidates,
including City Councilman Eric Garcetti, have dismissed as overblown.

Kevin James has used Riordan’s favorable quotes in his campaign
literature but until now had not secured Riordan’s official support.