Countering the MSM non-narrative on the Gosnell trial – updated

Media Row at the Gosnell trial

The trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell is popping up all over the place – except the MSM – and they’re being called on it.  Walter Russell Meade notes that the people are speaking, and it now appears that the MSM is might just be forced to listen, and report what it wants to hide.

Much of the speculation has been about why so many news outlets ignored the story. But perhaps the real story here is the way the trial became a national story without the help of the MSM—and arguably even despite its best efforts to ignore the trial. In the last century, there were a few central news gatekeepers who controlled what stories Americans heard. The internet and social media have changed all that; the people have swept aside the gatekeepers and ripped the gates from their hinges.

The MSM is no longer in control; anyone and everyone now has the tools to call the media out and if the story is hot and compelling enough (and the trial of an accused multiple baby killer passes that test with ease), it will force itself into the national conversation.


Good indeed.  The conventional wisdom tells us that you can’t beat the MSM because they control the narrative and there’s no way to break in.  Even buying another media outlet would simply result in the MSM isolating it and rendering it virtually useless.  But it appears that, as has been predicted by various pundits elsewhere, alternative media has opened up a new front in the culture wars.  One which the armies of the Left have yet to successfully counter.  Which is not to say that they don’t use these same weapons effectively, they do.  What has changed is that they can no longer control it.

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Primer on How to Beat the Media

Primer on How to Beat the Media

Ben Shapiro recently took apart Piers Morgan on Morgan’s show over the gun control issue.  In this talk he explains the principles of how he did it and how we can apply those same principles to all our discussions with the Left.  This should be required study for anyone who is thinking of running for office.

Ben Shapiro describes how to beat the Media