Whose side are they on?

Another compromise position, I guess.  We won’t move as far left as the Democrats would like, we’ll just move a little to the left, for the 795th time.  This is a bad habit of which they must be broken.  They keep doing it because there are no adverse consequences.  The only consequences are the grudging praise of the Leftist Propaganda Machine.

More bull by the tail

Race is a taboo subject – unless you are Black speaking to  non-Blacks, Hispanic speaking to non-Hispanics, Asian speaking to non-Asians or a Democrat speaking to anyone at all.  If you are not in any of the categories just mentioned, or worse, White, shut your pie hole and cast down your eyes because you, yes YOU, are a racist oppressor – by tautology.

The accusation of racism is a political cudgel used to discredit anyone not a member of these favored groups, an accusation which once made need never be proven  and can never be disproved.  The accusation itself comes complete with its own facts, its own judgement and its own sentence; it nullifies any defense, including any counter accusation for only the chosen non-categories above are entitled to make it.  A white can never make the accusation of a non-white for if he does the stigma applies to him in the same way as if any non-white had made the accusation first.  Because none of these favored non-white categories are, were or could ever be racist, which leads to the absurd but widely believed idea that race determines who can be racist.

Once the term ‘racism’ meant “a belief that human races have distinctive characteristics that determine their respective cultures, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.”  The march of progress subsequently deleted the idea of culture from that definition and focused on only the most superficial physical characteristics; multiculturalism means that all cultures are equal, another patent   absurdity.  Finally in our own enlightened age the accusation of racism has come to mean, “You are committing thought crime by not repeating the approved politically correct nostrums and I don’t like it.  Since I am unable to rationally and logically refute your points I will call you names until you either change you position and toe the PC party line (either because no such refutation is logically possible or because I don’t have the intellectual or rhetorical skills to do so), or I make you cry and you shut up and go home.”  Strangely, this is not bullying, but that is one of the new rules of racism.

Nor should it go unremarked that there is no little irony that the accusation of racism is almost exclusively a weapon used by the Democratic Party, which supported enslaving the blacks and opposed the abolitionists, to blacken the Republican Party which was founded by abolitionists and successfully prosecuted a policy of racial equality.  The Left has brought about a world of Orwellian moral inversion, which deserves examination at another time.

Racism, real racism, not the political weapon masquerading as racism, is alive and well in the United States.  It is growing, in no small part precisely because it has been used as a political weapon.  The Left and the Democratic Party have sought and successfully obtained political advantage by inflaming racial passions.  By so doing it has set before the victims their own policies have created, abetted and enlarged the idea that their troubles were rather the result of racist enmity by the Democrats’ political enemies.  It has pounded that drum unceasingly, has created a whole race baiting industry proclaim racial blame from the rooftops, has relentlessly fanned the flames of racial discord, it has protected and bankrolled the race mongers, it has hysterically marketed such white-on-anybody-that’s-not-white violence as it can find to both further diminish the self confidence of the racially neutral and inflame the rage of the victim’s racial group and finally it has hidden the racial violence that it has fomented.

That racial violence has increased to the point where it can no longer be successfully contained or covered up, though it is not yet widely known.  Divide and conquer has become divide and destroy.  The problem has become so great, in my opinion, that a simple political fix is no longer possible.  It is not yet politically possible to even talk about this openly, much less devise and implement a solution.  It may be that it will never be possible to openly discuss this before an explosion creates such fear and animosity that discussion is not possible.

One of the great unpalatable and therefore seldom mentioned truths is that responsibility is with the one who sees.  Knowledge is power, but only if acted upon.  Here responsibility is distinguished from mere blaming, which is the antithesis of responsibility.  There is a tendency in the perceived absence of viable solutions to avoid opening cans of worms, especially when it is well known that blame will be leveled both for opening the can and for the existence of the worms.  Still, the discussion must be opened, and done in such a way that there is accountability, correct understanding of the problem and many minds working together to devise and implement workable solutions on many fronts.

Will the Republican Party, with its noble tradition of racial equality, be equal to the task before it?  How should we begin?  Your ideas solicited in the comments.

What’s in a name?

The Hill has an interesting poll about people’s preferences regarding fiscal matters.  The good news is that most people prefer fiscal programs that reflect Republican proposals by about 2:1 when party affiliation is hidden.  The bad news is that once the name ‘Republican’ is mentioned, support evaporates.  Breitbart.com’s Mike Flynn makes the point: “As The Hill poll shows, however, the party has already won the policy debate. It is continuing to lose the political debate, however. The voters simply don’t trust the Republicans to stick to their policies.”

Too true.  Plus the Republicans have been playing Brer Fox to the Democrats’ Alinkyite Brer Rabbit.  Plus the Republicans have too often shown themselves just as eager to get their hooks on Federal money and perks as their “friends across the aisle.”
The recent CPAC convention can be summarized as follows: Republicanism as a good ol’ boy’s club of genteel, New England moderates is a dead party walking.  Conservative principles generate a great deal of support, if not passionate enthusiasm among the citizenry in general.  Conservative principles, when articulated clearly and unambiguously carry the ideological day every time.

Meanwhile, back at the Kevin James ranch . . .

This just in:
Wendy Greuel says she “knows where the bodies are buried” in Los Angeles. That’s because she buried them.
This morning, we released an ad that highlights just a few of the ways that corrupt L.A. politicians like Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti have buried their responsibilities to please the union bosses, redecorate their offices, and keep paying themselves $200K salaries. You can watch the entire video by clicking below:

We need your help now to put an end to the political careers of my opponents, because you can’t solve the city’s problems with the same people who caused them. City Hall is broken, and they broke it. Will you donate $25, $50, $100, or $250 today and help us put an end to special interests at City Hall? My insider opponents are asking for a promotion they haven’t earned. Let’s make sure they don’t get it.
The election is just six days away – we need your support now more than ever. Contributions to our campaign up to $500 are matched 2-to-1 by the City of Los Angeles, so your contribution of any size will make a huge impact. Thanks for your support.

Well now, look at this

Paul McKinley has won the Republican primary in Chicago to replace Jessie Jackson Jr. in the House of Representatives.  The sad thing is that there were less than 2,000 votes cast in the Republican primary.  I don’t know much about Mr. McKinley, but what I admired about his campaign is that he ran against the Democratic Machine that nurtured the current occupant of the White House rather than the other Republican in the race.  He went after Chicago corruption hammer and tongs, showed no mercy and gave no quarter.  The result: not only did he win using these tactics, he wasn’t even rubbed out!  Now he goes up against New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s bought and paid for candidate in April.  Congratulations and best of luck to him.

Can Republicans Be Cool?

Glen Reynolds thinks they can.

“Everything comes down to the movie ‘Footloose.’ For a large majority of people, the political question is, ‘How would the sanctimonious preacher from the movie ‘Footloose’ feel about this subject?’ They answer the question, and then take the opposite position.

“This mind-set is absolutely ingrained in a lot of people my age (a couple of years younger than Gen-X). For every preachy moral conservative I’ve met in real life, I’ve seen 20 on TV. For each Baptist I know in real life, I’ve seen 10 in movies. To me, they are all the preacher from ‘Footloose.’ ”

He then proceeds to make three concrete suggestions.  Think we can do it?  Think we will?

. . . or maybe we can

Over at the Belmont Club Richard Fernandez comments on the internecine warfare that has recently erupted among Republicans upon Karl Rove’s announcement of his Conservative Victory Project.  It can be argued that all this is terrible and we are tearing ourselves apart when we should be sticking together, thereby undermining the Republican brand.  Certainly our ‘friends’ in the media would have us believe that (always willing to give us sage advice, they are, bless their pointed little heads).

I disagree somewhat with that analysis.  We just got our backsides handed to us in an election that we should have won handily despite the usual Democrat dirty tricks.  This is precisely the time for the Party to get together, figure out what happened and hash out solutions.  That, I believe, is exactly what is going on.  We lost in part because, yes, the dirty tricks were more pervasive and better coordinated than usual, but more to the point, we lost because the Republican Party had not yet completed the discussion we are now having.  We absolutely need this discussion, no matter how unpleasant and heated it may at times get.  In fact, the more forthright and passionate, the better.  When it is done we will have clarified our vision, purified our principles and fortified our political resolve.

It might be argued that we really don’t have time for this, the crisis in NOW!  We gotta do something right now before it’s too late!  No we don’t.  We’ve already put this off for two cycles and if we don’t do it now we will have put it off for three cycles and be, not only no nearer to resolving the crisis, but deeper in it.  One thing I’ve learned in my life is that there is always time to do it right the second time, or in this case, the third time.  Let’s not make it the fourth time, we might not get the chance.

But the Democrats are advancing their agenda by leaps and bounds!  Uh-uh, not so much.  There are still powerful checks to their ambitions.  But they’re united and we’re running Chinese fire drills!  Yes and no.  The Democrats are by nature collectivists, we individualists.  They will always try to put up a solid front, it is part of their modus operandi.  Note, please that their front is cracking, not starting to crack, cracking, and will ultimately collapse.  Their whole political machine runs on payola funded by tax dollars.  A big part of their problem is that as the boodle dries up they can’t quite make the payoffs they’ve promised.  This is a trend that they are utterly unequipped to reverse, their own rapacity guarantees it.

Lincoln expressed it admirably: a house divided cannot stand.  The Republican house has been divided for a long time.  This fight is about the principles of unity that can, and will, restore the Party and the Nation.  Let’s not fear to get on with the first so we can get on with the second.

We can do no other

Over at the New Republican they have a list, “What we believe.”

Pretty impressive list, if you ask me (if Rumsfeld can ask and answer his own questions, so can I.), there is nothing here that I can’t get behind.  The best part is that they take traditional, American mainstream ideas and couch them in language that appeals to today’s citizen.  Here’s a sample:

  1. We believe in freedom.
  2. We believe in the Constitution.
  3. We believe freedom incentivizes ordinary people to do extraordinary things and that makes America an exceptional nation.
  4. We believe in freedom nationally and values locally.
  5. We don’t believe old, top-down, industrial-age government becomes a good idea just because it agrees with us or because we are running it.

All of them are similarly pungent and hard-hitting.  My personal favorite:

62. We believe in creating abundance, not redistributing scarcity.

Amen.  Here I stand.