Spider webs, the Anti-American network

Of one thing we can be sure, no Communist acts alone.  This has less to do with the fact that they are all collectivists and want to herd together than with the careful planning they do to ensure the destruction of America and the triumph of the Communist Revolution in America.  As with all evil conspiracies, it must be plotted in the dark and carried out under cover of lies.

In her new book, “The Red Thread, A search for ideological drivers inside the anti-Trump conspiracy”, Diana West, authoress of “American Betrayal” has once again done America a solid.  She has a blog over at DianaWest.net which is worth visiting frequently for new tidbits of what she is discovering.  I have just purchased the book and am very much looking forward to reading it.  Below she discusses the book with Stephan Molineux.  Best viewed with strong drink.


Tell us what you REALLY think, Candace – UPDATED

UPDATE: I hadn’t seen the first part of the interaction between Candace and the committee.  I could see that she was seething, American Greatness has the rest of the story:

Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens effectively shot down a Democratic congressman’s attempt to smear her as a Hitler apologist during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism, Tuesday.

“In congressional hearings, the minority party gets to select its own witnesses. And of all the people the Republicans could have selected, they picked Candace Owens,” Rep. Ted Lieu of California sneered. “I don’t know Miss Owens. I’m not going to characterize her. I’m going to let her own words do the talking,” he continued, producing his phone and playing a clip of the conservative activist discussing Hitler, earlier this year.

“I actually don’t have any problems at all with the word nationalism,” Owens says in the clip. “I think that it gets — the definition gets poisoned by elitists that actually want globalism. Globalism is what I don’t want. So when you think about — whenever we say nationalism, the first thing people think about — at least in America — is Hitler. You know, he was a national socialist, but if Hitler had just wanted to make Germany great and have things run well, OK, fine. The problem is that he wanted — he had dreams outside of Germany. He wanted to globalize, he wanted everybody to be German, everybody to be speaking German.”

Falsely characterizing Owens as trying “to legitimize Hitler,” Lieu asked witness Eileen Hershenov, a senior vice president at the Anti-Defamation League, if her words had “fed into white nationalist ideology.”

“It does, Mr. Lieu,” Hershenov replied. “I know that Ms. Owens distanced herself from those comments later, but we expressed great concern over the original comments.”

Asked to respond a few minutes later, Owens accused Lieu of thinking that African-Americans are “stupid.”

“I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid and will not pursue the full clip in its entirety. He purposefully presented an extracted clip,” she said, before committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) interrupted.

“The witness will suspend for a moment!” he said, pounding his gavel.  He chastised Owens, saying that “it is not proper to refer disparagingly to a member of the committee. The witness will not do that again.”

Allowed to continue, Owens said: “Sure, even though I was called despicable.”

Nadler butt in again to say, “the witness may not refer to a member of the committee as ‘stupid.’”

She replied incredulously, “I didn’t refer to him as ‘stupid.’ That’s not what I said.  That’s not what I said at all. You didn’t listen to what I said.”

After being called out by the conservative activist, Nadler simply shrugged.

Owens, of course had accused Lieu of thinking black people were too stupid to watch the full clip in context.

“As I said,” she explained, “he’s assuming that black people will not go pursue the full two hour clip” to find out that she wasn’t defending Hitler. She added that the question that was asked of her was whether or not she believed in nationalism.

“And I responded that I do not believe that we should be characterizing Hitler as a Nationalist. He was a homicidal, psychopathic maniac who killed his own people,” she said. “A Nationalist would not kill their own people. That is exactly what I was referring to in the clip and he purposefully wanted to give you a cut-up similar to what they do to Donald Trump to create a different narrative. That was unbelievably dishonest and he did not allow me to respond to it, which is worrisome and should tell you a lot about where people are today in terms of trying to drum up narratives.”

Owens added defiantly that she works for Prager University “which is run by an Orthodox Jew, not a single Democrat showed up at the Embassy opening in Jerusalem and I sat on a plane for eighteen hours to make sure I was there. I’m deeply offended by the insinuation of revealing that clip without revealing the question that was asked of me.”

The C-Span clip ends with Rep. Lieu staring straight ahead with his hands in the confident “steeple” pose, “commonly observed in superior-subordinate relationships,” according to body language experts.

Donald Trump Jr later tweeted out his support of Owens’ fiery performance: “Wow. Well done @RealCandaceO!!!” he said.  “Great to see someone call out the Dems on their purposeful manipulation of facts for their narrative. Since the media runs with anything they say and is the marketing wing of the DNC they aren’t used to getting called out for the repeated BS.”

The primary tactic by which Socialist societies hold their populations in thrall is by the use of fear.  That fear involves everything from the extremes of being dragged out to the street by thugs in bad suits, shot and later brought to trial or a tenner in the Gulag all the way down to the more common threat of loss of privileges; in these societies everything is a privilege dispensed or withheld by the government; including the right to work.  Their tactics are no different in societies such as ours that they are pushing into Socialist conformity.  It is this fear that erodes the will to resist and ultimately leads to demoralization and the collapse of society into conformity and despair.  Everything they do is designed to compel silence and from that silence trumpet “the people’s” approval, be it ever so tacit, and so cement their victory.

So it that when a clarion voice proclaims the truth loudly, clearly and unanswerably that the patriot’s heart rejoices.  There are, to be sure, many such voices speaking against the Marxist Leninist lies, but most of the time we don’t get to hear them.  But when we do, how sweet it is!  Ladies and gentlemen (let us not speak of others), I give you Candace Owens.

The good, the bad and the ugly

No, not the Spaghetti Western with Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach – if only.  Instead I bring you three items which ought to be of joy, interest and concern.  But first, a little comic relief.  Probably I should put that at the end, but I isn’t really funny enough to gladden the heart after what I have for you today.  Sorry, you’ve been fore warned.

This should be on the door of every restroom in the 28th Congressional District, if not the entire State.  Snip, snip, a little glue and slap! a household name is born.

California’s ‘High Capacity” Magazine ban ruled unconstitutional by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  And you, doubter, didn’t used to believe in the Fairy Godmother.  Standard capacity magazines are back in!  Let the rattle of small arms fire announce the celebration.

On June 29, 2017, Breitbart News reported that U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez blocked the implementation of California’s “high-capacity” magazine ban two days before it was to go into effect. He noted that the ban could not survive the test of District of Columbia v. Heller (2008), noting: “When the simple test of Heller is applied … the statute is adjudged an unconstitutional abridgment.”
On July 17, 2018, a three-judge panel from the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld Benitez’s ruling, voting 2-to-1 against the ban and sending the case back to Benitez.
On March 29, 2019, Benitez again ruled against the ban, issuing an order barring California Attorney General Xavier Becerra from enforcing the ban.
Benitez again relied upon Heller, noting that “millions of ammunition magazines able to hold more than 10 rounds are in common use by law-abiding responsible citizens for lawful uses like self-defense. This is enough to decide that a magazine able to hold more than 10 rounds passes the Heller test.“

So much for the good.  And it’s a good thing too as this next item might prompt you to hot-foot it down to your local Concord green, musket in hand, burning for accountability.  Don’t do it, its not time yet.  Our ol’ pal Hillary has been a very bad girl.  We knew that, of course, and we also know that we don ‘t get told the half of it.  If this guy is right, and it makes a twisted kind of sense, then she and her whole gang should swing.

From FBI Anon, the penultimate paragraph.  Yeah, but read it all right here.  Looks like old news, but believe me, it is perennially hot and fresh.  Be sure you are sitting down and have a large bottle of something stronger than even Democrat Tears.  You’ll need it.

George Soros is at the nucleus of nearly all US political corruption.  He funds, instructs and influences every level of the US government, right down to the tax code.  Everything is corrupt. The entire government is corrupt.  NO ONE IS CLEAN!  Our hands tied.  There is much more that is too dark for anyone to stomach.  My message to you and everyone on this board is do not get distracted by Clinton’s e-mails.  Focus on the Foundation.  All of the nightmarish truth is there.  The e-mails pale in comparison. Between the servers, the horrific killing of the Seals, the nuclear information, the Davey Crockets, the SAP sales, the $150 billion to Iran and the $1.7 trillion of funneled hush money—there is enough to hang them all for high treason.

As if that were’t bad enough there’s worse, and it is truly ugly.  For some reason we hear a lot from the Loony Left’s True Believers, now that Mueller turned up nothing but compost,  about how there’s got to be a Russian Collusion pony around here somewhere, but not a word on the resugent ebola epidemic in Africa.  This, I am here to tell you, is truly terrifying.  Aesop at Raconteur Report has been following the story for some time, you can read his posts on it here.

1) This is only moving fast for the DRC.
Compared to 2014 in West Africa, this epidemic is moving glacially slow.
Mainly, because unlike 2014, there is an effective experimental vaccine.
But this outbreak hasn’t even reached exponential growth, unlike 2014, and it’s still barely 1000 cases.
In other words, half the pure exponential growth seen in 2014.

2) The potential is still there.
We’re talking about pre-literate anti-science tribal cement-heads.
They burn down the treatment centers, and steal the infected corpses back to do traditional funerals, where they fondle the festering carcasses. After eating rodentiiae from the bush that harbored the virus in the first place, and then undercooking them.
These are not humanity’s brightest lightbulbs.

3) Most of them cannot cobble up bus fare to the next village, let alone air fare out of Africa.
Thank a merciful heaven.

That’s on the plus side.

On the minus side:

1) The numbers we have are based on WHO and DRC self-reporting.
There is no reporting from multiple regions where they’ve burned the ETCs and chased out the survey teams. So it may be far worse. (The fudge factor in 2014 West Africa was 300%, minimum. I.e., if they report 100 casualties, there were at least 300.)

2) The “screening” at airports is kabuki theatre. This strain shows no fevers – the only sign checked at the airports – in 50% of confirmed cases.
IOW, this one will escape the jungle eventually, to a metaphysical certainty, five minutes after it gets to a city with an international airport. And you won’t know until it’s well and truly out. First notice of a case may come 5-40 days after it arrives. Now imagine how many contacts there are by Day 40, unknown and untraced. This is playing Six Degrees of Bacon with the Black Death.

3)Exactly as noted, there is no cure for Ebola, and contraction is a lifelong torture sentence, including repeated positive titer of live virus every time they check, at every known post-infection marker date: 1 month, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, etc. Like Chicken pox, it never goes away, it just becomes dormant. Until it doesn’t.

4) A dozen cases won’t overwhelm a city’sresources: 12 cases in the US will overwhelm North America’s resources.
There are only 11 BL-IV beds in all of the U.S., and none in Canada nor Mexico AFAIK.
Case #12 goes to outside hospitals.
(FTR, we had 10 Ebola cases simultaneously under treatment in the US in 2014. That’s how close we came to disaster: two more patients.)

How bad is that?
One case – with the best CDC guidelines – overwhelmed all of Dallas’ ability to cope, and took down a 973-bed major regional hospital for six months.
One. Case.

5) Absolutely nothing has been done from 2014 to now to better prepare any American hospital for Ebola. Neither in general, nor specifically. If anything, we’re worse off.

6) The way to personally cope with Ebola isn’t masks and gloves. That’s too little, too late.
It’s concertina wire and buckshot.
Followed by gasoline and road flares for the slow learners.
You aren’t going to “save” nor “treat” a family member who gets it. They’re effectively dead.

In Africa, Ebola Treatment Centers provide “palliative care”.
Not IVs. Not medicine. Just cool cloths, cleaning up their vomit and diarrhea, and zipping them lovingly into body bags when they die.
Provided mainly by the 10-20% who manage to survive the disease, and have nothing better to do afterwards. Because as noted, they’re still riddled with virus afterwards, in breast milk, sweat, semen, other secretions, etc. For God Alone knows how long afterwards.

Trying to treat even one person overwhelmed a major hospital.
You aren’t going to do it with less than a staff of 50, and a warehouse full of gear, plus a crater-sized burn pit for waste products.

IOW, once it gets near you, you either self-quarantine inside a clean zone, or you don’t.
There will be no going back and forth.
And bringing someone infected inside your clean zone will just make it a death zone, and kill your entire clan.

Welcome to Italy in the 1300s, when Plague arrives.

You either have enough food and water to wait it out inside a safe zone, or you don’t.
In which latter case, you’ll likely catch it, and then die.
So stock up on the appropriate canned goods.
In #10 food cans.
And OD ammo cans.

And the damned Donks are pushing open borders.  What could go worse?

That is about as much ugliness as I can stand at the moment.  God is in His Heaven where I hope to join him bye and bye, hoping you’ll join me eventually – no hurry, you understand.  Meanwhile there is work to do.  Pray like it all depends on Him, work like it all depends on you, Saint Augie had a way with words, he did.


Why can’t they accept it?

Why can’t they accept the Mueller Report? Because the Neo-Marxists, call them what you will, are religious fanatics. They have made the Trump Russia collusion narrative a faith based claim, an infallible article of dogma.

They concocted it to explain away an inconvenient truth, that Hillary lost, and because she lost the dogma of the historical inevitability of the triumph of a Socialist Revolution has been undercut.

Typically when an end-of-the-world millenial cult pronounces of the end by a date certain, and they wake up the next day to find themselves still wandering between heaven and earth, the True Believers concoct wild and desperate explanations for why the final cataclysm failed to materialize on schedule. And always the last line is, “but its for sure next time.”

Review the histories. Socialism has failed catastrophically every time its been tried.  Every time if collapses into failure the adherents of that sad, dark and bloody religion say, “it just wasn’t done right.” Every time a new prophets rise up telling the same old lies, making the same empty promises, “this time it will be different.” Always there is a new crop of gullible and desperate fools to follow them.

America endures.

Deep state down

Typically when a coup fails the surviving potentate puts the conspirators to the sword.  Now that the coup against President Trump has failed it is my fondest wish that his administration search out, root out and lock up all those who conspired against him.  It would be good if some of these are actually lined up in front of a firing squad and duly ventilated, pour encourager les autres, to encourage – or discourage – the rest.

This is justice, that those who practice evil are discovered, tried and punished.  Oh, and one other thing, that they be exposed in public, the evidence, the process, the judgement, and finally the punishment must be seen by the people.  The sole clemency ought be nothing other than that it be swiftly accomplished.

For decades a growing cabal of Liberals, Leftists, Socialists, Communists and their fellow travelers, Marxists all, have conspired to subvert every aspect of our nation from least to greatest.  They have insinuated themselves into our courts, our legislative bodies, our educational system, our entertainment industries, our information channels, our churches, our political class, our corporations, our intelligence services, our diplomatic corps, our military, our you-name-it, undermining, weakening and rendering them increasingly ineffective and counterproductive when not actually destroying them outright.

Rather than form a more perfect union they have fomented division.  Rather than establish justice they have perverted it.  Rather than insure domestic tranquility they have engendered strife.  Rather than provide for the common defence they have undercut our defences and supported our foes.  Rather than promote the general welfare they have promoted their own at the expense of all others.  Rather than secure the blessings of liberty they have curtailed it at every turn and continually seek to curtail it further.

All this has all been done behind the mask of false virtue, hiding their true purpose which was so elegantly and artlessly articulated by Immaculate Barry Soetoro: “… fundamentally transforming America.”  Many still take that mask at face value, foolishly supporting that transformation.  In their vaulting arrogance, so certain were they that the arc of history was irrevocably bent in their favor and were therefore invincible, that ultimate victory was finally in their grasp, that they let the mask slip.  So certain are they still of their revolutionary triumph that they have not fitted the mask back in place but redouble their efforts further exposing their naked lust for power and their grim determination to seize it at any and all costs.

One of the greatest evils of this macabre deformation of America has been that the common man who has staked his life on the rule of law has seen that the rules apply to him but not to those who declare themselves his moral superior.  Increasingly the United States has become a place where the powerful do as they please and the poor bear what they must, the simple rule of life in every squalid despotism throughout history.   The common man sees that the law that should protect him persecutes him while the self proclaimed great and the good commit the gravest of crimes and skate away unmolested, undisturbed and unrepentant.

Worse, these untouchable aristocrats mock him and all he holds dear as deplorable.  This burning resentment is tending to result in a general failure to trust and respect the law.  This is a huge problem because the moral glue that holds a society together is a widely held belief in and adherence to laws, customs and norms.  This is especially true in a republic which, unlike monarchies (rule by kings), oligarchies (rule by aristocracies) and democracies (rule by mobs), is ruled by laws which apply equally to all.  If there is no respect for the law chaos ensues as each man does as he pleases indifferent to the law just as he sees the powerful do.

A restoration of the Republic demands the clear execution of justice under the law.  All those, especially the most prominent public figures connected to this failed coup and their collaborators, must be brought to swift and public justice.  Only thus can confidence in the rule of law be restored, the Grand Republic healed, We the People once again united and our long national nightmare be over.

Demographics is destiny

Mark Steyn famously said, and for which he was roundly condemned by the Left, that the future belongs to those who show up for it.  You’ll never guess who’s showing up, at least with enough numbers.  It ain’t us.  No, I don’t mean old codgers like me.  I mean the descendants of our American forefathers.  It begins to look more and more like Western civilization, and American civilization in particular has been too successful for it’s own good.  Everybody wants in, especially those from sh!it hole countries whose civilizations are in collapse.

Not that I can blame them.  I grew up as an American in Mexico and saw first hand the poverty and misery in which the majority of these people lived.  I also saw how envy, violence and corruption perpetuated poverty and misery.  I understood why my father, and American Consular Visa officer was so careful about granting immigrant visas.  He understood that he was on the front lines of defending America against the ravening hordes that want what we have but don’t have the cultural foundations to sustain it.  We know this because they didn’t transform their own countries when they were there.

The video below appears to have been made in 2008.  Since that time the Obummer administration imported hundreds of thousands of Muslims from every sh!thole country out there.  Ilhan Omar and Rashid Tlaib are emblematic of the type.  They are fully committed to mentality of the poisonous cultures in which they were reared and are inculcating their poison into their descendants.  They show not the slightest appreciation for America, what America has done for them nor any inclination to make American values their own.

Nor is it just the sons and daughters of Islam that are rejecting American culture, following the death of assimilation at the hands of Diversity and Multi Culturalism its all of them.  The current Leftist dominated zeitgeist has labeled us, the descendants of the Founding Fathers “Deplorables” and all others not only good but superior.  Just as bad money drives out good so barbarians (not to mince words, no, not a bit) destroy civilizations once they are let in, and the Left is packing them in as fast as they can.

Western civilization seems to be waking to the danger, even as the leaders who have brought us to this pass are doubling down on our destruction.  Reversing the trend will be another massive civilizational undertaking, if indeed we arrive at enough of a consensus to undertake it.  America is not yet over the cliff.  We can still pull back.  It is on the basis of that hope that I continue to write and otherwise support America and the Republican Party, fractured as it is.  “Work,” Saint Augustine said, “as if it all depends on you, pray like it all depends on God.”  ‘Cause it does.

AOC, reverse zombie?

Well I guess it makes sense that she has brains behind her as she doesn’t seem to have them in her own little cranium.  Maybe it should not be Occasional Cortex but Outsourced Cortex, kind of a reverse zombie.

And you thought the Donks had already been infiltrated by the Commies.  Well this sounds nuts, and maybe it is.  But then, it was nuts to start with.

Ilhan Omar coming to LA on Saturday

Come one, come all!  Please note the rally rules below!

SFV Patriots: Paul Revere Shout!

Sidewalk Rally on Saturday, March 23, 2019:

Radical Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN in Woodland Hills

Dear Friends of the San Fernando Valley Patriots:

CAIR is bringing Congresswoman Omar to our Valley. We must greet her.

Rally: CAIR/Rep. Ilhan Omar Awards in SFV

 Saturday, March 23 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.at the Hilton Hotel, 6360 Canoga Ave., Woodland Hills, CA 91367.

Parking: Short-term VISITOR PARKING  at the Hilton (entry off Canoga just South of Victory is $1.95 per 20 minutes. There is public parking available across the street at L.A. Fitness and the shopping center, but uncertain if there will be ticketing/towing.

Event:  CAIR hosts its annual Valley banquet for 2019 entitled, “Advancing Justice: Empowering Valley Muslims.”

Keynote speaker: Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) the First American Muslim Congresswoman and Hassan Shibly, CAIR Florida Chief Executive Director. EVENT is at 6 p.m with a pre-awards event at 5:30 p.m.


The rally from 4 to 6 p.m. maximizes visibility while attendees arrive.

The SFV Patriots is not a sponsor of this rally, however, Rep. Omar’s comments attacking those who stand with Israel; her support of CAIR, which has proven ties to Hamas; her promotion of Shariah Law and the recent resolution of the Democrat Party, which refused to censure Omar’s behavior as an elected member of Congress, triggers this notice to you.

We must stand for our Founding Principles and the Constitution, or we will witness this nation’s destruction. Multiple civic groups are participating in this “grassroots” sidewalk demonstration.

Showing up matters.

SFV Patriots has dozens of pro-USA, #MAGA and Founding principles posters. We also have dozens of US and Israeli flags. Our carpool will bring up to a dozen extra posters and flags, however, please RSVP your attendance by March 22, 2019 at 818-881-7176 (name, phone) so we can reserve a flag/poster for you.

Reminder on Rally Rules: Any sidewalk rally requires obedience to ALL traffic/pedestrian laws. No blocking driveways or roadways. You must keep moving. Any amplified sound or selling of items must have a permit.

Our guidelines follow Gandhi: Our rallies are SILENT. We are NON-AGGRESSIVE verbally or physically. We use our cell phones to record any disruptive or criminal actions.

Blessings in Liberty!

Karen Kenney, SFV Patriots

818-881-7176 (SFV Patriots Hotline)

All they had to do was not be crazy

All the Destructocrats had to do was not be crazy, and they just can’t do it.  No, they had to go and elect the biggest, looniest bunch of nut cases they could find.  And what an orchard they found!  But first the bad news.

It has been painfully apparent for some time that the Donks are the Party of Geritol and Depends.  All their best people were old enough to remember the Maine.  There’s just something about Socialists that makes them congenitally unable to let go the reins of power.  Never the less some new blood has appeared in their ranks.  Now when the Grim Reaper drags their withered husks off stage left and escorts them to their very own Brimstone Bungalows in the Great Below there is a younger generation ready to step into the breach.  Not that that is going to stop Crazy Uncle Bernie.  His day is coming, and when it does he’ll find out what “Feel the Bern” is really all about.

Now for the good news.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, aka Occasional Cortex, every dumb blonde’s new best friend.  She is a walking, talking advertisement for burning down the Economics and International Relations departments of Boston University; what the hell, burn down BU altogether as a tribute to their good work, we’ll call it the Bonfire of the Inanities.  Every time she flashes her pearly horse choppers and rolls her crazy eyes she murders IQ points across the nation.

And speaking of murder, Ilhan Omar, the Muzzie from Minneapolis, hints (!) that she would be all in favor of restarting the Final Solution that came to such an unfortunately premature end in 1945.  What red blooded Somali girl doesn’t marry her brother to commit immigration fraud?  Or at least the ones that avoid getting killed for the honor of the clan.  Like AOC above, she is a committed Socialist and is working hard to introduce good Somali values into our legislative process, and make them mandatory across America.  She now serves on the House Foreign Affairs Committe, natch!

Combining the best of both worlds we present Rashida Harbi Tlaib.  A member of the Democratic Socialists, as is AOC, and like Ilhan Omar a Muslim committed enemy of Jewry, she combines the best of both worlds in one appalling package.  A fervid advocate of impeachment of President Trump she finds herself at odds, as do the two beauties mentioned above, with Nancy Pelosi, which is guaranteed to produce an absolutely spectacular internecine war among the Donks.  Stock up on popcorn and watch Holy Diversity at work.

As for impeaching Trump, Nancy “Botox” Pelosi says, maybe not, and Adam “Schiffhead” Schiff agrees.  But wait, weren’t these two just the other day snorting and pawing the ground to get started on hanging the President?  Wasn’t that pretty much what the entire Demoncrat Party ran on?  Why, yes.  Yes it was.  All of a sudden not so much.  I wonder why.  It’s not as if they need any actual proof of actual high crimes and misdemeanors, they make that stuff up on the fly every day.  Watch this space.

And speaking of snorting and pawing the ground, whatever happened to the Russians?  It seems like only yesterday they were colluding with Trump and influencing our elections.  Where did they go?  And where is the vaunted Mueller Report?  Do you mean to tell me the Commiecrats spent over two years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars and vast amounts of political capital to back up a lie intended to cover up subversion in the Justice Department to hide actual criminal activity in the Hillary Clinton campaign to deflect attention from high crimes and misdemeanors and, most likely, treason?  Of course.

And speaking of foreigners influencing our elections, how about voting that illegal immigrants invaders should be able to voteNo foreign influence there, much (on Mexican influence in the US).  Of course we need millions of immigrants with no English, little education, ignorance of our laws, history and culture, a high propensity for violence, and average IQs in the mid 80’s to do the jobs that American’s won’t: vote Democrat.  No wonder they are pushing for open borders, they need a more compliant electorate, now that regular Americans have disappointed them at the polls.

What!?  If election fraud, which is absolutely in their wheel house, won’t turn the trick, they are really in deep do-do.  Having failed to successfully promote their anti-free market, anti-self reliance, anti-Christian, anti-American agenda to normal Americans it seems that they are going all-in for the Socialist Hail Mary play pass.  This whole edifice is so shaky, so contingent, so absurd that defeating it should not be that difficult, even with Drive By Media hyping it day and night.

They are hanging on by their fingernails and they know it.  In the end we win they lose, the only ones who don’t know it is us.  Time for the GOP to start sprouting a spine and go after them on these issues.  Their craziness is the fruit of desperation, let’s exploit it.


Hoaxed – censored

Mike Cernovich recently produced the movie Hoaxed which I bought and now make available to you.  As I understand the terms of sale I am free to make it available to you.

We knew already that the mainstream media is essentially a propaganda machine operating for its own profit and the advancement of a left wing political ideology.  Cernovich goes into not only the details, but the philosophical underpinnings of the means, methods, whys and wherefores of this most unreal of realities.  At just over two hours length you can be glad that you have a pause button.  As I have the file I will be happy to make it available for use by any group with the technical means to play it off a USB thumb drive.

Enjoy, if that is the right word.  If the window below doesn’t work use this link.

Our video hosting service removed this video without notification or explanation.  We’ve been censored.