Blueprint for the American Counter Revolution

We are at war.  Our war will be fought in two primary fronts, morale and information.  What does this mean?

Morale: two points.  First, we must maintain our own morale.  Our cause is just and so we have the blessing of Heaven.  We must resist fear.  Their evil minions are dangerous, but with prudence and good situational awareness we can stay out of their way.  Fear is the mind killer, the hope killer, the gateway to despair.  We must resist it and not allow it to rule us.  Fear is the awareness of danger and the first prerequisite of courage.  The second is fidelity to truth.  Associate with Patriots who will support you and whom you can support in turn.  You are not alone.  Never alone.  Where we go one, we go all.

Second, they have no moral legitimacy, and they must be reminded of it at every opportunity.  They must be told again and again that the election was stolen.  When presented with an opportunity to do so, raise that point and attach some piece of evidence; evidence abounds.  You can find some examples right here or here on this blog or over at  Plus they admitted it in TIME magazine.  We must never acknowledge that they have ANY legitimacy.  Mock them mercilessly.  If forced to comply, do so grudgingly, only so far as necessary and find a way to make them feel like fools for having forced you.

Information: Because they require our silence to succeed in enslaving us we must not be silent.  Rather we must expose them and their vile deeds.  Your Irascible Corespondent has been doing that, providing you with the information you need to advance the Patriotic agenda.  If you find anything of value in these pages PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE INFORMATION!  Don’t keep it to yourself.

A LOT of people are very uncomfortable with what’s going on, even if they don’t really know what’s really happened.  They need leaders, and you are going to be their leader.  They are just waiting for somebody to broach the topic.  If they get all mad and huffy, drop them.  People are desperate for somebody to talk to that can explain things to them.  Hello, friend!  You’re it!  This is your network, cherish it.

How is this to be done?

By using Air Force Lieutenant Colonel John Boyd’s OODA loop to restore the Republic.

Observe – Orient – Decide – Act

Observe: Find out what people are thinking, guided conversation starters
Note those who think more or less as we do regardless of party
Collect contact info and befriend them, vet them
If OK invite them to an Orient group

Orient: Home based study groups named after 1776 heroes – Founder’s Circles
Study the Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of rights (Hillsdale free online)
Discussion of current events in light of what has been studied
Instruction in Civic Authority
Look for leaders and organizers

Decide: What action might be taken to advance the cause
Decision taken at local level, no permission required
Cost benefit analysis internal – clear goals
Study Center for Self Governance

Act: Plan, prepare, execute, evaluate
Disseminate to and coordinate plan with other Founders’ Circles for mutual support
Observers to engage interested parties – see Observe above

Central communication point on the web, Association for a Responsible Future dot org

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