In the absence of the Constitution who leads?

A contract entered into by fraud or force is null and void.  The American form of government depends on the consent of the governed as expressed in free and fair elections.  The 2020 election was “won” by cheating, that is, by fraud and force.  The Constitution has been abrogated and is no longer the supreme law of the land.

The last President of the United States was Donald J. Trump.  The Biden puppet is no President, he is nothing.  He has no authority and no power.  Congress, the entirety of the House of Representatives and the Senate, have no authority.  The writings they produce, even when signed by the Biden puppet have no force, and neither to the “executive orders” he signs.  The Supreme Court is corrupted, their pronouncements are so much hot air.  Likewise the lesser courts.

The same goes for the legislative, executive and judicial bodies in all the States, all the Counties and all the Municipalities in the land.  The only thing holding it together is that We the People have not woken up the consequences of the fraudulent election, that neither the local, County, State or Federal former governments exist except in so are as they maintain the illusion of legitimacy in the minds of the population they mean to enslave.  That would be you and me.

There is a reason that Washington DC is surrounded by a 12 foot fence topped with razor wire and guarded by thousands of National Guard soldiers.  There is a reason that the bought and paid for organs of propaganda, the press, both electronic and dead tree are silent on the matter.  There is a reason the old guard social media platforms are so assiduous in censoring any hint or suggestion that the election was rigged.  This is why they viciously attack and destroy anyone who dares raise an objection or speak the obvious truth.  The one notable exception that proves the rule is the startlingly frank admission of a secret cabal to defeat Trump published in TIME magazine last week.

The reason is that the success of their coup depends on the silent acquiescence of the people of the United States.  They need our silence to succeed.  They are terrified that the murmurs of discontent will swell in number and volume to merge into a great roar of outrage that will first expose and then depose them – with the same extreme prejudice they intend to employ on us.

Interactive map of riots, click to view source

Make no mistake, they intend to institute a reign of terror that will make the French Revolution look like game of tag in the park.  Yes, terror.  We have already seen what Antifa and Black Lives Matter, two organizations that form the new Ku Klux Klan, have been doing these many months all across the nation.  While citizens are are arrested and railroaded for legitimate self defense the rioters are immediately released to do it all over again.  Not so bad as there’s not much of it, you say – I say not so reported on.  It will get worse as they gain recruits from among the violent criminals District Attorneys like our very own George Gascon release and refuse to prosecute.

Fraud, lies, corruption, theft, intimidation, threats, violence, assault and murder, all of it in service to keeping us fearful, quiet and compliant while they consolidate their power.  These power mad politicians, our own home grown Communist Mafia aided by Chinese money, Ukrainian Fascists and Iranian Jihadists are openly at war with America.  For decades we slept while they built their secret societies and laid their deep plans, waging covert war while they dreamed of this day.

The great question for us now is, “Shall we or shall we not be at war with them, and if so, can we win it?”  My answer is “Yes!” to both those questions.  Assuming your answer is also “Yes!” then what must be done to wage and win this war?

First off, this is not going to primarily be a war of bunches of people shooting at each other.  That must be avoided as much as possible as it only feeds into the lies they will use and are using to oppress us.  Do hold on to your guns, but keep them out of sight and out of use except in extreme, life threatening situations.  So, what then?

Our war will be fought in two primary fronts, morale and information.  What does this mean?

Morale: two points.  First, we must maintain our own morale.  Our cause is just and so we have the blessing of Heaven.  We must resist fear.  Their evil minions are dangerous, but with prudence and good situational awareness we can stay out of their way.  Fear is the mind killer, the hope killer, the gateway to despair.  We must resist it and not allow it to rule us.  Fear is the awareness of danger and the first prerequisite of courage.  The second is fidelity to truth.  Associate with Patriots who will support you and whom you can support in turn.  You are not alone.  Never alone.  Where we go one, we go all.

Second, they have no moral legitimacy, and they must be reminded of it at every opportunity.  They must be told again and again that the election was stolen.  When presented with an opportunity to do so, raise that point and attach some piece of evidence; evidence abounds.  You can find some examples right here or here on this blog or over at  Plus they admitted it in TIME as previously mentioned.  We must never acknowledge that they have ANY legitimacy.  Mock them mercilessly.  If forced to comply, do so grudgingly, only so far as necessary and find a way to make them feel like fools for having forced you.

Information: Because they require our silence to succeed in enslaving us we must not be silent.  Rather we must expose them and their vile deeds.  Your Irascible Corespondent has been doing that, providing you with the information you need to advance the Patriotic agenda.  If you find anything of value in these pages PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE INFORMATION!  Don’t keep it to yourself.

A LOT of people are very uncomfortable with what’s going on, even if they don’t really know what’s really happened.  They need leaders, and you are going to be their leader.  They are just waiting for somebody to broach the topic.  If they get all mad and huffy, drop them.  People are desperate for somebody to talk to that can explain things to them.  Hello, friend!  You’re it!  This is your network, cherish it.

One of the reasons we are in the fix we are in is that we have largely withdrawn from the public forums we do not control.  That was a strategic error.  Oh, they won’t listen to you?  Be insistent in the public forum and develop channels of influence in the back office.  Host a Constitution study group in your home, maybe in conjunction with some of Hillsdale College’s excellent and free online courses.  Create a discussion group to hash out the possible consequences of some proposed law, regulation or policy and present your findings to whoever’s in charge of that issue at your local level.  Find a way to inform more people and bring them into the conversation.

How can we possibly expect to influence any institutional agenda if we don’t show up, let alone speak up?  No, sorry.  It isn’t somebody else’s job.  Its YOUR job.  Its MY job.  Say it, “Its MY job.”  Again.  “Its MY job.”  Again.  “Its MY job.”  Get informed and DO YOUR DAMNED JOB!

Because once they load us on the boxcars its too late.

I know these people.  The boxcars are coming sooner than you think – if we let them.  So don’t let them.


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