The real Antifa

As the reality of the “peaceful protests” spreading across American cities gets past the media propagandists Americans have gone sour on the whole thing.  This is because although we Americans have a soft spot in our hearts for the underdog we don’t like violent civil unrest – read: riots.  For us domestic tranquility is a core value.

When Commie News Network’s talking heads Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon noted on air that the Black Lives Matter protests and Antifa high jinx were hurting the Donks in the polls something had to be done.  Especially as a Trump supporter had been effectively assassinated in Portland.

So the Deep State allies in the Media published a story in the Atlantic accusing President Trump of dissing America’s military.  It was a very effective squirrel in that it distracted the nation’s attention from the riots to Trump’s sometimes infelicitous off the cuff pronouncements.

It had legs, of course, because Trump did disparage John McCain in the lead up to the 2016 election, saying that he preferred heroes that didn’t get captured.  But the story was quickly quashed with eyewitnesses denying that the President had said any such thing on that particular occasion.  The Left, of course, continues to trumpet far and near it regardless of the strong support Mr. Trump has accorded both active duty personnel and veterans.

The fact is that despite their feeble denials the Democrats and their allies are covering for Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  The story is that they are just a random bunch of rowdy Americans randomly protesting injustice.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Following the hit on Aaron Danielson, and it was a hit, questions started being asked.  Not by Portland’s mayor, of course, but other eyes and minds eagerly reviewed the data.  The conclusions they came to are disturbing, to say the least.  What is even more disturbing is what these investigations hav reevealed.

Vox Day lays it out:

This picture makes it perfectly clear that Jay Danielson, the Trump supporter shot and killed in Portland, was not only murdered, he was targeted by a group of people working in concert to kill him. The picture shows how the spotter directly behind Pappas is giving direction to the shooter, Michael Reinoehl, who is already drawing his gun and stepping out from his hiding place despite not having a line-of-sight to his target.

AC has considerably more on the subject, which may explain why the Portland police are looking for information concerning the man with his arm around the woman with the striped dress behind and to the right of Pappas. This tends to raise the question, why was Danielson targeted in the first place? The level of preparation involved suggests that it wasn’t merely because he was wearing MAGA gear that night.

The observable fact is that Antifa is a highly organized and well-funded terrorist organization, which is why the MAGA patriots have been reliably outmaneuvered despite being better armed and having better individual combat capabilities. See: The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse. Antifa is engaging in active 4GW while the MAGA forces are occupied in failing Sun Tzu 101 and failing it badly. That being said, Antifa doesn’t actually understand 4GW, which is why they keep failing on the moral level and thereby losing despite their tactical and operational successes.

Anonymous Conservative gives us more:

Notice the shooter is beginning to move as he draws his weapon, even though he does not have a sightline to the targets yet, and his position behind that cover would seem to be far enough back he could not otherwise have known his targets were hitting that position at exactly that moment. How did he know his targets were about to enter the killzone right then, and he needed to draw and begin moving?

Even more interesting, in the criminal complaint on page 17, it points out he was initially walking with a woman in a white T-shirt, coming from one direction to that corner, and both were staring down the street at the targets who were a ways away, coming from a completely different place, as if the shooter and his partner had been told over the air to go there, and the targets they were about to shoot were coming from that direction, and they were identifying them. Once they got a bead on the targets, the woman stopped at the corner and loitered as he continued on and took cover in that alcove. Taking a corner gave her sightlines up and down all streets there, which would be second nature to the trained surveillance operative.

And yet not having a sightline to the shooter, how would she communicate with him?  They were linked by radio. Look up behind the targets in the picture above, and you will see a lone guy who looks like the guy they are looking for. Notice his hand is covering his mouth just as the shooter begins to move, and the shooter is not holding a walkie talkie to receive any broadcast. It looks an awful like the guy behind the targets had taken surveillance command of the targets, he was trained enough that casually covering his lower face as he whispered into his chest was second nature, and he was radioing to the shooter who had an earpiece to receive, and probably a chest mic to transmit, triggering his movement at that moment, coordinating it to the targets.  Also interesting, this new character may be surveillance aware enough he turned away from the surveillance camera as he came into view of it.

I also find it interesting the shooter said he was in the Army, but no record of that can be found. It would not surprise me Cabal is monitoring military inductees, looking for bad apples they can sheepdip and pull out, as domestic operatives who would have all records of their time in erased. Timothy McVeigh described having been recruited into a more official program, where Special Forces recruits all took psychological tests before entering their official SF course, and a select few that met certain psychological criteria were then offered entry to a special unit if they claimed an injury and dropped out of all training, disassociated from the Army, and entered civilian life.

The question is, why were these guys marked to be taken out? It probably wasn’t random. One of them, whether he knew it or not, was on the cusp of something that moved him to the top of the list. Maybe he was even a part of something bigger on our side but nobody knows. Also, if you get hit fatally under circumstances like this and you have the energy and the ability, it is probably worth considering drawing, and dropping everyone within view who might be an enemy, just to be sure, especially if they are clearly marked as ideological enemies. In this case, notice how these two guys appear to have had everyone around them as surveillance running support for their hitter, including the couple with the “[…]” apparel. If they had told someone this, they would have sounded impossibly paranoid. But it happens in the real world – they have just been lying to you about it for so long, you can’t even imagine the truth.

S.D. at Survival Blog has more Nota Bene: America has operators who live among us:

Over the last few weeks, as protests and riots have continued, I decided to stop blindly accepting the media’s reporting and to get out and see what was actually going on at the rampant protests.

Let me start by saying that I don’t advocate everyone doing this…I’m a trained professional with over 20 years of investigations experience. I do want to share the interesting findings and make a few recommendations to everyone, though.

The narrative being presented was that these protests were not centrally organized and that they were grass-roots protests just springing up in response to social issues. My time inside the protests verified that this just isn’t true; they are very organized and are being planned by someone.

I began by gathering a list of local protests and making a schedule, attending the ones closest to home, to assess my local level of risk, and then branching out to other areas, and eventually even attending a very large one in Lansing, at the state Capitol. According to the event organizers, these were all protests by different groups….that’s important, later. Sources for finding local protests include Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Remember though, as Sam Culper at Forward Observer teaches, we should always farm social media for data, and never plant any data. Guard your information online.


The first one I attended was on the University of Michigan campus. The protest was rather large, about 1,500 people. What I found interesting was that the first speaker pointed out that “allies from RevCom/ANTIFA” were present, just to provide “logistical support” including medical and security teams. The local RevCom leader got up and explained how to find the medics (Large red or green crosses) and explained that security was “circulating among the crowd” for safety. That was an ominous statement, as I’ll point out later.

I began moving through the crowd and quickly spotted several security team members, obviously watching the crowd for anyone who wasn’t clapping or cheering along. It’s important to note that these protests require 100% ideological agreement or they will approach you and become confrontational, so I made sure I was chanting along. I noticed almost immediately that despite the man who said he was the RevCom leader, a young man named Ethan, that I would later have many interactions with, was actually in charge. He is a security team leader within the ANTIFA organization.

The biggest observation from the first protest was that despite the claims that they aren’t organized, they are highly organized by a central organization. Ethan and his security/medical team have been at every protest I’ve attended in Michigan, including one at the Capitol an hour away. They use the ubiquitous BaoFeng Handi-talkie radios to communicate.

Ethan himself most frequently wears Interceptor Body Armor and a Guy Fawkes mask, while dressing in black and red. When he is not personally actually leading the march, he wears the full face Guy Fawkes mask to try and prevent being identified.

Next, I attended a smaller protest that was scheduled in Canton Township, Michigan, a small Detroit suburb. I arrived an hour early, and lo & behold, Ethan and his crew were already in place. The protest met in a local grocery store lot and Ethan’s team was patrolling the lot, checking cars for people who appeared to be watching the protest.


Counter-Surveillance is a huge piece of the ANTIFA/RevCom program. They recorded license plate numbers of vehicles they deemed “suspicious”. At one point, when Ethan saw a man (not me) outside the protest taking photos, he tried to get the police to make the man leave. Imagine, protesting against the police, yet asking them to help you. The police told Ethan that Ethan and his group had no legal standing to ask anyone to leave, since they didn’t own the parking lot and were technically trespassing.

A few days later, I was attending a BLM protest in downtown Detroit. This one was different. The organizers, while they accepted the RevCom/ANTIFA medical assistance, refused the offer to assist with security and had their own provided by the local Masons club. Ethan was not to be stumped…despite their claims to refuse outside assistance to prevent “agitators”, I quickly found Ethan and his entire security team hidden among the crowd, still using radios, and conducting serious counter-surveillance, including snapping a few photos of me. Now, what they got were photos of a man wearing a ball cap, sunglasses, a face mask pulled up under my sunglasses, and a hoodie. I’m sure they were thrilled when they reviewed the photos and noticed that my middle finger was discreetly displayed in every photo they took. I quickly went around a corner and applied gray man tactics, switching my hoodie, ball cap, and face mask, and taking off the sunglasses. I tested it and they appeared to have no clue that I was the same person.

At all of these protests, I conducted map tracking using my BattleBoard Scout, a great tool. It’s essentially a notebook that also has a clear window that you can write on using dry-erase or wet-erase markers. I prefer wet-erase, so that the tracking isn’t accidentally taken off. I use it to document where incidents occur and where protest activity took place in order to have a more solid picture of the situation on the ground.

The next few protests were more of the same, with Ethan and his team following and intimidating anyone who didn’t appear to belong. They followed people to their vehicles and recorded license plate numbers. It’s important to note that they were very obvious about recording the numbers, in an attempt to intimidate anyone who might oppose their viewpoint.


At the Capitol protest, the game changed significantly. Ethan and his team met up with other RevCom/ANTIFA and BLM security teams from around the state and all were openly carrying arms, including long guns. Many of the ANTIFA people who showed up all in black were wearing helmets and soft armor, so they were ready for violence. They actively harassed and intimidated anyone they deemed as “Militia”. My point in mentioning that is that if you show up to track one of these protests dressed in your “tacti-cool” gear, they’ll make you and drive you off long before you get there. Blend in, go gray.

Another point about social media is to never broadcast live from inside a protest. They have people monitoring. Video podcaster and commentator Steven Crowder sent a team into CHAZ or CHOP for a live stream and they were quickly chased out.

Intelligence gathering is best done in secret and should remain secret.


I fell victim to their counter-surveillance again because the Militia folks had heightened their awareness with several attempts to enter the Capitol grounds, and apparently one of them observed me take a photo. They immediately began following me, including off the Capitol grounds to try and get my license plate, maybe even confront me, but since I had done a thorough map study and recon (again using my trusty BattleBoard Scout as a guide), I was able to lead them on a longer chase than they wanted to go on and they gave up. I was able to successfully change profile and re-enter the crowd.

It’s important to note that they had no authority to drive people off the Capitol grounds, but the State Police allowed them too, and never intervened when the BLM/ANTIFA crowd forced someone out.

When returning to my vehicle after each of these protests, I was very careful to conduct a Surveillance Detection Route (or SDR). This outwardly looks like a random walking pattern, allowing you to check and make sure that you aren’t being followed and to effectively shake or identify any followers.


So what are the lessons for patriots?

  1. The protests are organized by a central organization.
  2. They have trained and professional security teams.
  3. They actively conduct counter-surveillance.
  4. Park sufficiently far enough distance away to discourage anyone following, and walk in.
  5. They are completely willing to use arms and force.
  6. The presence of body armor indicates a willingness to use violence.
  7. Blending in is far better than direct confrontation.
  8. Have a fully stocked and ready first aid kit, such as a BearFAK.

Do I believe there will be a time when confrontation is needed? Absolutely.

However, let’s be smart and gather intelligence slowly and carefully first.


As a follow-up, after I observed one protest in Detroit, my friend Ethan came out of the shadows and made a Twitter post that the Detroit Police had tried to run him over, complete with video.   I was there. They surrounded the police cars and began beating on them, trying to force the police to use deadly force or hit them with the cars. The entire situation was a set-up designed to produce a new incident to create more tension and protests.

Be prepared for many more of these protests as the election nears.

The National Pulse continues:


The Transition Integrity Project, which purports to be bipartisan, is run by individuals linked to leftist mega-donor George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated Berggruen Institute. Their full playbook, with annotations, is embedded below.

On August 3rd The National Pulse published an article which explained an impending attempt to delegitimize the election coming from the far left and their corporate backers. George Soros, the Berggruen Institute, the Gates Foundation and a handful of NeverTrump operatives within the Republican Party created a front group called the Transition Integrity Project.

They claim they are non-partisan or bipartisan – they use those words interchangeably though they actually mean different things – and that their raison d’etre is that Trump will try to steal the election.

The group is linked with the Chinese Communist Party, too.

This group has had an avalanche of positive press coverage from the New York Times to local papers, to Vox, to the Atlantic magazine and more. They’re being heralded as saviors of this election.

Except their whole planning document is an attack on the norms we have known in American elections for a very, very long time.


The Transition Integrity Project makes no bones about its scorn for the Electoral College and we know why. The Electoral College prevents mob rule. It prevents the coastal elites running roughshod over what they call “Flyover country”. And it specifically was designed to do so.

In other words it was intended to stop the tyranny of the majority and mob rule.

But the Transition Integrity Project unironically accuses the RIGHT of opposing America’s norms, while they say this about the Electoral College:

“TIP recognizes and shares the view that the Electoral College is profoundly anti-democratic, and that numerous long-standing practices also function to create structural biases in our voting system. For present purposes, however, these constraints are treated as givens.”

In addition to objecting to the Electoral College – a constitutional necessity – they take aim at more recent norms within the U.S. The norm of “Election night”.

On page 2 of their document the Transition Integrity Project says of Election night:

“The concept of “election night,” is no longer accurate and indeed is dangerous. We face a period of contestation stretching from the first day a ballot is cast in mid-September until January 20. The winner may not, and we assess likely will not, be known on “election night” as officials count mail-in ballots. This period of uncertainty provides opportunities for an unscrupulous candidate to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the process and to set up an unprecedented assault on the outcome. Campaigns, parties, the press and the public must be educated to adjust expectations starting immediately.”

And of course, in lock step with the demands of this Soros-run group, the media has parroted these lines over the past few days.

That’s because they’re panicked. And this is their panic button.

Accuse Trump of doing precisely the thing they’re trying to do: steal the election.

Hawkfish, the DNC analytics firm, suggested Trump could win on election night in a landslide, but then have the vote reversed by cascades of mail in ballots that would magically emerge over the next week.

Just like they accused Trump of foreign collusion which he never performed, they’re accusing Trump of trying to steal an election that they themselves are trying to steal.

Their “non partisan report says that Trump’s going to try to pardon everyone around him, including himself, start a foreign war, destroy “evidence”, and disrupt any peaceful transition to power for the Democrats.

It’s outright fantasy. And it’s deeply dangerous.

And while on one page accusing Trump supporters of being violent, and with no evidence they claim Trump supporters will even infiltrate left-wing “peaceful” protests to STAGE violence, on the very next page they effectively demand a left-wing siege of the White House and we know that’s coming.

And on pages five and thirteen they demand social media and the establishment media try to stack the decks against Trump in the aftermath of the election:

“Social media platforms should also elevate trustworthy officials and accurate information, remove lies and disinformation, and refuse to give voice to those provoking or organizing violent action.”

That’s precisely what Zuckerberg announced. Facebook said they will suppress anyone claiming victory on election day. That means Trump and his supporters.

And who are these “trustworthy officials”? Themselves, of course!

Rosa Brooks and Nils Gilman of Soros’s Open Society group and the Chinese Communist Party-linked Berggreun Institute.

Those trustworthy officials.

Gilman even gave a comment to Vox on August 18th where he remarked upon how important it was that media companies decide who the next President is going to be, though one would struggle to find that part in the U.S. Constitution.

Here’s the quote from Gilman:

“It’s actually, ultimately Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch who are going to decide. Those guys on the evening lineup check in with the boss. So the question really is, what will those senior leaders be willing to countenance? Likewise, what is Mark Zuckerberg going to be willing to countenance in terms of the propagation of nonsense on Facebook? Right now, there hasn’t been a lot of indication from either the Murdochs or Zuckerberg that they’re willing to put any limits on what’s going to be said. So that’s a deep concern.”

That’d be the same Rupert Murdoch and Mark Zuckerberg who run sister organizations backing open borders and mass migration, right? Sounds trustworthy.

The Transition Integrity Project warns about Trump supporters taking to the streets on one page, and on the next demands:

“If there is a crisis, almost every strategy to protect the democratic process is dependent on mass mobilization, and in particular, on people taking peacefully to the streets in large numbers, potentially for an extended period. Large, base-building groups on the progressive side will need to anchor this strategy, but their success will likely depend on supporting and resourcing new and emerging racial justice leaders, many of whom are not affiliated with formal institutions and coalitions.”

The left doesn’t know how to take peacefully to the streets. This is an open call for mob violence from Soros, Gates, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Never Trumpers. It’s an attempt at a coup. And how do we know this?

Because on page 10 they say this:

“In one instance, Team Biden’s strategy – in anticipation of an ultimate loss – was to strengthen its hand in order to negotiate a package of structural reforms to the democratic system (including making DC and Puerto Rico states, abolishing the Electoral College, and requiring Supreme Court justices to retire at 70).”

Remind us who’s attacking the norms again?

Lastly, on page nine, they say:

“The scale of recent demonstrations has increased the stakes for the Democratic Party to build strong ties with grassroots organizations and be responsive to the movement’s demands.”

They want the mobs as Joe Biden’s base.

Of course Soros has his dirty fingers in these and all sorts of pies.

Mapping the Open Society Network on Soros’s 90th Birthday

George Soros turns 90 today, yet infamous as he is, few conservatives really understand the extent of the liberal billionaire’s vast nonprofit empire. Each group in the Soros Network is a cog in the larger “open society” machine, so named for Soros’s affinity for the philosophy of the communist-cum-lefty-libertarian Karl Popper, Soros’s professor and personal mentor during the young man’s time at the London School of Economics. Soros and Popper are both deeply critical of totalitarian “closed societies” such as the Soviet Union and Third Reich (under which both men had lived), yet they also reject free-market capitalism as practiced in the United States.

Discover the networks, be sure to wear a teflon diving suit.  This is a deep dive into an evil man’s effort to destroy America to promote a better human good based on amoral principles akin to those of the Communist Chinese.  He sees the Chinese totalitarian police state as the ideal model for humanity’s future.

I beg to differ.

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