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Who Else Wants to Make the Politicians Wake Up And Pay Attention And Have Fun Doing It?

Dear Friend;

Not worth the risk

I get it. I really do. You’re just one person out there in the world with currently unfashionable opinions. You probably don’t say much, you don’t dare. The barbarians would come after you if you did. You would be mocked, derided, called racist or sexist or some kind of you-name-it-phobe du jour if you did. It would put your job at risk, maybe, hell, let’s be honest here, probably put your physical safety at risk, and that of your family as well. And that, I absolutely get it, is simply not worth the risk.

Just Ride Out the Crazy Years

So you batten down the hatches, keep a low profile and hope to ride out Star Trek’s crazy WWIII spooling up as best you can. And brother, there’s a lot of crazy going on. A lot of it isn’t new. Of course not, how could things have gotten to where they are except that they started back in the dark ages of the 1960’s and, like Topsy, just growed. Things that were crazy back then have been with us so long that they’re normal now.

Things Were Never Perfect

Not that things were so perfect back in the day, they certainly weren’t. The Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best world of yesteryear were always idealizations. Then along came Married With Children and Murphy Brown and Ellen and who knows what else to further undermine the ideals of marriage and family. I confess I just about stopped watching about then, so I’ve lost touch with all that and it was probably before your time anyhow. I admit it (reluctantly!), I’m not up on current television culture. Does that make me a dinosaur?

Education for Incarceration

The world has changed and is changing, and not always for the better. I can walk past any elementary school playground and hear words I didn’t know existed till I was in boot camp. America’s educational system was #1 in the world and California was #1 in the nation. Now the US is, depending on the subject, 25th or 37th in the world and California ranks dead last in High School graduation rates. The schools have become more about indoctrination that any kind of useful education. Sounds more like education for incarceration to me.

Goodbye Parental Rights

This is more true than ever with the new California Department of Education mandate that kicks LGBTQ education up a notch or three in K-12 classrooms. Seriously, who thinks this stuff up? Who needs it? Tolerance and inclusion are all very well, but couple that with speech codes and mandated reporting and suddenly tolerance and inclusion went right out the window along with parental rights.

The Kids Don’t Like It

The kids, the brighter ones, know it and don’t like it. The Real WorldTM isn’t Lake Woebegone where every kid is above average; kids average and below have almost no positive path forward. Witness the drop out rate. Witness the increased levels of violence. Witness the teen pregnancy rates – and teen abortions. Witness the pervasive use of drugs. Witness the skyrocketing suicide rates.

What Is Going On Here?

What the hell is going on here, and why isn’t somebody doing something sane about it?

The Answers

The answer to the first part of the two part question is “civilizational collapse.” The answer to the second part is, because I’m not doing something about it. Or I wasn’t.

I Confessed I Was Powerless

I confess, I’m a working stiff and I have to hit the bricks every day to keep the family fed. And, as a dinosaur, I’m preparing for fossilization in a few years. I come home and I don’t want to deal with world and its madness. I just want to read an interesting book, watch a few YouTube videos and schmooze with the wife before hitting the hay. And, hey, nobody’s going to listen to me bitch and moan about it anyway. I go to the polls every couple of years, which for a Republican in California is pretty much a waste of time, but I do my duty. It’s those danged politicians that the other side elects that are the problem. I declared myself powerless, and so I proved myself to be.

Late to the Party, But Not Too Late

Yes, I was late to the party, or should say, late to the Party, but here I am now. 911 was The Great Wake Up Call for me, as it was for so many others. Once I started paying attention I saw that I could no longer remain in the Democratic Party (I admit it, oh, the shame!) so I went Independent for a while. But I soon realized that opposing the trends driving us ever leftward was going to require a strong countervailing organization. Despite all its flaws and frustrations the Republican Party was and is the only effective one (for certain values of ‘effective’) in existence. So I switched.

Solitary Anger No Solution

Stewing in solitude about the issues even as a registered Republican wasn’t going to help anything. All I was doing was stressing myself out, sometimes using words I never heard in the Bible, snapping at my wife and getting nothing whatsoever done to improve the situation.. I needed to connect with other like minded people, people who by and large share my values, who have experience acting in the political arena (which turns out to be very different from what I had imagined), people who knew things I needed to know, people who were willing to work for improvement. So I connected. And if anything is going to get done to avert the worst of this train wreck you will too.

Why I’m Inviting You

That’s why I’m with the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly, and that’s why I’m inviting you to join. Membership gives us three important things.

  • First, I can hang out with like minded Republicans and say what I REALLY think without fear that the PC Police are going to put me in the penalty box. You are not alone, there are actually thousands of us in the area, many of whom are active and intriguing people.

  • Second, we host a speaker every month, all of them interesting, all of them informative, all of them encouraging and worth your time. Not only will these speakers put into perspective current and past events, but open avenues for future action.

  • Third, it offers opportunities for you act effectively, exercising your civic responsibility with reasonable hope of making positive change or staving off another Democrat disaster. Let me illustrate this with a recent example.

Greg Kirkorian’s Testimony

The speaker at our July event this year was Greg Kirkorian, a fine Republican and a member of the Glendale School Board. I had never met Greg before, and he made a very favorable impression as a solid guy deeply concerned with the welfare of the kids the school board serves. It turns out that every school board meeting LGBTQ activists show up to lobby for more LGBT related events and curricula. Every time they have several people who “represent the community” speak in support. EVERY TIME. He also told us how many members of the community show up to oppose the LGBTQ agenda: ZERO, EVERY SINGLE TIME. He said, and I believe him, that it is really hard to resist the pressure from the activists when nobody shows up to oppose them and support him.

Now We Know

I had no idea. You probably didn’t have any idea either. So several members of the Club have pledged to attend the next Glendale School Board meeting which is scheduled for September 3, ( I know I’m going even though I don’t have any kids in the Glendale School District. I will do this because I know that if I don’t, if I allow Glendale to fall to the LGBTQ agenda, targeting our own school board will be that much easier. You can be sure that they’re coming for us, and that if we remain ignorant, isolated and inert they will take us down in turn.

American Citizen’s Power is Fun!

Look, friend, I know you’re busy, you already have a full and absorbing life and time is in short supply just as it has been since the Big Bang kicked the whole show into high gear. The issue of education is not by a long shot the only critical issue facing us. But it is one that we can address immediately, locally, effectively – and win. It is a building block that will lead to other building blocks that will lead to still others. This is American power at work, and I want you to be part of it. Its going to be fun!

Become a GBRA Member

That’s why I’m extending this invitation to you to become a member of the Glendale Burbank Republican Assembly for the ridiculous price of less than 7¢ a day. Seriously, at that price you should join twice! Just look at all the benefits membership offers, which you can’t get anywhere else:

  • You get to meet and regularly hang out with like minded people who share your Republican view point and who support and celebrate our common American values.

  • You get regularly informed about what is going on at all levels where culture and politics touch your community, your business, your family and your life.

  • You get the opportunity to act in solidarity with people working to improve the community.

  • You get to be a part of the long and honorable American tradition of citizens exercising civic authority and self rule instead of being a passive, discontented observer.

Annual BBQ picnic at Jeffers Estate

But there’s more. I also want to invite you, whether you decide to join the GBRA or not, to attend our annual BBQ picnic at Jeffers estate on Sunday September 15th. Yes! There’s fun and games and food and drink too. And and Sonny Sardo’s band to provide music, and dancing if you don’t mind everybody watching. It will be the perfect place to meet Republicans from all over and fun for the whole family.

Special guest George Papadopuolos

Oh, did I forget to mention that George Papadopoulos will be attending the picnic at Jeffers Estate? Mr. Papadopoulos did jail time for the crime of being on the foreign policy advisory panel to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. I am very much looking forward to hearing his perspective on the events that made him so painfully famous. I hope you won’t miss this opportunity!

Three Chances to Win a Beautiful Patriotic American Eagle

But that’s not all! It just wouldn’t be right if we let you enjoy all these great benefits without the chance to take home one of only three wonderful patriotic eagle sculptures. It would absolutely enhance the beauty and patriotic ambiance of your home and become a treasured heirloom to be passed on the the next generation that we are working so hard for. All you have to do is register as a GBRA Club member before midnight September 14, 2019 and you will be automatically entered in the raffle which will take place on September 15th at the Jeffers Estate BBQ party. Only one per household, need not be present to win. Remember, only three are available and for a limited time. I’m not tired of winning and I’m sure you aren’t either.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Speaking of winning, with our 100% money back guarantee you can’t lose. Here it is: if for any reason during the first six months of your membership you aren’t satisfied with the benefits we offer, cancel your membership and we will refund you the entire cost of your membership. That’s right, we are so confident that you will win and win big that we will return your money with an apology for having failed to provide you with satisfactory fun while winning with our unique and valuable paths to victory:

  • Win by meeting and regularly hanging out with like minded people who share your Republican view point and who support and celebrate our common American heritage.

  • Win by being regularly informed about what is going on at all levels where culture and politics touch your community, your business, your family and your life.

  • Win by acting in solidarity with people working to improve the community.

  • Win by continuing the long and honorable American tradition of citizens exercising civic authority and self rule instead of being a passive, discontented observer.

  • Win by earning the respect of your family, your friends, your community and, above all, my friend, yourself.

Here’s How

We have a couple of easy ways to join us and take part in the winning.

Either scan the QR code enter this URL in your browser which will take you to the GBRA Club membership site at

where you can sign up using PayPal or a credit card through the PayPal interface; the annual membership dues are only $25.00 (less than 7¢ a day!). Sorry, but we just couldn’t think of a way to make winning any easier.

Speak soon.


Chairman, New Member Outreach Committee

P.S. Don’t forget that we have work to do about the Glendale School Board meeting on September 3rd (more info here: just one of our great benefits: you get to actually act to make a difference in the lives of our kids. As you think ahead to the years ahead you know you will look back on these days, these glorious days, and feel proud of the work you and I and the rest of us will have done together.

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