Deep State attempts a CYA

Over at Market Ticker Denninger has an interesting piece on the use of state intelligence organs as covert political muscle used against Republicans in general and the candidacy and administration of Donald Trump.  Now that their cover has been pulled they are in panic mode (which is not so different from business as usual, truth to tell), especially given that having failed to bring down the King (metaphorically speaking) they realize that the King will bring them down in turn.

So of course they are trying to protect themselves.

It’s not stopping with the 2016 election and its results either.  There is a little-discussed provision being attached to defense and intelligence bills in Congress right nowthat would criminalize disclosure of any CIA “asset’s” identity.  There already is such a law but it has an expiration date of five years after said asset leaves the covert service.  This one has no expiration date and is insanely broad. I don’t think I need to go into how damning such a “law” would be; beyond potentially immunizing any CIA involvement in the 2016 election (of which there probably was much) it could conceivably be construed to cover Epstein and all of those who participated in the******of the girls being trafficked — including, quite possibly, those now in positions of political power.

This needs to be run to the ground and exposed all the way up and down the line.  If it’s a handful of people inside these agencies who were responsible for this and it was not a decapitation strike aimed at the Republican Party, orchestrated throughout these agencies and in fact reaching all the way to the White House, then everyone involved need to be in prison, right now, and everyone associated with them asset-stripped to their literal underwear.

Unfortunately the preponderance of the evidence is rapidly piling up on the other side — this was not a handful of partisans in various agencies but instead was a coordinated, agency-wide attempt to prevent the lawful election of a President they did not like and when it happened anyway their actions continued in the form of felonies so serious that they in fact have destroyed the legitimacy of government itself.  Worse, they’re now trying to cover it up and gain immunity for their criminal acts.

If this turns out to be what it appears to be we just had a modern rehash of Lexington and Concord, April 19th of 1775 and the world now awaits our judgment as a body politic.  Will we acquiesce to our new status as A Banana Republic with nuclear weapons or will the people of this nation draft a second document that begins with those seven immortal words: When In The Course of Human Events.

It might not be a bad idea to pass this around and call your Congresss critter to let him/her/it know that they are not invisible and that there will be consequences.  You might also call the White House and urge President Trump to stand against this outrage.  Which will be hard to do as this is attached to military funding and will hurt our men and women in uniform – and their families – the most.

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