Is Ted Cruz slipping over to the dark side?

In this clip Tucker Carlson presses Ted Cruz on his remarks that the January 6, 2020 events in Washington DC were acts of terrorism.  Cruz makes his rebuttal quite passionately, but in your Irascible Correspondent’s view, unconvincingly.  Have a look:

Tucker is correct, Cruz is always careful about his language, and this “slip” is out of character.  I can see were calling people who attack police “terrorists” just might be understandable from the point of view that the police are the guardians of civil order and by extension of civilization.  Therefore any attack on the police could be construed as an attack on civilization itself, and by extension again, such attacks might be considered terrorist acts.

However one question looms large in my mind, and Tucker doesn’t voice it: who, where and when did members of the this peaceful crowd attack the police?  One policeman did die there on that day, and it was originally, and erroneously, attributed to the peaceful demonstrators.  I know of of several unprovoked attacks by police on the demonstrators, but no attacks on the police.  Even the Antifa, BLM and FBI plants didn’t attack the police.

Cruz’ whole defense rests on a false premise, that the January 6 peaceful protesters attacked the police.  It looks to me like a crack in Cruz’ Conservative Republican facade presaging what we have too often seen in Republican politicians. The RINO is breaking out of his chrysalis.

The one person who was deliberately targeted and killed was Ashli Babbitt.  Why was she targeted and killed?  My guess would be that the people who organized the “insurrection” intended that her assassination would incite the crowd to a violent rampage so they would have the necessary pretext to declare martial law and crack down on Conservative and Republican “terrorists.”  I guess it never occurred to them that Americans would be more levelheaded than certain volatile foreign populations who must not be named but who follow a certain prophet.  Peas be upon him.

Meanwhile the patriots who peacefully protested on that day are still in prison, held in solitary confinement, not permitted legal counsel, beaten, starved in subhuman conditions for having dared support President Donald Trump against the Revolutionary Junta that engineered the 2020 American Color Revolution.  Now there is a concerted propaganda push to blacken the name of Ashli Babbitt, just like they used to do in the USSR.

I say that January 6 should be a national holiday named Ashli Babbitt Day, a day when we remember that government is force, nothing else.


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