What must be done to save the American Republic

I have yet to hear a Republican deny that Democrats cheat on elections.  I have heard Republicans in California say that the level of cheating in California was no greater in 2020 than in any other year, and that therefore it is not something to be concerned about.  It is fortunate for me that I don’t have my mother’s temper, as I would likely been jailed for assault.  Mind you, I have no qualms about going to jail defending what is right; I do have a problem going to jail for no good purpose.  Not even a good beating can cure invincible stupidity.

Very often Republicans consider California a hopeless case.  The Commie Donks have the system sewed up tight, ain’t nothin’ we can do.  Or so we say to excuse our electoral defeats.  There are, in fact, things we can do.  But they involve intelligent, thoughtfully planned, persistent work, so never mind, the RINOs will stab us in the back anyhow.

I suppose your Irascible Correspondent is not a true Republican because I hunger and thirst for victory.  I know it can be achieved.  I intend to set up the conditions necessary to achieve it.  I am committed to striving for that in the long term because there is no magic bullet that will achieve it in the short term.  The Republican Party in California was not destroyed in a day, just so it will not be rebuilt in a day.  This goes hand in hand with restoring the American Republic of which California is such a large part.

Nothing we do politically will have any effect unless and until we clean up the electoral system.  The Election Integrity Project – California is working on that, but more is needed.  Here is what is needed – for starters.  Pay attention, this is important.


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