The strings of the puppet

By now even liberal Democrats know that Quid Pro Joe the Cathay Kid is not running the Administration that bears his name.  His V.P., “Que Mala” Harris serves as a minder to keep him more or less pointed in the right direction.  Some speculate that Immaculate Barry is running things from the basement, and I don’t doubt that there is a degree of truth to that.  But even he is answering to somebody higher up the food chain.  I remind you:

That little discussion took place in December 2020, which briefly appeared on Chinese social media and was promptly taken down (we aren’t supposed to know!) and likewise it was removed from Youtube for the same reason.  But we do know, and we need to keep knowing because this is key.  The Chicoms are not the only players pulling the strings, but are likely a senior partner in a consortium of various “investment partners” working together against We the People and our sadly fallen Republic.

This is good news in a sad, roundabout kind of way.  Because there are so many actors behind the scenes, and these hidden actors are powerful entities with big egos and not entirely compatible agendas, they will sooner or later begin undercutting each other to be sure to get their “fair share” of the American pie.  The cabal ruling in DC right now are themselves only bought and paid for agents for these clandestine interests have been panicked since last November, a panic which their actions show is only increasing.  The plan is falling apart, and only falls apart faster the more they paper over the cracks.

Our job as citizen warriors is to keep the pressure on and increase it where possible.  Never let them forget that we know what they did, and will hold them accountable in the end.  These are stupid people to begin with, fear only makes them act even more stupidly.  Before too long two important events will occur: 1. the results of the Arizona audit will be made public; 2. totally NOT a President will be replaced but not without a power struggle.

Interesting times!  Let’s make them more interesting.

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