We are only ever as trapped as we are willing to be

I have known for many years that I’m only as trapped as I’m willing to be.  That is, I cannot be held against my will except by superior physical force.  This is the fundamental principle on which our nation is founded writ small, that government receives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

If the recent events in Hong Kong have proved anything it is that a people who do not consent to be governed will not be governed, no matter the threat or inducement.  This was proved long ago on these shores, when the 13 colonies threw down the gauntlet of the Declaration of Independence, then made it good with their blood and treasure.  Choosing to live in freedom always carries with it a cost in blood and treasure, a fact that we who have long enjoyed the liberty our Founders won for us have largely forgotten.

Ancient Israel learned this in their flight from Egypt and the 40 years of wandering in the desert.  They knew, because they experienced it in their lives, the cost of freedom.  The early Christians learned this as they bore the Roman sword and the arena’s beasts rather than yield the freedom they had gained by faith in Christ Jesus.  All through the long, sordid, blood soaked history of Man, when tyrants sought to bend other men to their will by force or treachery or lies or blandishments, resistance carries a cost, a high and often ultimate cost.

In our own age the dream of totalitarians to control men remains strong.   Also in our own age we see that the desire for men to live free in noble liberty is stronger.  Sadly that is too seldom seen on these American shores as the propaganda organs of the left have convinced broad swaths of the population, the youth in particular, that freedom is found in slavery.

In our own age as in every age men and women who recognize chains for what they are, rebel and cast themselves into an unknown future regardless of present risk to confront and overcome risks of their own choosing.  Certainly the people of Hong Kong recognized the chains Emperor Xi of China and the Chinese Communist Party offered them, and repudiated them in no uncertain terms.

All across the world resistance to the great slaver societies, Islam and Socialism, is growing.  Be it Salvini’s Italy, Orban’s Hungary, Johnson’s United Kingdom or America under Trump, a populist groundswell is growing.  What form the triumph of these and other movements will ultimately take cannot be foretold.  What can be foretold is that in the end, however long it takes, liberty will win.

Ultimately is is a question of the human spirit.  No matter how many find the shackles comfortable or safe more will find them a searing agony in their souls.  It is these who will wager their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for a future they cannot clearly see but salute from afar in faith.  It is those who will not to be bound who will not be bound who will be free in body, mind and spirit.